Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Reasons Yesterday was Fried

Okay so I will tell you now that I have had a chance to breathe and decompress why yesterday was such a BAD day.

It was a typical boring day, I felt so bored I thought, MAN, I should work on my scrapbook/memory book, but I got up to my birthday and realized I had no pictures for August through now. So I went on my computer, figuring I would get a bunch together in a folder and order them through Walmart like I usually do. I had no problem picking ones from this past Florida trip but I couldn't find basically ANY pics from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc!! I was freaking out! There would be a random one in another folder, like one or two of Max in his Pumpkin tee because I put my fave ones in HIS folder, but where were the REST??!!

So I was like OHHHHH, I must have backed them up and deleted them off my laptop, so all I need to do is put the cd/dvd in and pick the pics I want from my back-ups. Only I went through all the back ups I could find and NONE of those were there, or the day we went to the BIG E or the Haunted Graveyard, none of it. I spent HOURS looking in places I might have stored a disc until it was 8 am in the morning and I had gone through those discs for a third time...and then I remembered something in the back of my mind.

It started out just like a little glimmer of a memory and then I voiced it and then I remembered and then I was more and more sure and then, I was devestated. I remembered when I uploaded pics of New Years Eve on January 1st, that I could not find any of my 2008 pics I had taken with my new camera I had gotten in June. All the folders were gone. I remembered saying, I will have to ask Sam where Kodak puts the previous years folders. Well Kodak doesn't just PUT them anywhere, and Sandy apparently never leaves them in her Kodak folder she renames them and puts them in new folders elsewhere so it is just me. Kodak ATE all my 2008 pictures, they are gone forever. Sure I knew their was a reason for backing up your computer but I never thought I would need to back up because my computer might EAT them up and never see them again, so I have no idea what precious pics I may have lost forever.

Thanks to the fact that Sam took some pics for her own use, I was able to get some from her, and thanks to my BLOG, I was able to get some from our Haunted Graveyard adventure and Thanksgiving, so I have a few from the Holidays, but I will never get back all the pictures or even know what I am missing. SO I am really upset and angry and frustrated!! And I can't even burn back ups, which YES I plan on doing often and keeping in ONE specific place now, because my computers birner has been broken and it is not a hardware issue it is internal, so my Dad wants to blow away my computer and start from scratch which means I need to back up EVERYTHING. the last time I did that, because I have to use my flashdrive and take it 2 gigs at a time to the main computer, then transfer it onto there then when I finish that after like 2 days, THEN start burning discs. AND I have a LOT of stuff, between music, photos, videos, etc, this took me like 2 days of nonstop work, and I can't, I really cannot handle doing that again. So what is a girl to do?

Buy a 160GB external hard drive. That way, sure it will take hours and hours to transfer all that info, but in ONE fell swoop it will do it and I just walk away and let it do it! Then when I have my "virgin" computer, in one more long taking swoop, all my info will be back on my laptop. Including shipping, I got a nice one for 70 bucks, this is it:

And I can use it to back up all the time after, BUT I wanted it not too huge, like a terrabyte becuase I DO still need to back up (I will do so religously, and will no longer leave pics in Kodak, they will be renamed and given a new folder under My Pictures!!!) so a external hardrive twice the size of the one in my laptop is great for me! And it is pretty isn't it?! It is red just like my camera and my DS.

So I am very upset over the pictures and having to blow my computer away. I worry that in those pictures, what was there that I can never recapture? See, stop Wendy. This is what makes me tear up. And I am hypoglycemic so I feel like crap.

So my computer is broken, needs to be fried even more than it apparently IS, and it was just a BAD day.

So tonight I needed to get out and it was just me and my Mom and Sam, so I used my Christmas gift card and we ate at Outback. I had yummy potato soup and filet mignon and still I go hypoglycemic!!!

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SO said...

Oh no! I would freak out big time as well if I lost all my pictures. I'm so sorry. I hope you new drive and computer work out for you.

Kristina P. said...

Wow, that is a crappy day! It's the worst losing pictures.

Lee said...

Oh no! I would be so angry!! I've lost pictures before.
A whole folder titled "My Favorite Photos" is gone. It had so many from when I first started editing. I STILL get angry when I think about it.

Tori_z said...

Now that's a bad day and a bit! You poor thing you!

*Sends lots of hugs, since you sound like you could do with some*

Marie said...

OH YUCK...I'm sorry!
Hey, Thanks about the heads up tp the Josh Radkin song ..I LOVE it!

Whitney R said...

Oh my, I'm so sorry! Pictures mean so much to me, I'm sure they do to you too. And I use Kodak right now...... I name all of my folders, though. They are all in the same place. I do it by month "August 2008". We just barely got an external hard drive, I think I'll go put all of my stuff off this computer on it... :( I'm sorry!

Donna said...

It's hard to lose pictures. It's happened to me, too. At least you still have the memories, but the pictures are nice proof of them!

Yaya said...

Yeah I would freak if I lost my pics. That's why I also upload them to shutterfly and photobucket so no matter what they will always be there in Internet Land.

Kayleigh said...

Shoot, I'm sorry. Broken laptops suck. And losing pictures is equally crappy. At least you had some on your blog!

LadyStyx said...


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