Thursday, April 2, 2009

Florida 2009 Pt. 3 The Final Days

On Monday (the 23rd), we went to the Magic Kingdom, all of us. The park was packed. Uncomfortably so. Pirates which is a slow ride, but since the addition of Jack Sparrow, is now a hot commodity was a 30 minute wait...yeah not for me, I waited and shopped. The lamest ride in the park, It's a Small World (WHAT?! I have been going for 24 years, I am over it!!) was 30 too! Mom and I sat out. We went shopping, Mom got me her traditional Tinkerbell towel and perfume bottle...hmm I will have to take some pics of my perfume bottle collection. A lot are from Florida, some from birthdays, some I bought, etc. I got a Dole Whip, which I discovered last year. It is pineapple soft is magic in your mouth! It is so refreshing, I have a thing for pineapple so this was like a present! They also have Dole pineapple frozen fruit bars with real pineapple which I cannot find here anywhere so far! :( I need it!! And the whole bar was only 19 grams of sugar!! SOO yummy! About an hour into the day there I was separated from the fam I was with, I couldn't find them anywhere, I called on the cells and only got voicemail, I was very panicky. Finally Sam called me, saying she got no call (!!) and we met up again, but it really rattled me. We did Haunted Mansion, etc. I got this great shot of Dad in his car thing:

A few hours later, we had burgers in Tommorrowland and the girls and I walked ahead to get some Motrin, we found some and looked around and no one was there. All three of us began using our cell phones, calling Dad, calling anyone and no one picked up. We tried over and over, sometimes being kicked to voicemail because the others were already connected trying to get Dad to answer. I felt it inside, I had lost it. I sat on the ground, clutching my phone, calling Dad over and over and he never picked up. About 25 minutes passed and finally Sam got Dad and we waited for them to show up, but I was too far gone. As some of us got in line for Buzz Lightyear, I said I was taking one of the cars and leaving. Mom saw through me and wanted to know what was wrong, but I was angry. Have cells on at all times, and they had already told me I wouldn't be "lost" again after this morning so I was angry and anxious. I started crying in the middle of Magic Kingdom, wracked with sobs, I had a panic attack. It was just all too much, separated with no one answering any calls twice, the crowds, my feet and back killing, etc, it all got to be too much. And I sobbed at the Happiest Place on Earth. My Mom was done with the park and so was Sam, so we decided to head on out after I stopped crying, and Dad stayed with Kate, they stayed until closing and for the fireworks. As we three left, we stopped at the Candy store, so I could pick up beloved chocolate covered strawberries and fudge. We saw these cookies and could not believe it.
This is the (ex) country our name originates from! We have gotten them for Christmas from this guy before. Those who have emailed with me will see how my last name originates from the country. This is the country where I'd be a princess *sighs* if it were still around...too bad. LoL.

That night was a real bad one for me and it got worse. After Dad and Kate were home, I went to take a shower in my bathroom...I have felt it was scary since day one, the bathtub curves very quickly so when you are taking a shower there is only about 6 inches that are flat. Plus there is no traction so it gets very slick this whole 6 inches. And I lost balance. I felt my legs slip from under me, and my left thigh slammed into the bathtub wall at a weird angle which threw me back into the tub and forward where I slammed my haed into the water spigot and finally landed on my knees on the floor of the tub. No one even heard this happen. I sat in the shower stunned. While it happened so fast it had felt like it had taken forever. I HURT. But I finished my shower as no one was calling if I was alright or anything. Which didn't help. When I got out my head screamed and my leg was killing me. I went to the room the girls were staying in with mom, hoping to talk to Mom, but she was in the bath. Sam saw my face and when she asked what was wrong I started sobbing. With all my hair she couldn't see anything, but she wanted to see my leg and that was when we both saw this huge lump protruding from underneath my skin. When my Mom got out she examined it and told me it was a contusion. That was 2 weeks ago and me leg still hurts, though now it has a small lump and a dark purple bruise with a large yellow one surrounding it. But my head is a different story. Since that night, I have had what feels like a migraine every day, all day, getting worse as the day goes on. Shampooing even when gentle hurts. My Mom thinks I may have a hairline fracture, so I go to see my doc on Friday...yeah the earliest he would see me...thanks.

Anyway, on Tuesday all of us went mini-golfing at a place we had never been Jungle Golf. It was quite warm out, but with the breeze it was nice. And this place was gorgeous!!

As we got further through the course the sun started feeling HOT on our heads, and I saw that the tops of my feet were burning but not too bad. Dad was beat by 2 points, but it was my hole in one that got me a free game token. Yes! We went home and some of us sat in the frozen pool. Glenda after MORE calls from my Dad finally went over here ans tested the temp and got like 55 degrees. She found out the heater was BROKEN and suggested we get a hotel!! What the heck is wrong with her?!! A hotel for SEVEN and a dog?!! No! And she didn't offer us a new home (she is the manager of a bunch of homes so she should have, even my Mom was surprised) or the use of a pool from an unused house. This is why Glenda SUCKS. Yeah because 7 people and a dog and 100'f of dollars worth of groceries want to pack into a tiny hotel!! Agghhh!! We ate at the Outback but the soup sucked that day so ew. Mom, Katie and I sat down in the kitchen to finish the jigsaw puzzle. TADA we finished and here it is. LOL! Then Dad took Katie to see Witch Mountain and Sam went with them. Mom and I stayed a little longer because we were seeing Duplicity at 9:40pm. We bought some choc. strawberries at the Disney candy store next to the theater and we sat on the second floor balcony. Third floor was too far up, you were looking DOWN on the screen. I loved the movie, as did my Mom. But I noticed as the movie went on that my arms felt really itchy and stung. When the movie ended and we used the restrooms I SAW my arms...lobster arms, and they began to BURN so hot. They're still red but not THAT red. I was a FRIED, fractured (the shower the night before) fairytale!! :(

I woke up tired on Wednesday, I had stayed up way too late. So when Mom woke me up asking if I wanted to go with them to a lunch buffet I said no and slept. Besides me and a buffet? With my golfball size stomach? Nah, it was okay to sleep. I drove over to the Florida Mall with Mom and the girls. They helped me find some capri's to go with an outfit I almost had there. Mom went and had her hair cut and like within a half hour the girls were picked up by Dad to go back to Epcot. They were supposed to do the mall with me man! My Mom hates the mall and stood outside the stores or sat on chairs (they have stuffed nice ones in this mall!) so it was almost like being there alone again. We did have a decent meal at the food court, it was "chicken marsala" but tasted like chicken and alfredo sauce, and it was good! I bought stuff at Lush, Sephora, Penny's, and FYE. We went and got some groceries and then went back to the house and sokaed our feet in the pool. The COLD water felt good on the feet. I showered, very gingerly every day after the fall, and then I began to pack. Dad wanted our stuff by Friday and it was Wednesday night. We watched Bolt when they got back. I had never seen it, but I bought it and LOVED it, it was so funny!

On Thursday we swam with the Amazing Diving Doggie Max. (separate post) It is so fun to frolick even in that cold water with Max having such a grand time! We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch but things went downill, Katie was feeling the end of the vacation coming and she had a huge episode/attack soit got really weird. Back at the house they went off into a room and I was so stressed myself by then I had to get out and shop just to get my mind off what was going on. When I got back things were apparently better. We went to Houlihan's and I had my delicious meal I love. It felt like I was the only one who wanted to be there though.Which started bothering my brain. We were supposed to all go and see Knowing that night at a late showing, but Sam said it was too late for her. I was getting anxious by this point, no one seemed to want to go, but Dad said he was going with his Wendy, and Mom said she wanted to go and finally Kat said she wanted to go too. So we left, as we drove away, Katie looked odd, and didn't sound like she wanted to go anymore, so Dad turned the car around and parked in the neighborhood and they BOTH left. I was not expecting that. Dad said he was going with me. So I got in the drivers side and as I drove there with Mom I began to have a huge episode/attack myself. We didn't see the movie. We sat outside the theatre on a bench and all my worries and fears poured out as I cried. Hundreds of people walking by giving looks as the anger and hurt I felt, the feelings of being ditched and lied to poured out of my mouth. It was so embarassing. The looks people gave. Mom drove us back as I was in no ondition, she hated it, she loathes driving in Florida, which is why I do it. The guilt from having an attack started and when we got home Mom, Dad and I talked things out. I felt like they have been gipped by having me as a daughter. Look at me, I am a mess, what did they do to deserve me? They tried to get me to knowck it off but I still wonder. They are such good people...and me...I am a mess. I was so tired but I needed to do more packing. I knew figuring out what I could keep that can still be carry-on was key. I still had to have clothes for a day and a half after Dad left with the luggage, then I fell into a dead person's sleep.

On Friday we swam with Max for the last time. Packed...a lot of the stuff. We had Checker burgers for lunch before heading to Disney's Hollywood Studios. As soon as we entered I got so sick, I was in their bathrooms for over an hour, on the verge of tears, because getting sick in a park is so not fun. Finally though my stomach was steady. Dad bought me a Tink watch, he wouldn't take no for an answer, it is really sweet. And he and Mom got me a glass that lights up. I have this odd fascination with things that like up in your drink. Last year I bought a fake ice cube that was 8 bucks because it lights up!LOL! I skipped any rides that...moved. We did Muppet 3D, etc and after we saw Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular we decided to shop as we exited the park. Which was when I was finally allowed to eat something again, thus was when I experienced the awesomeness of the Dole pineapple ice bar...scrumptuous. We went back to the house, sat all 5...well with Max it is 5.5, in a row with out feet in the pool. We finished packing up the car and then watched Journey to the Center of The Earth while we ate a feast of the left over frozen foods and stuff. We had pierogies and lil tacos, etc. It was delicious!! I watched soaps in the living room so that I could be with Max as long as possible. I miss him terribly when we are separated!!

When Mom, Sam and I woke up it was just the three of us. We went down to Cracker Barrel and ate breakfast. Mmmm. Mom played that game and got down to ONE! Holy crap! She was so proud, can you tell?! LOL!Went back and swam, it was 90 that day so the cold water actually felt good! Sam got extremely silly and was splashing me constantly so what is a girl to do? I splashed back with Nooooo I will get an ear infection, every single time! She got me bad a lot so Sam who is scary ticklish on her feet, was in deep trouble. I went after the feet and she was trying to put me in a headlock, and was cutting off my air supply but I was determined and then it happened the shrieks of laughter as I tickled her feet, with her pleading me to stop. My Mom returned at that point and told us OUT. LOL, what?!! We went and saw 12 Rounds with John Cena which was really good, I like him as an actor, I own The Marine which he starred in and it was also good. The dude is a brick wall!! And yes we ate chocolate covered strawberries. And I bought a 4 marshmallows covered in chocolate thing which I was bringing home for me which Mom demolished so she bought me one after the movie. And we split one last good. We bickered on dinner at Logan's or Cracker Barrel, but they let me pick so Logan's it was. But it was busy, it was Saturday so we sat, and as we sat mucnhing on peanuts, looking at the menu, I realized only grilled chicken sounded good and at Cracker Barrel they had it and ood man and cheese, etc, so we lwft and went there, with no wait. They had a chicken and rice special which I got and loved. I pushed myself, food wise, whcih Sandy gets mad at me for. It was just so good and I don't get to eat much of it. It rocked though. We went back to "it" and showered and finished our packing. And then we watched the movie I had kept for us, Eight Legged Freaks which is NOT scary, it is so funny and has David Arquette and Doug E. Doug. And we took pills early and went to sleep. We had to be up by 5:15am, our flight was at 7:50 am and security at Orlando International Airport? Longgggggg. We did both flights, although the second was 45 minutes late, but somehow that second flight was over in like 30 did they DO that and why don't they always do that?!! And we saw the GRAY skies of CT and the coldness seeped into our bones. Mom was able to sleep when we got home, but not me. I upacked and tried but no such luck. And we were officially....HOME.

The End.

6 meaningful meanderings:

Kristina P. said...

What a whirlwind of a trip! Sorry about your leg! I hope it heels soon.

The Boob Nazi said...

Isn't fast track available there?

LadyStyx said...

Bummer on the leg and head. *HUGZ*

Sounds like it was a good trip otherwise though.

kel said...

Sucks about he leg! But it looks like an awesome trip!

ramsam said...

I am so sad you didn't like Disneyland, it is usually so magical! And 30 minute wait sounds quick to me!!!

Hope the leg is better and you are getting back in the groove of normal life.

Lee said...

You really should get your head checked out. If you really damaged something, you gotta get help for it hun.

I don't like it's a small world either.

And is it bad I've never gone mini-golfing?

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