Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Picture Tour

I know you are all going to be so excited, I am going to give you a picture tour of my room! Stop the screams of excitement, it is deafening!! I also have a few before and afters as some changes were made today...and I have the agonizing pain in my back where I pulled something to show for it. I talk a lot about my collections and things about my room, so I figured why not invite them in, and when I talk they can picture what I am talking about. What do you think, stupid? If stupid, please let me know first commenters and I will take it down!!

First thing you should know, before I post any pictures, is I have a temporary roommate living on a twin bed in my room, my Mom. So it is not as neat and spacious as I'd like it to seem. My parents are supposed to be fixing their carpet in their bedroom, and painting their room, it is still just the white paint over sheet rock when we moved in TEN years ago...I know, they ARE slackers. Plus there's this whole snoring thing (they both do it, but swear they can't sleep because of the other), but I sleep like the dead so I can sleep through my Mom's snoring, so thus my temporary roommate. It's fine, I am never in my room lately except to sleep and change clothes, so who cares. Except for the fact that she never makes her bed or picks up (yeah my mother the clean freak is a slob in MY room) she is a great roommate.This is my door from inside my room. Those scarves are my more delicate ones, I LOVE scarves, and that is a lil table with a pic of my beloved Grandpa, on it.
This is a closeup of my light switch I LOVE the First Kiss picture.
Like I said, LOVE this pic, see!
This is a view of my room from in front of my closet, I cut out the twin bed it is right where the bottom of the pic is, sandwiched between my bed and dresser.
This is my bookcase and one of my necklace/perfume bottle holders.
This is the Tink wood carved statue I just got. I ♥ Tink!
This is maybe half of my tv dvd's, I keep the creme de le creme in my room! The others and the ones I have yet to view, are in the tv room and coat closet (we have a dvd case there). Oh and I have Tru Calling and Dark Angel downstairs right now, as I am/was watching them.
This is some of my PIG collection, dolphins and pigs are my favorite. Oh and you can see my fave lotion company Dionis, they use goats' milk, it is so yummy, after Vaseline Intensive care, it is my FAVE! Shenandoah Rose, Virginia Hyacinth and Blueridge Wildflowers are THE best scents! I am dying for them to make them perfumes!
This is my closet. No walk in for Wendy.
This is my tee collection, well half. The rest I put away for winter or I am not into right now. Oh and there are about 10 down in the laundry room at least. I am obsessed!I squeezed my "sanitary" needs in my closet. Plus I use baby powder every day and this helps it get into the rest of my room much less. Yes I literally am IN the closet. Poor me!
This is my TV stand, with both a vcr and a dvr. The lil white and black dog with the pink boa is OX (as in Oxygen) one of my surgery stuffed animals. Morph (morphine) the monkey is in the tv room.This is what was on my nightstand. Notice the lotions. And I loves me lip stuff!This is my Noni's hope chest, before I changed it up today. I kept my perfume tray and my Carousel Jewelery box (it reminds me of how the Carousel of Progress used to look) and other what nots.This is my corkboard. Mementos, pics of fam, friends, MAX, quotes, etc.
And my round table and the corner of my long dresser, very cluttered with junk. Which I took the pic so you wouldn't see. I am so bad I know. LOL!
This is perfume bottle collection and necklace holder number 1, that is the one that hangs over my bookcase.
And this is the second one that hangs up over the dresser. Aren't they beautiful? I love them! So girly of me! Heehee!

So there were some changes made today, which have made my room even more squished, but once I am the only occupant it will look good I think. But it is fine for now, everything fits...well kinda. I went with Mom and Sam to look at the crash den areas of two furniture stores. I have been looking for a stand up bureau for 6 months ( I want to put the dresser in the basement and take the love seat I was promised and put it in my room and have a bureau in the corner...kitty cornered...well someday kitty cornered), and Sam decided she wanted one now. I never thought I would find one that was somewhat cheap and ME, and Sam didn't expect to find anything because she had been at Bob's two days before. But like my Mom had said, they put new rejects in there every day. Anyone on the east coast knows Bob's Discount Furniture...his commercials make you want to gouge your eyes out, they are that annoying. But I found one prefect (dark) for Sandy and she found one that she says screams me, it is kind of beachy and I love that look. SO poor Dad hooked up the trailer to the car, drove down and helped us get them home and carry them up the flight of stairs. That was when I hurt my back (and pretty sure the chiro would consider this stress on my head and neck...oops), but we still had Sandy's which is HUGE compared to mine and her drawers don't come out so it was SO freaking heavy!! And then it happened, I got it stuck in my brain, that even though there really was no room for it and we were all hurt, I wanted the long dresser out of my room then and the love seat up the 2 flights of stairs. I was determined and okay, way OCD, and it caused arguing though I was willing to attempt it on my own. Anyway so here are the changes made to my room.This is where the long dresser was, but now there is my love seat. That would be my Mom's bed that I have to crawl over to SIT on it, but I do love it being in my room now and my pillows look cute on it I say.This is my new dresser, real close to my nightstand and bed I know, but once the twin bed is out, I will kitty corner it and it will look good. Oh and obviously my bed and nightstand will be moved down to make plenty of room.
This is the top of my bureau now. My perfumes, knick-knacks, and my favorite figurine, that tortured soul, it reminds me of how I feel a lot of the time.This is my hand blown and scribed Wendy jar, I got it in Florida about 8 years ago.And lastly, this is my hope chest now, totally rearranged and yup that IS my awesome Gizmo doll that sings!!Isn't he Adorable?!! I ♥ Gizmo!

So this ends the walking...kinda....tour of Wendy's room. Don't you love my cleanliness and interior design skillz? Oh geez I hope so! Welcome to my World!

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LadyStyx said...

Reminds me of a writing project I had in my Sr year of highschool. the object was to describe our rooms in detail...what is where. Well, the next day my classmates were handing in 1-2 page descriptive papers on their rooms. Then the teacher saw the packet I set on her desk. Not to say it was thick, but the packet was at least 5-10 pages...single spaced...double sided. She looked at me and told me she hadnt wanted War and Peace. I told her that I didnt write down everything in my room either so she needed to be glad for that. Sad thing is, the other kids' rooms were more than likely twice the size of mine. I simply had alot in mine.

The Boob Nazi said...

How long has your mom been living in there/for how much longer?

Whitney R said...

I had to share a bed with my mom while at my aunt's house this week while in Oregon and she snored snored snored. I couldn't sleep. It was horrible, so the next night I moved to the couch, woke up with a horrible head ache. I wish I slept like the dead, too... but, you see, I could probably sleep through it just wonderfully if I could just fall asleep before she did! But no, I'd move and she'd fall asleep before me and start the snoring and I couldn't go to sleep. Jaren snores every once in a while, I just have to nudge him and he apologizes (it's funny when he's half asleep) and he rolls over and it goes away! Great system.

I see you have every season of Buffy, too. I'm obsessed. It's been a good 3 to 4 years since I've watched them all, so I think I will!!

Kristina P. said...

Your room is really cute and fun!

Lee said...

My favorite thing in that room is the perfume shelf with the necklace holders.
See, my friend makes Twilight jewelry (Which I'm going to be advertising on my blog). I told her I want to put up a shelf under my posters and put the necklaces and little bottles with edward and jacob beads on it.
And that shelf would be PERFECT.
Sorry. My mind is so one-track. I notice something I like, it's all I can think about.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

I LOVE the perfume bottles. What a great idea!!

And I thought I was the only one who collected pigs! Go figure!

Amander said...

I can't believe you still have a Gizmo doll - AWESOME!

Donna said...

You have a nice room. I like how neat and organized it is. I'm a neat freak myself!

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