Sunday, May 2, 2010

Decisons, Decisions...

We are going with asking my psychiatrist for lithium and topamax in conjunction with it. Lithium studies all show major weight gain, and I could not handle that. The pain and agony of that surgery, for nothing would be too much. So Katie, while at the in-patient facility she is externing at, did some research for me. And found several articles/papers on the fact that if you take Topamax in conjunction with Lithium, Topamax's weight loss side effect, can basically make it so the weight issue side effect is off the table. SO that is what we have decided. Praying on it tonight. I just hope the fact that my doctor is old and very traditional doesn't stop him from listening to what I WANT. We are bringing in the articles and books we bought.

Many books and sites say that Lithium and Depakote are the two best choices for BiPolar, and for some reason, Lithium has been sticking in my mind. Yeah it sounds a little scary, because it has been so talked about, but the fact that they have been using it SO long, so they know more about it, etc. makes it kind of more encouraging too. So if my doctor gives us the go ahead, we are going to wait until the day we return from Florida. My parents AND sisters, think it would be a bad idea to start while we are away AND on vacation. Sure, I am doing real bad, but I want a good vacation, and if Lithium makes me worse, that would SUCK, so yeah. That is what we want to do. It is kind of a little nice to have a course of action. I just hope it is the right decision and that the doctor will let me try this. We have been doing a lot of research and reading and studying. Many have tried this combo and it has helped. Now I just have to crawl out of my skin waiting for an answer from ABOVE, waiting for Monday to go SEE him, and waiting to see if he will agree to let me try this treatment. It sounds like the best one, I can only hope he will see that. And we also want to get me into that blood study, it would be so great to know what classes of drugs I can tolerate better.

Okay...just an update on the decision we reached today. Man, it is hard to breathe right now!

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4 meaningful meanderings:

Kristina P. said...

Good luck! I hope it's effective.

Salt said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, Wendy. I really hope they give it the ok and it works out for you! xo

Toriz said...

Good luck! Hope it turns out to be the right decission.

Amander said...

Hope it goes well!

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