Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rental Tirade

Does it drive anyone else crazy when Rental stores claim a certain movie is going to be released on this date, and the day arrives and you SET your alarm clock so you will definitely get there in time to get a copy, and then you get there, and "oh no, it didn't get in. They must have pushed it's release date back further." ?!!!!
Then WHY, pray tell, did NO ONE in the Hollywood Video or Blockbuster video WORLD, not take it off their websites?!!! I went to Hollywood first. No Possession with Sarah Michelle Gellar, which I have been wanting to see forever. Okay...well Blockbuster sometimes makes deals to get movies first, so I drive across town and NO Possession there. Even the website for ALL dvd releases has it's release marked for TODAY. The website? Videoeta.com. It is for ALL dvd releases in the country and it says today, WHY do that to people?!! You get their hopes and excitement up and then BAM, you slap them in the face. And what about the people who, unlike me, have quite a drive to their closest video store? What if they drove 30 minutes JUST for that one movie and it wasn't there?!! How pissed would you be, if that was YOU?! It just drives me nuts, when they have the date on their website for weeks and when the day arrives, it isn't there. Are you saying NO ONE could be on top of that? Even if the company doesn't decide until the night before, can't ANYONE take that movie down? Post that there have been delays? Agghhhh. I am sorry for the rant but geez! And what, the video stores, seeing that they didn't get a certain movie in, that behind their counters, says it is out on Tuesday, they can't post a sign on their door, so you don't hunt it down for 15 minutes and then have to go wait in line at the counter and ask, WHERE is this movie?!!

Sure I got the other ones I wanted. Passengers, Underworld 3, Shuttle and Losing Austen. But this just casts a "this is a sucky day" vibe all over your day! Seriously, I then went to Target to buy Taken and found it was 17 bucks there, when at Walmart it is usually 15 for New Releases. So I have to drive BACK across town. And Walmart all of a sudden has to tempt me MORE? it's not enough that is has a candy aisle right THERE, but then today all of a sudden in the middle of the aisle, there are individually packed "gourmet" giant cookies and rice krispie treats. GOURMET!! There goes me trying to have any semblance of restraint. I bought the giant Gournet Peanut Butter Cookie, I have had 3 bites and they were glorious!! Ahhhh! And then no one made any dinner again. I have made a dinner once a week, every week. Friday I made an awesome chicken casserole. Unfortunately, for me, I am the only one who has been keeping up with this chore, we are ALL supposed to do. There are 5 of us, that is 5 home made meals a week...but no one but me is doing that, so it was an "on your own" night, I am so SICK of those, I do the work and make a meal so why am I scrounging AGAIN?! SEE. The "sucky day" vibe works!!! Gahhhhh! Okay I am done....for now.....GAHHHHH!!!!

Oh AND I got something in my...mail...that just upset me and made me ticked off and I am tired of it!! SUCKY days GO AWAY!!!

And how was your Tuesday hmmmm? Tell me someone had a good thing happen today? Ate some good cheese maybe?? I had pink cheese in Florida and it was good any one know it's name? Yeah I am off my rocker now, aren't I fun though. And I do LOVE cheese, my nickname was the mouse when I was a kid, my fave food is cheese. Except I hate swiss. I like goat cheese when it is mixed with cream and cream cheese to make the cucumber sandwich mix, then it is YUM. When it is hot out, I will eat cucumber sandwiches a lot, just you wait. Lalalala...I am crazy...and cheese is good. I am calming as I talk cheese. Mmmmm....hey I have never had cheese fondue!! I have never had fondue!! How sucky is THAT!!!

8 meaningful meanderings:

Lee said...

Well, I've never had fondue either.
I've never heard of that sarah michelle gellar movie, but I'm glad you got Taken.
We meant to get it today, but my mom thought it came out tomorrow.

Jillene said...

You have never had cheese fondue?! It is AMAZING!!

I want to see Underworld 3. Let me know how it is.

Sarah said...

I had fondue almost one year ago. It was our one year anniversary and we went to Melting Pot. SOOOOOO good! It was kind of expensive but well worth it! Do you have a Melting Pot by you?? They have chocolate fondue choices (we got Creme Brulee) and give you rice krispie treats for dipping, along with brownies and pound cake!

Annette said...

I found the best cheese fonue recipe on line! It was so yummy, It had wierd stuff in it like worchestershire sauce and bullion(sp?) cubes, swiss cheese, I thought it was going to be so gross but it was HEAVEN! We dipped pretzels, garlic bread, onion rings, french fries, tortilla chips, you name it!
Chocolate fondue so evil, There are no words to describe my addiction to chocolate!

Fiauna said...

No cheese. No movies. But I do enjoy a good cucumber sandwich from time to time.

ramsam said...

Gourmet treats and new movies! SOunds great!!!
I pigged out on wheat thins, peanuts, cheese and a Butterfinger while watching the Biggest Loser. This does not make sense!

The Boob Nazi said...

meeh I had a crappy day.

Tori_z said...

Yeah, that sucks. They should have at least put something up to say "release date delayed" or something. But I guess they figured if people still came in then they might rent something else to save themselves from having a wasted trip. Then there's the fact that it involves some work for them to do something like that. Not much work, but you know what people are like... If it means extra work for them then they don't want to know.

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