Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mary Kay MUST Die!!

See the woman all the way to the left? Yeah I HATE her! If you have ever done any of the Walk Away the Pounds dvd's you should at least recognize the woman in the center, that is Leslie, she is the lady you listen to, the main event or whatever. She is fine, except she never sweats which just pisses me off.LOL. But the woman all the way to the left is Mary Kay...yeah I know, even her name grates.

Tonight we did a new dvd that Sandy bought by WATP. It was 30 minutes of walking and kick-boxing. It was SO hard! We usually do the 20 minute express mile and the 10 minute toning, but it is NOT the same. I barely made it through, and Hallelujah, Leslie SWEATED!! And I don't just mean a glow of presperation, I mean she was slick with real sweat, her hair was sticking to her neck SWEATY! It made my day, I am so sad I know. But Mary Kay, oh how I loathe you. Even when Leslie was NOT telling you to add anything, Mary Kay was. Mary Kay was freaking bouncing along the entire time, kicking higher and higher, a bounce in every bloody step, I needed to kill her. She must be stopped. I am wheezing and gasping for breath as I try and keep up, and there is Mary Kay, bounding around with a snooty little smile, making you feel BAD that you are sweating and this is killing you! Even the creator is sweating but Mary Kay...agghhhh I cannot stand you!!

In other news, my Mom LOVED New In Town. She's going around saying phrases from it "Okey-dokey Artichokey", it is so cute! We also enjoyed yummy homemade meatball grinders and Katie made Magic Cookie Bars, which made my Mom happy, I was just sad we didn't HAVE tapioca in the house. If you like tapioca (not me) you will want it when you watch this movie. For some reason my Mom MUST have pie in the house when she watches StarMan. I don't really remember much, but I remember there was pie being eaten in it.

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Amander said...

Exercise video people are too perky for me.

Except the original Jazzercise. Man I loved that tape.

Sarah said...

I'm not a big tapioca fan, I ate too much of it as a child. I do love rice pudding and now Jell-O makes 90 calorie rice pudding cups :) Yum!

Sean and I have that P90X workout program, it's like 12 DVD's and it truly amazes me how hard it is but how the people barely seem like they're working! So frustrating!

Zak and Weezie said...

come to Zumba!!!! My mom even goes.

CaJoh said...

I had a dermatologist tell me: "Don't Sweat". Makes me think that she's following her dermatologist's advice too well.

Yaya said...

Hahaha! I know what you mean! I do a yoga show on tv and there's this one chick that everytime the camera goes on her I get this urge to punch her in the face! Hahahaha!!!!

Jillene said...

I HATE it when I do an exercise video and the people don't sweat UGH!!

And I love Magic Cookie Bars--YUM!!

Sheri said...

lol that lady sounds un-human.. how can she not sweat doing all that? maybe she had her sweat glands removed... hmm is that even possible?

rychelle said...

i love saying okie dokie artichokie, and i've never even seen that movie.

Beth in NC said...

Ha, that is hilarious.

Hey -- I tried to watch your Vlog and it said it was a private video (booooo). Then I went to leave a comment and the comments have been disabled too. So ... just wanted you to know I did visit and did attempt to see your Vlog.


LadyStyx said...

Now that's sick...exercise and no sweat?? Geez what is she, a damn alien? If ya aint working hard enough on the video to sweat (not only from the work-out but the lighting) then at least have the decency to fake it!. When the camera's off you...get hit with a mister of water!

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