Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ice Cream Coma

Well I am SO serious, Max is laying here beside me, in a ice cream induced coma. He had WAY too much, snarked the rest of Kat's cone, ate the end of mine....and Dad's and ate a lot of soft serve and hard vanilla. He is so smart, he figured out that hard ice cream needs to be bitten into to get the biggest amount and he did it. Unlike the rest of my family, I will give Max pieces of my food I break off, or am finished with, but I cannot let him lick my ice cream and then go back to enjoying it myself. Gross! I am the germaphobe though. LOL.

So my results from my cat scan are clear...which made everyone else happy, but to me it is just troubling. If something had shown up we would know what to do to make things better, but things are still unclear for me. The nuero said the trauma could have caused these migraine like pains, but what am I supposed to do with that? How is that going to help this pain go away? I just find it really frustrating not to have a definitive answer and a way for this excruciating pain to stop. It ruins my sleep, even with vicodin and ambien together it still rips me from a sound sleep, so this sucks...I have a follow up appointment this coming Monday but I am not feeling hopeful. This Frova med he gave me to take, my Mom and I have decided I am NOT taking it. Since my Mom is a nurse she has the drug books, that go into depth who shouldn't take it and the side effects, etc, and 3 things it says not to be if you take this pill, I AM. I AM a Diabetic, I AM taking Celexa, and I DO have heart issues!! So Frova has been nixed which means I am on nothing (maybe some Vicodin if I really stretch it) until Monday and even then he may say, oh it will have to lessen on it's own...dude!!! It has been 17 days!!! Come ON!!

Anyway, we had a good time hanging out with Max and he soaked it up like a sponge. When we got back from ice cream we showed him his presents...he was still interested in FOOD!! Wouldn't even touch the new squeaky toys we got him until he had been given a treat, then he decided he did like his new toys. Then we made dinner, and watched a dog-centered movie. Marley & Me. I bought it last week because it is such a good movie, yeah I cry at the end but it is so beautiful! All during the movie, Max was a spaz. He could not settle down, he wanted to play, to be scratched, to kiss people, to be fed (yeah and he was given chicken), he was a sugar hyped up beast, lol! Towards the last quarter of the movie, he went into one of his hiding places and conked out. At the end he came out though and he sat sandwiched between me and Sam. I needed my baby near me when Marley...*sniffle*....goes to heaven. My Mom was crying again, but no where near as badly as when she finished the book it is based on, she was a mess of I will NOT ever read the book, the movie made me sob when I saw it in the theaters and I got tears streaming when we saw it tonight, I do NOT need it to get any more real!

It has gotten cold tonight, back down to 32 so officially freezing, this weather is so weird! And all of a sudden my computer says my c drive is all filled up!! I just removed like 1000's of photos like 2 months ago to free up space and I have not taken that many pictures since so I have NO idea what it is I have to delete!! I am freaking out here with a dog that looks dead beside me. I am 100% serious, I just picked up his paw and it dropped to the sofa with a plunk and he is not even opening his eyes. He IS alive, he is snoring that is how I's lives are SWEET!!

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LadyStyx said...

LOL! The dog's a goat. Our Chi is the same way, she'll eat as much as you'll give her and still come back for more.

SO said...

Look at cute Max eating his ice cream!! Adorable.

Sorry that the scan didn't find anything. I'm sure that is frustrating.

kel said...


Mina said...

Sorry you're still medically in the dark. That is so frustrating. I hoe you get some answers soon.

Donna said...

My dog conks out sometimes like that too. I bet Max was in heaven in his sleep because of the ice cream!
I hope that your health issues can be figured out soon. It sounds terribly frustrating.

The Boob Nazi said...

I don't think you have to be a germophobe to not be able to lick ice cream after your dog does.

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Stopping by to thank you for entering my first giveaway! Good luck!

btw... Max is a cutie!

Lee said...

You know what? I hate it when people do that.
Not feeding their dog ice cream, but eating it afterward.
My mom gives our cat ice cream and eats from the same spoon.
It freaking skeeves me out.

ramsam said...

I get so panicky when I see that my computer is filling up. It really stresses me out!

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