Thursday, May 28, 2009

AC Petersens

Okay so I had MAJOR trouble early Thursday with Blogger uploading my vlogemotions, it was still not uploaded after like 7 hours and it wasn't that long!! So I wound up using YouTube and apparently no one could VIEW it, so just now, just after 11pm I put it to public and hopefully it is viewable now. If someone could comment on it then I will know and not want to gouge my own eyes out!!

Went and ate at AC Petersens tonight with the family. This is only the second time but I love it, it is very old fashioned as it has been there since my Dad was a kid, and they have the best ice cream!! My fave flavor ever was cherry vanilla by Guida's but they don't sell it anywhere anymore, but AC Petersens' is just like it!! SO good, got a pint for me and one for Mom. Don't worry I will be careful and drag it long as people don't steal it, then I will be pissed!!

I tried their sampler platter that had chicken southwestern egg rolls, chicken fingers and half a cheese quesadilla. The egg rolls were too spicy for me, even though my Dad had one and was like...ummmm NO. But it was to me, really hot!! I liked everything else and we had a good time together. My Mom brought one of my chicken fingers home and fed it to Maxie and Sam shared her cone with him, lol. He loves ice cream and once he remembers that the cone is edible there is no stopping him, it is a hilarious thing to watch!

Did another different Walk Away the Pounds dvd tonight, LUCKILY Mary Kay was NOT in it! Yay! I am ticked right now though, because instead of Will & Grace being on Lifetime, it is bloody You've Got Mail which I detest!! Need my Jack fix!! I made the cheese mixture my BFF Weezie told me how to make and will probably enjoy a cucumber sandwich or two in a little while. Did not feel like them for a long time, but now that it is warmer out, it seems perfect. Broke the bloody spatula thing though....again!!

I need to find a GOOD spatula that doesn't break simply mixing up goat cheese, cream cheese and heavy cream!! This is the second casualty to my Cuke sammies, at least! I feel so awful! It was my favorite one too, really sturdy!

PLEASE click the tiny PLAY button, the song is ONLY 2 minutes and SO pretty!!

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Kristina P. said...

That place sounds completely delicious! I will have to check to see if the video is working now.

The Boob Nazi said...


Anonymous said...

STOP! Why must you all be blogging about food tonight! It's torture! I got my wisdom teeth out today and can't eat! I'm starving!!

ramsam said...

I love the spoon/spatula mixers from Pampered Chef, but they are spendy. I bet you wont break it though, and if they do you can get it replaced. Pampered Chef still around? Man, I'm getting old....

Jillene said...

That restaurant sounds DIVINE. I love old time places--they are THE BEST!!

mama-face said...

It's so great to have great restaurants that aren't the standard ones that you can find in every city. The spicier the better.

I love W&G and You've Got Mail; so that would be a win-win for me. I know you care about that one.

Lee said...

I really don't like spicy food.
My date last night got nachos, and I had one and was done after the first bite. Tooo spicy.

I love Will and Grace. I was watching it last night while I drifted off.

TeeTee said...


You just made me really hungry!

Shauna said...

Awesome! Hope you have a super weekend!

LadyStyx said...

I always loved Friendly's. They have awesome food and delicious icecream. Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately because I really dont need to be eating it anyhow), there isn't one close to me.

Tori_z said...

Kero likes ice-creams too. He's not a fan of the cones though... I'm not sure he actually realises he's allowed to eat them. LOL!

My Mam taught him to recognise the sound of the ice-cream truck... I wouldn't mind, but it comes at least twice a day, every day, and stops just a few doors away... And Kero goes nuts! :(

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