Sunday, May 10, 2009

Layouts + Flicks

Well my new layout is officially Complete!! What do you all think? Pretty cool huh? All thanks to my friend Lee at Perpetual Burn, she is amazing!! Seriously she made a cool layout and header, changed the header pic for me (which is why I am announcing it NOW, I thought I looked ugly) AND turned it into a 3 column Layout in just a few days!!! Lee, you are amazing and you used colors I loved, I didn't even have to tell you colors to stay away from, you picked gorgeous colors! Yay for Lee!! Her layout is pretty bloody awesome, go check her out here!

I watched the Famke Janssen movie, 100 Feet, last night, and it was good! Except for one gruesome scene, it was mostly good old-fashioned ghost story. Except this ghost is pissed and gets physical! Famke kills her COP husband (of course!) in self defense when he finds out she is divorcing him, after having been beaten since high school. And all the times she made formal complaints? Well his buddies believed HIM and brushed them under the rug. Well stupid them, because when he tries to kill her with a knife, she finally gets strong and turns the tables, kiling him. After 2 years in prison she is put on house arrest for 1 year. Ouch, I could not be alone in a house I killed someone in for a bloody year!! And starting that first night, she starts getting haunted by her husband and he is as abusive as ever, his spirit is so strong, he starts where he left off, beating wise. And the hubby's ex-partner, hating her, but hoping she didn't do it (she did), keeps a close eye out on her, but refuses to believe his partner is a ghost, and is beating her up. So her only company, besides a ghost who beats her and throws her down staircases is Joey, who is 18 and played by Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick...he is the one you do NOT want to see die. Uck. Plus as Famke tries to cleanse the house, you see her learn more and more about her husband, see her get stronger as a woman, and what happens at the end? Does she get her house back, or does hubby kill her in revenge? Well, rent this flick, fast forward Joey's unfortunate demise and enjoy!

The movie Splinter, was just lame. Very gory, but I fell asleep watching it, LOL! I woke up to see only one couple walking off alive into the sunrise....gee too bad, NOT!! I am about to try out the Shooting Star movie and I am unsure I will watch Benjamn Button yet. Lee said it was depressing and slow, I hate both!!

I went shopping for hand weights today, yeah go me, I picked up 1 1/2 lb. weights. Hey I AM weak, I admit it, plus with my scholisosis, too much really strains my back. I also picked up another 10 minute Solutions Dance dvd, for me and Sam to try. Plus the last 2 I ordered got in. I am saving the Country Line Dancing for when my Dad is not asleep, so I did the 10 minute Solutions using a Stability ball. It has 5 10-minute sections. I did lower body...oh my heck, I was shaking so back. And then I did the Core, which is the abs and stuff, more shaking, I am so not stable on the stability ball. I did a few minutes of the last section, strecthing. But I have a bad feeling I will be in pain tommorrow. I already feel like a slinky. I have a card for my Mom, but no present. She didn't want presents. She wants plants for her yard, which she wants to pick out, but is not ready to yet. She wants the prices to go down and says they will AFTER Mother's Day. Fine, it is your day, we will obey. But I AM grumbling inside. Mothers!!!

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Kristina P. said...

Lee did a great job! Love the new background.

rychelle said...

lee is a seriously talented girl. the layout looks great.

Sarah said...

you'll get better on the stability ball..I think anyway :) My mom also wants plants, Lillies of the Valley to be specific. Good luck with your sore lots of protein within an hour of exercise, that helps (at least 20grams, if not more) :)

Lee said...

Glad you like the layout!
I'm not sure I'd watch that movie. I really don't like thrillers.

LadyStyx said...

Sounds like a decent movie (except the one section of course). You might like Enough (with Jennifer Lopez) and Double Jeopardy (with Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones)as well...assuming you havent rented those already.

Wendyburd1 said...

I LOVE Double Jeopardy!! And the last 20 minutes of Enough is decent, I just can't stand J.Lo. I guess, LOL!

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