Sunday, May 31, 2009

Waylaid Plans

Okay, yes it could just be ME, but I like it when you make plans and then FOLLOW through. It just makes my very OCD heart happy happy. And when you keep changing plans, I want to rip my hair out. I mentally prepare myself for one thing and then it gets changed!!

On Thursday, the fam decided we were going to go on a day trip this weekend. On Thursday we decided we would go to the Beardsley Zoo and then out to a nice dinner. Okay, never been, sounds fun, love a GOOD meal. Friday rolls around...oh yeah Mom thinks it will be too hot and buggy Saturday for the Zoo, so let's make new plans...grrrrrr. So Okay we decided we are going to go to the Nautilus Submarine Museum, then over to the Mohegan Sun Casino to play some One Armed Bandit and eat there. Okay I said. Later I told my Mom, how much I LOATHED having plans I was all set for changed and that better be it. So I took my pills REALLY early for me, knowing that it could take a few hours to work as I never take them around midnight...EVER. So I fell asleep and got woken up by Katie banging her way into the house at 3 am. I always fall asleep on the couch first. Well, until Dad woke everyone up around 10, I tossed and turned. Apparently I wasn't the only one, so who knows. But Katie wasn't there. She had gone to Zumba, and claimed she had NO idea we had plans. Sure we were not going to the Zoo like she had wanted, but Sandy told her the NEW plans. So we had to wait for her to get home and shower, and then we start the hour long drive. Katie starts being...well, yes, SNOTTY. See Katie had plans to dance at 9pm tonight but now was saying she had to leave the house before 7. Yes the gig is in Mass. but it is 45 minutes away, I know I have been to Cafe Leb a hundred times!! So she was being a little...witch (I am a good Mormon girl...remember that Wendy....) and complaining to my Mom about how no one asked HER and blah blah blah, and my Dad pulled the "this is making the day ruined for me".

And you know what? I think anyone who has parents (duh!lol) will agree, that is so unfair. HE wasn't in the squabble with the witch, my Mom was, and how do you think that remark makes the rest of us in the car feel?!! Like crap. So I started getting really anxious. Me, stress, mixed with almost no sleep and in a confined space? Not good. Sandy distracted cranky Kat with Super Mario and Mom was a sweetie and rubbed my shoulders when I told her I felt panicky. And to make matters more anxious to a Wendy? Oh let's CHANGE plans!! Because of Katie's whining and no, you can't take it back. She thought after being rude about her gig and crap, she could change her mind AFTER giving such grief and be all, No let's go to the Nautilus please?! Uhm no. And people began to fight for it, then change their mind...really I am not interested except for pictures and blog story, but we made PLANS. But we are going to so that and go to Rocky Neck Beach and maybe some place called Oceanview on our next hot day trip.

It was gorgeous today! The clouds were so beautiful!! We DID go to Mohegan. Here is a pic I took of the hotel and the beautiful sky I am talking about:

I love how the building can seem almost clear on a day like today, because it reflects the sky!

Everyone was hungry so we decided to eat first. I was hoping we would eat at a real restaurant but knew, deep down, Dad would get people onhis side for a buffet. It just can seem like a waste on someone who had a gastric bypass, yes I get the child's price but there are other reasons to loathe it. There are 2 buffets at Mohegan and instead of going to the one we had NOT gone to LAST time, Dad wanted to return to Seasons Buffet...again. Now I forgot until we finally GOT there (what a walk!) and had paid and were perusing the food, WHY I had hated THIS buffet so much. See if it was a good buffet, I'd be all, it was worth it, most likely anyway since we DID get me a child's price. But this buffet has mostly seafood and pastas. I DON'T eat seafood and CAN'T eat pasta (the food the surgery won't tolerate anymore.Boo). So what did I have? Mashed potatoes, some chicken I scooped FROM a pasta dish, and it was not good) and some giggly Jello. Yeah, this WAS a waste of money. I do feel a bit apeased as I took 2 brownies and 2 Magic Cookie bars and wrapped them in napkins and put them inmy purse. WHAT? I paid 11 bucks and had mashed potatoes and Jello!! It's a BUFFET!! So I will neer go to that buffet again. Sam didn't like it much and she loves pasta and seafood. We told Dad we'd do a regular restaurant next time and them 3 could buffet it, cause they can appreciate it. Dad is all NO, NO, we won't so it next time, but he LOVED lunch.

Walked around and then headed to the Non-Smoking casino area...yeah when everywhere else CAN be smoked, the smoke-free area smells just as bad too. I DO hope they pass the law and get smoking banned from the Casino's too. Ugh! You know what doesn't mix well? An OCD person and gambling? Now I don't always say this is so, because when I am WINNING, I love it. But I went through the alotted (saving quarters to exchange for cash, boo-yah) 20 bucks way too quickly. My Irish luck was gone. And then I walk over and my Mom had just gone from $17 to $106, and that was when my OCD kicked in and I was like I am not leaving here with nothing. And sadly, no one stopped me before I took 20 bucks from the ATM. I went and *gasp* did the $1 machines and got up to $33! But did it go through Wendy's mind, CASH this in, set aside the 20 to put back into your checking and just play with the 13 you won, or even WALK AWAY? NO that didn't happen until rational Wendy was back. Which was not yet. I lost it all. So I went back to the ATM, I did look around thinking if a fam member spots me they can stop such luck. I took another 20 out. I was like shaking I was so upset I had spent 40 bucks and had nothing to show for it and had taken money from my bank acount. Katie was like NO, stop but I HAD to try and make my money back at the LEAST. And a few pulls into that $1 machine (yes I returned to that one, it had gotten me up to 33 once!) a miracle happened and I went from 13 dollars to $69! That was the 40 I could put back and a winning of 29! Was I excited at the time? No, I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe I let my OCD and stubbornness get that much ahold of me. We left ASAP, Mom spent the $6 trying to up her winnings, but stopped at an even $100, and didn't want to risk it, and everyone wanted me away from the MACHINES. Don't worry I am okay now. It was while the girls were buying drinks for the drive home that I realized, if I had just cashed out at 33, then I could have either walked away with my 20 to put back, or could have tried with the 13 to make that was making me weepy, I wanted to hit myself. My Mom was telling me on the way home, I was just tired and that let the OCD run roughshod over me and I could calm down I won back the money I spent from my account. But it took awhile because it was just SO frustrating. I get like this in video arcades too, I HAVE to win that Tweety doll, etc. But a casino paired with a tired Wendy, was just a bad combo. Dad says we need to go back to Foxwoods, try our luck there. I am just so glad I can deposit the 40 back into my checking account which can buy me 1 season of a show on dvd, and can breathe again. Except for the yucky food and my OCD meltdown, I had fun with the family. The car ride home, my Mom snoozed and Dad was quizzing us girls on facts from the past. Like name 8 cars we have owned at one time and so on. Towards the end I was getting that sleepy feeling, but we stankof ciggy smoke and I was not about to sleep on my bed like that so I took a nice shower. I then went into my dark room, put the fan on and put a movie in. I always am falling asleep watching a movie so I was sure it would happen. Mom was asleep, Sam was trying, Kat was getting ready for her gig. But it never happened, I was wide awake!

Why is it when you want to be awake, you fall asleep, but when you actually want some sleep, it eludes you?! When my Mom got up at 8, we went and got pizza to bring home and watched SWAT, love that movie. So yes there were moments, but I enjoyed the time with my family, and am looking forward to our next trip...with no One-Armed bandits!! Bad Wen! See I slapped my own hand! The being tired must have stolen my Irish luck...yup let's go with that people, okay?

My Beautiful family at the Seasons Buffet, I loved our booth!

P.S. And the Winners of Britain's Got Talent? DIVERSITY!! WOW, amazing moves!!

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11 meaningful meanderings:

Sarah said...

*Phew* I am exhausted just reading this :) I'm glad you had fun overall though right? And I don't know that it's OCD at the casino because EVERYONE ends up spending more than they planned...even those of us that normally have restraint (me). I think the last time my Bf and I went he lost over $300!

Kristina P. said...

So, how are you able to convince them to give you the child's price? I had no idea!

The Boob Nazi said...

Sounds like a normal day of family time to me!

Lee said...

Sounds like you guys had fun. :)
I'm glad that I don't gamble, especially in Vegas. I'm a sore loser, so you can imagine how I would be if I kept losing.

Anonymous said...

I always hate to gamble it makes me frustrated. glad you won some of your money back. though i have to say you seemed to be harsh to your family members, i've noticed it in other blogs of yours, i don't think its right.

Tori_z said...

It's not just you, I hate when we make plans and then they get changed too. Especially if they get changed at the last minute. It's not so much the fact people want to do something else, it's the fact that once you have your mind set on something, you start looking forward to it. I mean, if people want to do something else... Fine. But can't they say so in the first place?

Tori_z said...

P.S. I have no idea about the sleep thing. But if you figure it out then PLEASE tell me so I can fix it. :(

Fiauna said...

The building sure is cool. You almost can't see it in the picture.

Wendyburd1 said...

I have a special card I had laminated that our surgeon gave us, me and Sam, and all his patients. Because if they refuse to let us order from the kids menu, etc it is unfair.

Anonymous- you have no idea how I AM to my family members. I shot my sister looks but kept her being a witch to myself and to MY blog. You have no idea how I am with anybody, so don't make me delete comments from you. AND both my sisters told me they could care less if I FILET them on my blog, since it is MY blog and my place for expressing myself. Yeah, you don't know me or my family.

Amander said...

Oooh, I am not a spontaneous person either - so I feel your frustration!

LadyStyx said...

Im not so bad when plans are made and then changed. Disappointed, yes, totally My biggest bug is when plans are made and then cancelled for no reason or explanation. Now THAT ticks me off.

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