Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spit Bubbles

Wednesdays...are such a boring day. I have nothing to distract me today. I have no errands to do.

I have to wait until the night before to charge my electronics, so they are all at full power, so I have absolutely nothing to do today. I feel like all I have to do is lay back on my bed and make spit bubbles as I twiddle my thumbs. Yeah THAT bored!

I might go over over my checklist AGAIN, so that I can close up my BIG suitcase, but that is IT. So someone tell me what you are up to. What is something interesting you are up to today so that I can refrain from making spit bubbles!!

I do have a new favorite line from Glee though. " I am like Tinkerbell. I need applause or I will die!"- Rachel Barry

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Amander said...

I do love that Sue Sylvester on Glee!

CaJoh said...

Spit bubbles seems like a lot more fun than documenting code (which is what I've been doing today).

Applause for the cute photo (now don't die of boredom on me please).

Salt said...

Well actually...I was about to blow some spit bubbles.
But really I have dinner with my family tonight. :) Just doing a little blog checking before I head over to my dads for some chicken!

It was a pretty boring day today, though. I'm with you!

Sheri said...

Pretty boring day for me today too, work and cleaning stuff and then I dunno... might read a little lol

Toriz said...

Pretty boring here too. Just trying to get things organized after moving back home, and trying to get a routine sorted out at the same time. Hey, you like organizing things, right? Want to come to Wales and help me out instead of going to Florida?

TeeTee said...

wednesdays are boring around here as well.

ah, glee. i love that show. and that line is genius!

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