Friday, May 29, 2009

Flashback Movies 2 PLEASE Watch!!

Time for some trailers of movies you may have long forgotten about. Ahhh the 80's...some of the best and some of the oddest movies imaginable!! All of these ARE just the trailers so take a few minutes, sit back and relax ans stroll down memory lane!Seriously just a few minutes, and I worked hard to find them so watch, it is just 5 trailers, and memories can come flooding back!!

The Ewok Adventure (my sisters and I loved this when we were little, Ewoks are so cute!)

The Toy (Richard Pryor rocked this movie, it is hilarious!)

Starman (this is a fave of the Mom's, had to include it, every woman loved Jeff Bridges after this)

The Secret of Nimh (grew up with it, Sam actually owns it on DVD now...we like owning our past loves!)

The Ice Pirates (hokey movie, but we saw it a hundred times at least, so the memories are good!)

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LadyStyx said...

I loved Starman! Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen...great movie. Secret of NIMH...umm yep...I have that one too! Yeah, so? I own ALOT of my childhood!

Sarah said...

I remember being semi-traumatized by StarMan, I believe because he is totally nude in one scene isn't he? I was also traumatized by The Witches of Eastwick but have no idea why, I just remember the name of that movie but nothing else about it. Oddly enough, I LOVED the series "The North and the South" in 5th grade and also sat through the entire movie "The 10 Commandments" before I was even a teenager.

mama-face said...

I must have been too busy with new babies in the '80's. I haven't even heard of most of those movies until today. Might have to do some browsing on netflix today...

How DO you embed those videos? I'm obsessed with figuring that out.


Sheri said...

I haven't seen those, but I may have to get a few when we get netflix again :)

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