Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Okay, so I am doing another short post about my computer situation, because I am actually terrified that it will suddenly decide to DIE again. My Dad, despite my note to him, asking him to just look at the 5 Dells I printed out specs for and pick one for me,(on the fossil desktop in the dining room) decided to spend 3 hours working on this untrustworthy laptop. He got windows running and I am putting the pictures I didn't back up to my external hard drive onto a flash drive. FAST. I do not trust my laptop right now. It is not connecting to pages and this screen I am typing on looks wrong, it isn't coming up right.

My Dad doesn't want me to risk corrupting my external hard drive in case any of these files has a virus. When he got it working, SOMEHOW, only a computer tech specialist could do this, he found me with dozens of Trojan Horses and like 50 viruses. Apparently, and we do not know how, Norton was NOT enabled. He even looked up Norton and "enabled" and found forums of other people who had Norton suddenly not enabled and had their computers fried.

So my Dad found this new free program, he no longer trusts Norton. It is called Microsoft Security Essentials and it keeps finding more viruses. So my Dad said to test the internet tonight and if it is slow or acts weird, he will have to NUKE my laptop...AGAIN. When we get back from Florida, he plans to teach me how to nuke it myself and how to restore it. He IS sick of this too. But he says my hard ware is all good, so it isn't a bad hard drive or anything this time. But I am not connecting to pages and it is being really SLOW, so he will have to nuke it. Which is very upsetting. Anyone who has had theirs nuked knows, it takes a lot of work to get your files and programs and stuff back onto your computer.

So PLEASE excuse me for (HOPEFULLY) just a few days. I don't know how much posting I can get done, that fossil desktop is wishy washy, and stops responding half the time. So for a few days I will have random or no postings and will probably not get a chance to comment much either.

PLEASE do not go away! I will be back I promise. Sometimes it feels like my bloggy friends know me the best because I am able to be so honest here. So PLEASE, I am not going into comment Syberia again, this laptop just has to be nuked for the like 8th time now. I WILL be back and back to commenting as soon as this sad puppy is back to life.

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Toriz said...

Don't worry, I wont go anywhere! Good luck sorting your laptop out!

Izzy said...

wowzers computer issues suck I had one right after/as my friend heather was leaving back to idaho D:
it scared the crud out of me for sure :(
i hope everything gets resolved soon ^_^

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