Sunday, May 9, 2010

Randomness and Almost Mother's Day!!

My computer is freakishly working for a third night now, I am flabbergasted, but pleased! I will have to have my Dad hold off on the nuking, because I have to say, if things are going to be fine now, it would be so much easier to NOT have to download ALL the programs I use, etc AGAIN! My OCD takes over and I have to have my desktop as it should be before I log off, which usually means working on it all night. So please laptop, be better! If it is, I am saying this program, Microsoft Security Essentials, ROCKS!!

I am sooo boring today. I found a new lip gloss I love. I found it at Rite Aid. Jesse's Girl Liquid Crystal Lip Gloss in any of the 4 shades. I bought tangerine and ice, but I want the other 2 now. Tangering actually looks orangey on my lips but it looked like a rainbow in the bottle, so I want to see what wicked and violet end up looking like on me. LOL! I had to stop myself from buying a bunch of other make-up, I did say, I should so buy that on vacation and so I put it back. 2 Physician Formula products and some Cover Girl stuff. Plus I want to try that make-up that has the roll on applicator, it just looks fun! And that is what retail therapy is all about.

I also did some last minute helping for Mother's Day. Dad had to drive all the way to Troy, New York and back today. He left around 6 am, so he was exhausted so when he asked if I would get flowers and candy, I was like of course! He said a box of candy but I decided to be a little more original and bought a gift bag, and then 5 of her favorite candies instead. A bag of Lindt balls, Good & Plenty, Ferrero Roche, Ghirardelli caramel filled chocolate and those Werther's chocolate and caramel striped candies. Mmmm! Except for Good & Plenty, I cannot stand black licorice, it is so gross, but my Mom adores it! So we get her G&P, black jelly beans, etc. And I found a bouquet with plenty of purple-ish flowers, her fave color. So I think my Dad is happy. He has a card and a candle already.

I really hope she likes my movie and Willow Tree figurine, and Sam got her a movie she loves and a personalized key chain of the two of them. Kate went with cash, as she feels inept at buying my Mom gifts. But my Mom knows that and apparently is happy so I am happy for her. That relative from the Mid West sent her a card...that said have a nice day...that was it...yeah real personal. Anyway, I hope my sisters and I can make my Mom feel like a Queen today. She is the BEST Mom, so she deserves it.

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2 meaningful meanderings:

Toriz said...

Fingers crossed your laptop is fine now.

I hope your Mom has a great Mothers' Day. Sounds like you guys are spoiling her.

Purple is a great choice for a favourite colour! It's my favourite too!

Oh, yeah, that was a really thoughtful and personal card from that relative... NOT! Still, at least they did send one, I suppose.

gayle said...

I know your mom loved all the gifts! I know I would!!

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