Friday, May 7, 2010

Holy Crap, QUICK!

After trying off and on, my laptop is giving me a few minutes of actually allowing Blogger to open, so I decided to take this RARE opportunity and jot a quick post, hopefully before the net kicks me off!!

I am actually anxious to start the Topamax this weekend, because that means, in just a few weeks I will start the Lithabid (lithium that doesn't make you sick in the stomach) and I really hope it helps me. I worry about hoping though, because lately, hoping has just spit back at me in the face. If I hope for something, it doesn't happen or goes very bad/wrong. So I am scared to start the meds in case they make me sick or affect me badly, but I am anxious to start them, so I can maybe feel better. It can be quite frustrating to feel both ways at the same time!

Anyway, I saw The Losers with both my sisters this past weekend and I ♥LOVED♥ it! They have to make a sequel, they set it up perfectly for one, and it is just so good! It was the perfect balance of action, exploding buildings, and killing, mixed with HUMOR. It was a fun and funny movie! Chris Evans(Jensen), Jeffrey Dean Morgan(Clay), and the guys who played Cougar and Pooch, were hilarious!! Zoe Saldana was good, making you question whose side she was really on, and it is left so you still wonder where she stands. Idris Elba was well cast as Roque and man, Jason Patric was stellar as loony bad man, Max.

5 members of a Special Forces team are on a mission, when they notice 25 Bolivian children being led into the compound that will destroyed in less than 5 minutes. So they go against orders, by a mysterious man named Max who hacks their radio, and go rescue the children. When the chopper for their pick up arrives, either the soldiers can fit or the children, so these amazing men tell the pilot to get the kids to safety, they will find their way home. Only what no one knew, was Max had arranged for the "Losers" to be killed in a chopper bombing. So they watch in horror as the chopper full of little ones explodes. They leave their dog tags behind so that the people behind this will assume they achieved their goal: killing them.

When Aisha approaches Clay with a deal to get them their lives back, and kill Max, they jump on the chance. Only things are not quite as they seem. Continuously through the movie. And these guys don't like it. They are skilled professionals and will not be taken lightly. But with them all wanting different things, with some of them trusting Aisha, and some not, can these Losers stay together and be the team they have always been? One has missed almost the entire pregnancy of his wife, one just wants to get to his niece's soccer championship, one tells nothing to anyone, and then there is Clay who just wants revenge, and Roque who wants his life as it should be. They butt heads, but they are always there for each other, but can they all put in on the line, when more treachery is revealed? Go to the theaters to SEE!

Wow I got a post that is more than 3 lines out!! I am not pressing my luck though. I am hitting Plublish before the net or laptop die on me!

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Kristina P. said...

Hope your computer gets better soon!

Izzy said...

ill come back and read your blog in the morning I'm just supe tired and felt I had to inform you about Bree XD

Bree Tanner was a girl that got change into a new born vampire in eclipse she was turned by Victoria and followed with her and a boy named Riley.
Victoria convinces Riley somehow that she "loves" him and so he follows her and does hr bidding like a sad puppy dog for lack of a better way to describe him.

any way Bree got the oppertunity not to follow in the new born army and join the cullens Esme offered protection to bree and the Volturi didnt respect the protection that esme offered to bree and killed the new born vamp off immediately.
she didnt have a big part in the book maybe a few pages max but it was still sad she wantedto change and wanted to be good and they killed her any way.
thus the name of the book.
I liked her character and i was really sad she got killed off so quickly when she wanted to be good.

hopefully that gave your mind a quick re charge on Bree and hopefully you remember her a bit now XD

Toriz said...

Hope you get that laptop sorted soon. Must be really annoying!

Thanks for the review. Bet my hubby would like that movie... Enough explosions to keep him interested. ;)

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