Friday, May 22, 2009

Britain DOES have Talent!!

Ever since Lee introduced me to the Susan Boyle video, from Britain's Got Talent, I have been obsessed with checking every week, for the newest great discovery on the show and there have been a few that I really hope, make it to the finals! And, yup, that is right, I am sharing with you these other gems from Britain, who deserve to be famous! I can't wait to see who you think deserves the award, maybe more than Susan Boyle, because these people are serious threats!! I am amazed at the talent of these people, they just blow you away, they are THAT good. Let me know who you think could win besides Susan Boyle, but who is your favorite too??

This is 10 year old Natalie Okri, who blew me away, she WILL be a singer the world knows!Listen to these pipes!!

This is Jamie Pugh, as mush a surprise as Susan Boyle, but is so sweet and terrified, when he starts crying, you will too!

This is Shaun Smith, a cutie and a powerful voice!!

This group is called Diversity, they are a dance group and are AMAZING!! The choreography is stunning and done by the team leader Ashley, he should be professionally doing it!! Watch! The dance starts about 2 minutes in!!

This is Shaheen Jafargholi, holy CRAP!! Don't you think he looks like a mini Mairo Lopes??!

And I HAD to include Stavros Flatley, it will make you laugh so hard, it is delightful!!

P.S. I only got hour 1 of SYTYCD!!! Agghhhhhhhhh!! And I can't find it online!! Wahhhh!!
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Lee said...

I love that freaking show.
Especially the kid that sings Michael Jackson.
I mean really, he's amazing.

Rowboat said...

is it bad that i stopped watching these? i want the first famous people from the show to stay that potts guy. or potter. i have no idea. whoops! guess he wasn't that special to me after all. maybe i should watch the videos after all.

LadyStyx said...

*wipes tears from eyes from laffin so hard* I think that last vid...was my fav. They were all good though.

Yaya said...

These were all awesome! Thanks for putting them together! I loved it! That little girl was amazing. And that dance act was incredible.

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