Monday, April 27, 2009

Sahara Heat

It is going to be bloody 92 degrees here tommorrow!! 92!! It was only hotter back in 1991 when it was 94 degrees! That is disgusting. This is the East coast, I want my SPRING!! Cute capri's and shorter cardigans, etc. Not immediately to sloppy short shorts and sweat!!

Supposedly it will lower to 72 the day after that, but I don't trust it, we still have the AC on and it is not officially even May yet! Yuck! And was I prepared for this heat wave? No way! Luckily I had the few things I had for Florida but I only had one pair of PJ capri's and I wore them 2 nights already, so I had to go into the attic!! I am terrified of out attic. I know some people have awesome attics, where some kids choose to LIVE even, and if we had a cool one, I would probably take it over, but mine is the pull the ceiling thing down and crawl up into the bowels of hell attics. First, while it was like 80 this evening, it was about 100 degrees in the attic and I was there for like 30 minutes, SO gross, I was dripping sweat! I had to bring winter clothes I had been gathering UP, FIND my boxes, put away the winter clothes and then get them and me back down the ladder...without dying!

And my attic is not finished, so besides ceilings full of sharp nails, there would be the floor, or LACK of floor. It is just rafters.(here is a similar one, but ours is bigger) My Dad screwed down some plywood in major areas of traffic, but not much of it, I believe I told you guys the story of Katie's feet meeting my gaze? Well if I didn't, Katie was up in the attic, as she is not afraid of it or heights, while I was in my room sitting on my bed reading a book. One crash later and I am staring at her dangling feet in front of my face, as she had fallen through the attic and half into my room. Yeah that was fun for her and me. All my Dad could say is how lucky we were that it hadn't been over the foyer where she fell because I had to push her back up through the holw, it was so scary and she was understandably freaking out. So I had a whole the size of Katie for months, sure Dad eventually put a piece of plywood over the hole in the attic, so I didn't feel so freaked out with a hole above my bed, but geez. And about a years ago my Mom slipped and her foot went just into MY room (yup always mine, it is ALWAYS Wendy's room. So my Mom went into my room and pushed at it so now it is just like a big crack, and we "forget" to remind my Dad to fix it, because I'd have to move all my furniture so the ceiling could be fixed and sprayed with ceiling popcorn crap, NOOOO! Not again!

So I now have all my summer clothes and shoes down, my beloved Sanuk flip-flops too! I am washing all the shorts, etc, I hate musty smell, and I put my summer dresses through the dryer with sryer sheets, so I am almost set for this disgusting day tommorrow.

What really sucks is I have to go to my Chiro tommorrow and that heat and electrode therapy usually feels nice but in 92 degree weather, it is gonna be SO gross. Plus I am so scared, Dr.S wants to put a few accupuncture needles in my forehead. He wanted to on Friday but I had shopping to do and he wants them in for a few hours so I will have to go home with them in and take them out by myself!! Aggghhh! And I have NEVER had any accupuncture. Sam has but she says it bloody HURTS in the forehead!! I am freaking out, I do NOT want to be a human pin cushion!!

Click HERE and watch this WHOLE video, holy crap!! Amazing!

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The Boob Nazi said...

92? WTF????

LadyStyx said...

Yeah...we went from hoodies straight to me begging hubby to bring the fans home from storage because it was too warm for me to function upstairs.

Sarah said...

you're getting what we had a couple of days ago in Michigan I believe. Don't fret, it's not going to get past 65 here for at least a week...10 days maybe. I sympathize, my summer duds are in the storage unit, which is packed FULL of stuff and should take a good hour just to find the damn boxes!

Jillene said...

92?!?!?!?! Holy crap!! I would be happy with something in the
70's. We keep getting snow and wind and rain and cold!!

Anonymous said...

OK, I was thinking, wait? did she move to Arizona!
But I would trade you hot, for this crappy spring, where it snowed on Sunday and our high was 39 degrees!

SO said...

We are finally getting a little bit of Spring here but it's a wet rainy Spring. I hope you get your 70's.

Kayleigh said...

Holy crap. That is hot.

I've never actually seen anybody go through the ceiling from the attic of our house, which is probably for the better. Our attic's scary, too. Full of insulation and hot.

Sorry that the weather sucks!

Tori_z said...

We don't tend to do that whole Winter/Summer wardrobe swap-over thing here. We have a few sets of clothes suitable for each type of weather, and they stay in our rooms/.

I usually like attics, but I'd hate to go up in my parents' attic (we don't have one because of being in a ground floor flat/apartment). To get up there you need a ladder to line up with the sort of trap door thing in the ceiling (which is on the landing near the stairs... Real safe... NOT!) And the floor's not much safer than the one in your attic. :(

The only time people go up there is to get down or put up boxes of Christmas decorations. The rest of the stuff up there doesn't get touched (it's supposedly for when we have kids, but I don't see it being much good by then with conditions up there).


Hope the temps cool off a bit for you. And that nobody else's feet come crashing through your ceiling in the near future. *Hugs*

Lee said...

Try living in Vegas. 120 degrees would completely knock your socks off. : )

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