Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Misc Monday

Mother's Day was a success! We had brunch, homemade blueberry pancakes. She opened her presents and loved them. We watched Bell Book and Candle. Then we did some packing for her and then she took a bath. We ordered Outback in and started DeskSet. Then the girls went and got the food and we ate the yummy food as we finished DeskSet. We has homemade lemon squares and watched a Glee re-run and Mom went to bed early. She had a really good day, and that made us very happy!

Dad was not able to be there. He got sent back to Troy, New York again! So a total of 5 hours driving and working all day there. He got home just before midnight, and so Sandy and I went down to Denny's and had breakfast with him. It was nice, we hadn't really seen him in 2 days. We told him about Mom's day, and he realized he hadn't left his presents for Mom out. We had put the flowers out though. We talked about Florida which cheered him up.
It was so windy and cold, I wish I had a heavier jacket!! Brrr!

Today, I did bare minimum grocery shopping. Just what we need to get through the days we are here this week, and that is it. I also stopped by Rite Aid and got those other 2 lip glosses, LOL!

Does anyone else watch Brothers & Sisters? I about cried when they turned of all the lights on Ojai Foods for the last time last night. I can't believe the closed the doors on the company they have revolved themselves around since they premiered, I just wanted to cry myself! It was like Noooo! And when Scotty sang that Irish ballad, first I was awed at his voice, and then I was like sobbing, it was so beautiful and stuff. Man! And next weeks episode looks amazing, who is going to die? If it is Robert I am fine with THAT, since Rob Lowe is leaving, but anyone else and I will have a conniption!

Did anyone else sob when Sun and Jin died on Lost? I didn't think it would really happen. I was sure it would loosen at the last minute and they would make it out alive, so I was numb and then crying when their hands drifted away because they were dead! How could they do that 2 episodes from the end?!! Aghh!! It is not like other shows, where they will be back next season, so maybe they can fix things, Sun and Jin, unless some miracle happens, are GONE! *whimpers*

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Kristina P. said...

Jin and Sun dying was definitely very sad. I would NOT have been sad to see Kate go.

Sheri said...

It was so sad when Jin and Sun died! I was rather upset they killed them off too - what was the point in that? :(

Glad Mother's Day was a success at your house too :)

Toriz said...

I'm glad your Mom had a great day. It's a shame your Dad had to go away for the day. Hey, at least with her still needing to have his presents the day lasts a bit longer. ;)

Salt said...

Hooray for a nice relaxing mother's day! It sounds like your mom had a lovely time. (All of those things definitely sounded great to me!)

I wish my mom wasn't so far away so that I could have spent the day with her too.

gayle said...

I watch Brothers and Sisters and was sad to see them close down the family business. I didn't know Rob Lowe was leaving. I hate when characters leave or die.

I am behind on Lost so didn't know about the deaths. That's ok...I just need to get busy and get caught up.

Glad your mom had a nice day!!!

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