Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Resolved In Ways

*Note - an email I am sending out to many of you will be sent next TUESDAY now instead of Friday, NOT my idea but when you get the email you will get why. It is already written and ready to go. Thanks!!!

Anyway, the situation my family and I have been dealing with has been...resolved, is as nice a word as I can find the strength to use. I had to go for what is best for the family I live with and love, over what even they all felt was right, but I want them to be happy and not hurt because of me Because of the situation I was put in by this party, right now I am trying to do as suggested by my family, Lock the Door, but keep the window open. Right now I want the window nailed shut, but as even thinking about what has been happening for 2 months, I don't care if the window is cracked, I just don't even want to think about the situation anymore. I know I will as I still cannot believe someone could do what they did, but maybe if I try I can get it out enough times that it will eventually hurt less.

Anyway I am going to see Angels & Demons on Tuesday night, which oh look it IS Tuesday now, so I am seeing it today. Never read the book and am not Catholic so I can only hope I don't feel lost. I admit, after I saw The DaVinci Code for the first time, my Mom and Dad had to explain a lot of things to me afterward, and THEN I was like Ohhhhhhhh, Yeah, okay, I get it now! LOL! Mom said this book was so much better so I am hoping the movie will also be better, but I liked Code don't worry, I even own it, I just hope the "sequel" is even better....and I hope I get it more. There is absolutely nothing good getting out on dvd tommorrow (sorry I don't think the Mall Cop movie is good) so I will be new movie-less, how rude!! Next Tuesday though, I am buying New In Town, the movie with Renee Zelwegger, it was so cute and funny, it is a must own.

I am SO happy that JT from Survivor won. He deserved it! When Erinn almost got immunity I had a stroke, but phew JT at the last second. And then the last immunity challenge I was like, it would so figure that they throw a mental game into the ring when it is so obviosuly between the "Wizard" and the "Warrior", but JT impressed me again with his concentration skills. And unanimous, YEAH!! I mean, really, why would you vote for Stephen? He really did ride on JT's coat tails, he admitted Erinn would be sitting beside him if he had won final immunity, regardless of the promises he made to JT. And JT kept his word, he brought that pariah who DID try and fillet him in the jury's eyes, I don't care what he says, he insulted JT plenty, and that whole sharing one brain crap? Oy vey and NO JT never said that!

And Desperate Housewives, poor Lynette!! And it HAS to be Susan...right? Or do you think it's Kathrine?? I loved this season I don't care what critics of the show say, it really worked, jumping into 5 years later!

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Tori_z said...

Ah! That's better! (Being able to get on here, I mean).


I'm glad the situation is resolved, though I'm sorry you had to choose the option that meant less hastle over what you really believe to be right. *Hugs*

Hope you enjoy the movie.

Jillene said...

I am glad that the situation is resolved. I could sense the hurt and disapointment in your posts.

I can't wait to see Angels and Deamons. I read the book and it was fabulous.

I loved the Desperate Housewives finale. And yes--poor Lynette and I am REALLY hoping it is Susan.

Amander said...

Like the others, I am glad the situation is somewhat resolved for you. I know it's been really stressful for you.

rychelle said...

i really enjoyed angels and demons, i hope you do too.

Lee said...

I personally think it's Susan. The way he kissed her like that.

I had a dream about you last night! We were in highschool together, and you were Valedictorian and you gave a speech. It was really weird. I was like hey, that's Wendy!

Annette said...

Almost always the books are better than the movies, right? No one, not even a genious directer can compete with everyones imagination.
I liked the Davinci code too, although I was somewhat lost in a lot of it.
I am glad you and your family are healing and figuring out how to resolve the stressful issues! I am also so sorry that inocent people have to suffer from others choices.

Fiauna said...

Sorry that I haven't kept up. It sounds like you've been dealing with a lot. I hope now you will have peace. Until then, enjoy the movie.

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