Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wow...excercise is HARD!

I am bone dead tired. I feel squishy. All my muscles feel like jello and the only thing that is keeping me upright is my verterbrae!! Seriously, imagine a skeleton sitting at a computer with all it's muscles and skin dripping off it like rain drops. That's me!!

I tried the Power Mile from Walk Away the Pounds with Sam an hour ago. It made me sweaty which I hate, but at least I am pretty sure it was working then. It exhausted me too but I was THANKFUL it was over after 19 minutes and 11 seconds. I am GLAD I did not do the slow one, I was tired after like 30 seconds, I know, I am so out of shape, I know it. But, I can sit on those balance balls, so I mist have great balance and I know I am flexible. I can touch my toe to my nose, so I figure that is flexible. I then sat and did the 10 minute tone up, minus the hand weights for most of it. I haven't been doing anything so this was enough. I did do the REALLY hard part with a weight though. The hardest one you have to hold the weight between your knee caps and squeeze so you are holding it there and while one your back lift and lift and lower and lift, etc. Every muscle in my body was shaking like a leaf!! The other one where you are in a cat position, you clench the weight behind your knee and lift, etc. I felt like a jellyfish when we were done. I stumbled to the bathroom and took shower, I don't know with what energy, since I feel like burnt rubber.

I am the jellyfish you see on the sand of a beach. The one you go over to with a stick and poke at it. Man...I HATE excercise....excuse while I turn into a puddle on the floor and just....lay there!

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Amander said...

Sometimes I really have to drag myself to exercise, but I actually love that feeling of all my muscles being weak from working out! Good job on enduring - you'll probably feel it tomorrow!

LadyStyx said...

I hear ya hun. After your body gets used to it, you'll feel better. I know I feel off when I miss a day's ride (like today...)

Lee said...

I really should start doing pilates or something.
I always just run on the treadmill.
Hmm... I think I have some tapes around here.

Whitney R said...

Wendy, this is a great start. Exercise, as hard as it is, is the most sure way to lose weight. That combined with a good diet is a sure thing. My mom has had a hard time with her weight and about a year ago started walking on a treadmill. She's lost almost 40 pounds and is now lifting weights and walking around 3 miles every time she exercises. Which is around 5 times a week.
It takes a lot of self discipline but it's the most rewarding feeling when you've been doing it for only a week and you feel so much better.

I send you luck :) keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

I hate sweating too! And I hate coming up with the ambition to work out, but I'm always happy with myself after!

Anonymous said...

I started exercising in February and now I am so strong! The first day I could do 8 push ups and now I can do over 50!! keep it up, (it does seriously suck! but gets so much better)
I like it now, and am in the no pain no gain catagory now!
p.s. is that your cat, that photo is adorable

ramsam said...

Start small and stick with things you enjoy! It is hard, yes, but so worth it. When I can't exercise I get soooo cranky! It is not pretty....

You will be glad you are starting NOW rather than years later!

Tori_z said...

Well, if you feel like that then it obviously worked. And, it gets easier with time (apparently). *Hugs*

Makeup Theory said...

This kitty picture is so darn cute. she didn't have the energy to make it all the way inside her bed for her nap! I so know that feeling sometimes.

Hey, wanted to say, "Thanks!" for stopping by my blog and entering my Becca Cosmetics giveaway. I'll announce the winner when I return from Los Angeles in nine days, so be sure to check back in.


Anonymous said...

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