Friday, May 1, 2009

Crappy Movie and Downward Dog

Last night I watched two movies, The Uninvited and While She Was Out. I really enjoyed The Uninvited, even though it ended up being NOT what I thought it would be. It was not your typical "horror" movie, heck I don't even consider it a horror movie, I see it more as a suspense thriller. Emily Browning and Arielle Kebbel were amazing as sisters Anna and Alex, they had awesome chemistry making it totally believable that they were close siblings. It is the TWIST at the end that stunned me, I actually never saw it coming, never suspected that would be the outcome. I liked that I had no clue but that it had a real ending unlike some scarier movies like Silent Hill, where you are left going....what WAS that?!! So I really enjoyed it and was glad I had rented it.

While She Was Out, on the other hand, I wish I could have those 2 hours back. It looked so promising, from the makers of Disturbia (yeah maybe the guys who "helped" in some capacity, but this was nothing remotely like Disturbia, in any way.), it starred Kim Basinger and Lukas Haas. Kim Basinger is a mom of two, with a jerky abusive husband. She goes out on Christmas Eve to the mall for more wrapping paper and witnesses 4 young men, led by Haas' Chuckie, murder a mall cop. She runs for her life with them in pursuit and crashes in the middle of a development of unfinished houses surrounded by acres of woods...yeah I know. So she goes on by foot with a toolbox from the back of her car. One of the boys accidentally kills one of the others by snapping his neck when he runs over him, as they try and catch Basinger. This further pisses them off and on and on the running through the woods, and she has to take them out one by one. One with the tire iron, one with a wrench, etc. Until it was just her and Haas left. This is where you think she has gone completely off the deep end, she starts getting hot and heavy with Haas after he tells her they are so alike, how he gets she must have an abusive hubby and they can go and kill him and run off together with her kids. It was gross, but then she uses the road flare to burn him, grab his gun and shoot him close range right in the chest. Now I know that I assumed, especially when she started driving by the mall and there were cops there, that she'd stop and tell them everything about the 4 young men. No (final SPOILAGE) she goes home, tracks mud in the house as hubby yells, checks on her sleeping kids, goes back downstairs, and when hubby snears what did you get me, she goes "nothing" and pulls the gun out, points it at him and the screen goes black. Aggghhh! How crappy was that!!! I had hoped this would make her strong and she would take NO crap from her husband, even if he threatened she would care less after all she had been through, but she confirms Haas saying they are the same by going home and murdering her husband with her sleeping kids in the house waiting for Santa! Poor kids!! HATED IT!!! Booooooo, do not waste your money!

Tonight, after a nice evening of pizza and Bones, I tried a yoga dvd with my sisters. Oh my gosh. I had hoped I was going to LOVE Yoga and it is not that it was bad or anything, but it was so HARD!! We did 12 poses, the dvd lasts 45 minutes and I was drenched in sweat by the end. The tree thing, I can get my foot way high up but the balance only lasts for like one set of breaths before I go TIMBERRRRRRR. And one after that had every muscle in my body shaking as I tried to stay in the position. It was hard, which I did not expect. I am very worried about how my body is going to feel tommorrow, Sandy laughed. She tried it a week ago and said she was hobbling...great. Oy. We checked out CORE Rhythms too after but it is uncomfortable! Supposedly so fun and easy and 5 minutes in, I was bored and my knees were screaming from the repetitive motion. So I am selling it, gonna order some other stuff from Amazon to try out. I need some good excercise and I bore so easy. I know one of the dvd's I want, you use the excercise ball, and that seems fun, so I hope it will tone and make me lose weight and inches. Excercising sucks!!!

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Kristina P. said...

I'm not a big yoga fan. I like pilates a bit better because my flexibility really sucks.

Lee said...

Yeah... exercise ball isn't fun.
Looks fun, not fun.
You sit on it and think oh boy, this will be *falls over*.
Can NOT get your balance on one of those bad boys.

That movie sounds like CRAP. I hate black-out endings, and she's not better than the murderer.

CaJoh said...

I wish I had a magic wand to give you your time back. So sad you had to suffer through the second flick.

I have wanted to take ti chi but cannot afford the $80 a month to go. I'm hoping that someday I can because I really want to apply my exercising from the gym to some form of movement.

LadyStyx said...

My balance sucks so I havent bothered trying yoga. Im the same way with my knees. Repetitive movements (short of a bike ride) would really screw me up bigtime.

Constance Marie said...

I love yoga, but you're right, it's a hundred times harder than anyone would ever think. But seriously the more you do it the more fun and relaxing it becomes!

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