Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hair Cutters...Way Overrated!

So I normally just have my Mother cut my hair. I am the ULTIMATE no fuss hair person. I don't even use a hair dryer, I just let it air dry. I don't want to have to put any real work into my hair, it is just not huge on my priority list. So I have my Mom cut it, usually a basic cut, probably considered a plain bob, maybe even a blunt one, as it is straight and cut to a point clean across. But I decided since we are off to vacation soon, I wanted to try having it cut short, but choppy or piecey, you know? It is supposed to soften the look, rather than just cutting straight across. SO it wasn't a huge change, just have the ends look cooler in a choppy way.

So when my Mom went to Cost Cutters today, she also made me an appointment at the same time. Man am I glad she went with me! Because after sitting in the chair and telling her I wanted it a little past my ears, as I am a tuck behind the ears kinda girl, and that I wanted the ends choppy, etc. She said she got it. And that was when she began to intimidate me. I was very self-conscious with her and maybe this is why:

I played with a picture of myself, adding some hair length so you get an idea what I was starting with. And I did a crappy job the whole time, but it is just to illustrate the story, so who cares really?! Anyway, this is basically what I went in with:

So I had told her just below the ears and choppy and basically THIS:

So she is spraying and cutting, working on my hair and I have to say it didn't feel like she cut much because then she asks, before she adds the choppy touch, how I like this:

She had cut off like ONE inch!! I had told her JUST below the ears, tuck-able, not ONE inch! So I was like "uhm, yeah I need it shorter, I am going to Florida and don't want to be hot". So she starts working again, and when she is done, hands me my glasses again and says, "how's this?".

She had cut off just ONE more inch! And I was intimidated. Because I was so not happy. I could hear my Mom next to me telling her hair dresser exactly what she wanted, but I just couldn't do that. SO I asked me Mom, what she thought, hoping she could read my panicked expression. And she was like, "Oh no, she needs at least 2 more inches. So she is looking a lil snippy (haha) and starts AGAIN. My Mom is done (she has SHORT hair) and stands beside my station when the lady goes, OKAY, how is that? Good?

Seriously, it was MAYBE a 1/4 of an inch more. I was freaking out inside. I was mouthing to my Mom, HELP, I even said it low to her a few times. I just wanted to SAY this:

But I can't! So my Mom finally caught on that I had no idea how to tell this woman I hated it still, and my Mom was finally like, she wants it ear length or a little over, so much shorter. And the woman is getting all huffy, and is like, if I cut it shorter, to make it choppy I will have to (I swear she said staff it, which sounds like a disease, but she apparently said) stag it. My Mom asked "What is that?", and she looks around and then points to this 9 year old sitting next to her mom and says, "that". So we look over. A little over ear length in the front and short in the back. Layers going up the back to add texture and it was like perfect. My Mom and I basically said "Okay" at the same time. And she was huffy people, HUFFY. Finally she finished and it was like, yes! A haircut I can handle, and is a little different. I don't see how it is choppy, but I liked it enough to be like, let's GO! My Mom left her like NO tip, she saw the attitude too, and she HEARD me say to the ears LADY!! UGH!!

So here are a few shots at different angles of what is called a Staggered Bob. What do you think? And no mocking the bad color, I am doing it next Friday/Saturday, so it stays bright for Florida. So I gave my hair a 2 month break and is just blah, but only for one more week!

WHAT WAS SO HARD ABOUT SHORT NEAR THE EARS AND CHOPPY?!! I have no clue if she made it choppy, as I have no real knowledge, but it seems cute. But I am not impressed with getting my hair cut by a professional. I wish I could have gotten words to LEAVE my mouth but something just stopped me and I found myself just too intimidated. Oy vey! :)

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Toriz said...

I absolutely hate going to the hairdresser. I went with my Mam a couple of times to different places, but they never seem to listen, and always seem in a hurry to get you out of there. So, I stick to getting Mam to cut my hair as a general rule. Stupid hairdressers just don't listen.

Kristina P. said...

It looks cute!

Sheri said...

I like it!

I just got mine cut at JCPenny's and the lady who did mine really did NOT do what I asked either. I couldn't add inches to my hair again though AFTER she cut it. It isn't that I don't like the new cut, just I don't love it either lol But I don't want to complain b/c I don't want to cry that 14 inches of my hair is gone either :( And it sucks I couldn't write that on my blog b/c my mom reads it sometimes :( I'm lame huh? lol

TeeTee said...

i love your new hair cut!
it's so cute!

Michelle said...

I think it looks great. I found that taking in a picture of the exact cut I want helps. I have about a millian hair magazines for this purpose. :)

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