Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Florida 2009 Pt. 2

Well on Thursday, the 19th, the next day after the pool was finally warm, it STOPPED! My Dad said it was broken and had to call evil Glenda. Later in the day she left a message saying the pool man went by and said it was 87 degrees. Man, someone is a LIAR because the water was frigid and it was a hot day so we would have wanted to swim if it had not been painful.

We all went and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic, yes even my Dad. I loved it! Isla Fischer was really good, I have to say I have such a hard time telling the difference sometimes between her and Amy Adams. I know they DO look different but they are also both petite redheads that do look alot alike so it can be disconcerting! LOL! We ate at Outback for dinner, I struck gold, it was indeed a Baked Potato soup day, and I shared a filet mignon with my Mom so the meal rocked!! We went to Old Town. It was so lovely out, perfect for walking around this outside shopping plaza. One big drawback though. It turned out to be Bike Night. So there were 100's of biker was a wee bit scary. Kate stayed back as I was REALLY shopping, so that I did not have to brave the throngs of bikers alone! Awww! But because she did we got such an awesome opportunity! We were walking by and this woman was sitting on a chair, with what I thought was those fake baby dog or cat things that look like they are breathing, they sell them at malls. But Katie stopped and it turned out they were ferrets! I have never held a ferret, even seen up one close, but we both got to, there were two of them. I got to hold the white one, it snuggled right against my boob...pets and babies just love me I tell you, they act like I am a pillow! And it went right back to sleep. She even took a pic of me and Kate holding them!
Aren't they so cute?!! They were so soft and they felt boneless, I mean look at the one with Katie, it is as long as mine but it was in a ball!! Mine kind of folded at one point!

On Friday, Dad and Kate went to Animal Kingdom...really early. So Sam. Mom and I stayed home. I don't really like it that much. There is so much foliage for the animals and ambience that the place is so humid it is gross. We all slept in LATE...ahhhhh. Then Mom and I went to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel, it was good man! There bacon IS really thick, but since I asked for extra extra crispy, it was really chewy goodness! We then shopped at the new Target they built since last year. It has only been open 3 weeks! It is like they built it just for me!! heehee! Went home and met up with the Animal Kingdom crew, we all went swimming, did some talking, etc. We went to Cracker Barrel, lol. I had such a craving for salad with thousand island and they gave me the biggest salad ever, it had bacon and cheese, etc. I had a meal coming but I could NOT stop, it was so good, and obviously my body wanted greens so I kept going with the salad, hey the fam encouraged it, until it was no longer WOW. I could only eat 2 small pieces of my chicken and 2 bites of mac and cheese but I loved it and it really felt like vacation at that meal. We had such a good time, and were so relaxed, after the swim! We went back to Target to do something "special" and then headed in for the night.

On Saturday we went to Universal Studios (the original park, we hadn't been in forever). First we stopped at Eistein Bagels, man I love that place and will never get over missing it. I had half a blueberry bagel with a shmear of cream cheese, it was so good! We parked at the top sky level of ET, and made our way to Universal. We went on Shrek 3D it was so good, I loved it! We headed to the Mummy ride next only to find out it was a 2 hour wait. The map said there were Express passes but then we found out you had to BUY them. They were like 27 bucks a piece and let you go on every ride once quickly. Katie bought them. She had wanted to buy us tickets for the Disney Pirate and Princess Party (even pricier!) again, it was her Christmas "Gift from the Heart" present, but they didn't offer it this year, so she did this and saved the day!! We only had 6 hours in the park, and we were able to go on EVERYTHING in ample time!! We did it all...including rides that HURT!. That new Simpson's Ride sucks!! It jerks you around SO much I had one arm bracing myself, and the other curled around my neck because it was hurting from the motion so much! Jimmy Nuetron ended up being like that too, ugh, hated these two! Hey I don't watch it anymore, but it WAS my first Soap Opera so when I walked by these 4 actors I was like AGGHHH!! I know them! That's Philip Spaulding and Beth and Lillian and Rick Bauer from Guiding Light!! I didn't want to wait in line so this pic is from a big distance, it was so freaky though! My soapy people in the flesh!! If it had been people from the ABC soaps I would have been all over it, and I DID want to meet them, because I did watch all 4 of them and Grant Alexsander (Philip) has also been on AMC, so I am a fan of his, it was just weird people! LOL! That is the closest I have ever been to a soap star! If it had been Thorsten Kaye or Alicia Minshew or Rebecca Budig or Cameron Mathison or Eden Rigel or Aiden Turner or etc from AMC (these are their real names) you would have had to strap me down to not NEED to meet them and get pics with them and autographs! Or Michael Easton or John-Paul Lavosier or Bree Williamson or Melissa Archer or Erika Sleazak, etc from OLTL!! OR Steve Burton or Maurice Bernard or Laura Wright or Kelly Monaco or Kirsten Storms or ANTHONY GEARY!!! Sorry I am WAY off can dream though!LOL!
We ate lunch at Mel's Drive-In, which I loved, looked like it was right out of the Fifties! They had all these cool cars out front like this awesome stunner!! LOVED the fire detail!!
There's my cool tie t-shirt that I love! Current love...along with all the other brand new tees! Hehe. Oh and the Mummy ride...scared the pants off of me for about 30 seconds, real roller coaster action there. I preferred the rest of it, but was quite proud I wasn't crying when it was over...that has happened with Tower of Terror and Rock N' Rollercoaster! HATE those! After we did all the rides, we still left before closing. We had a GREAT day, way to go Katie!! We went home and planned a late dinner at Cici's Pizza Buffet which we wanted to try. Kate, Sam and I went to Walmart because they wanted books, and I wanted the 2-disc Twilight...this ginourmous Walmart sold out of the 2 disc withing 10 minutes of midnight the night before. They had the plain one, but I wanted the 2-disc one!! So we stopped at Target on the way back to picking the 'rents up...Kate went in, they sold the last copy 10 minutes ago. I was heartbroken, seriously. My OCD brain had been set on owning it on Day 1 it was out, so I was unhappy. When we got back, Sam decided she did not want to go and Mom was sick, so it was just me, Kat and Dad. We should have stayed home!! The choices were not that large and most like the mac and cheese pizza were GROSS, and the quality? Well grocery store brand of frozen pizza is 10 times better. And their "pasta" station? Noodles (1 kind) with a tomato sauce Kate said tasted like ketchup and a nasty looking alfredo. I started burping bad and having to spit a lot (part of the gastric bypass to the people who have recently started readingmy blog) and my Dad went and stood by a dumpster. He asked me to get him to "it" ASAP. So I did, just in time, as he threw up for 20 minutes....great. I wanted to, my Mom had to give me anti-nausea meds, but since the surgery throwing up is hard to do for me, so I lay in a ball for 2 hours while my Dad was better. NEVER AGAIN. Cici's is evil!

On Sunday the 22nd, we went mini-golfing but to a different Pirate's Cove we had never played at before.

It was really pretty and we were having a great time! And then I insisted on a picture of me and the girls. The pic I love....'s what happened as we took the picture that I am still upset over. Sam heard a plop in the water and her new watch disappeared...forever. Because I wanted a pic on the bridge Sam will never see that watch again. We went back to the flea market after, but they didn't have another watch that was just silver. But she found a new one she liked, but still. Geez! Anyway aparently I got cranky while about half way through, so Mom sent Katie for something with sugar and Sandy broke it apart for me. this drumstick ice cream, since I can't use these new front teeth on hard things and I can't bite into cold things. She said she felt like a mama bird feeding the baby bird. Oy. Sam won...again!! by like 2 points! Agghh! We ate at Olive Garden for an early dinner. I finally got to try the bruschetta but ya know what? It was okay, but it was not that good. Our family's BFF family, the Bishop and his wife and kids, grandkids, etc. they are cooks. And I had my first Bruschetta after Sister H. made it fresh and it was SO good, I loved it. So I have been trying to find a good one like hers, so fresh and yummy. Anyone have a good recipe, please post it or email me, please! That is healthy and I don't eat the healthiest so help a girl out! We went to Downtown Disney in two cars. But Dad and the girls were MIA for like 25 minutes. They had stopped and gotten a 2 disc copy of Twilight for me from Virgin where they knew it would be pricier but did it anyway to make me happy. Awww. My family rocks! It turned to dark as we shopped, but with a light jacket, it was an incredibly lovely night. We dragged Sam to the Christmas store where they have an area with ALL Jack stuff (nightmare before x-mas), Sam's fave. She did not want me to get her this pricey tee, but I had wanted her to have it since last year. And then Katie bought her slippers, my Dad bought her a long hooded tee and my Mom got her a snowglobe. She bought a wallet herself. We buried her in her fave movie merchandise. She loved it all. Got a churro and was wrestling with Sam over it, because I am a Diabetic and she wanted me not to eat it all, I gave some away, but the last two inches...well to stop her from taking that I popped it inmy mouth which pissed her off! LOL! She slapped me upside the head!! How RUDE!!

To Be Continued....

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ramsam said...

Holy cow girl, you have been busy in a 'been there, done that', kind of way! But you're back! SOunds like a lot of fun.

CaJoh said...

Another fun filled day. Can't wait to see if they fixed the pool. Those ferrets remind me of Austin Powers (I don't know why). Hope the churro didn't fly all over the room when she slapped you.

Woo who… more to come!!

rychelle said...

we purchased the front of the line passes when we went to universal studios. totally worth it!

Natalie said...

Wow! So much to comment on! Where do I start?

I get Isla Fisher & Amy Adams confused too! LOL

Lee said...

I hate cici's, too! I almost broke my ankle in their parking lot, and their pizza tastes like cardboard!

But I'm glad you guys had fun!

LadyStyx said...

ew Cici's *barf*

Those ferrets were cute. Something about lil kids and animals that will gravitate straight for a big pair of knockers.

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