Monday, April 13, 2009

NCIS Easter

Well I didn't have frozen pizza, I had frozen perogies. Mmmm. My new favorite food, they are by Mrs. T I think? Which it sure is a good thing I found a new fave, because one of my faves, a frozen food I rely on, because I like it and it never bothers my stomach, is GONE. Jose Ole took away their mini chicken and cheese burritos, I am ticked!! They were so good. This happens ALL the time to me! I loved Colonial mild hot dogs, gone. I loved Weaver chicken roll, gone. I loved Weaver chicken croquettes, gone. I loved Chicken Tonight, gone. Everything I love ends up disappearing from the shelves!! It sucks people! Anyway, we ate perogies, got to hear all about how my cousins decided (since Auntie had to stay late for church she let her daughters be in charge of Easter dinner) to serve dinner buffet style. I am SO glad I had other reasons for missing this. Buffet? And you were lucky if you got a tv dinner tray?! No thank you, Easter is formal thank you very much, just like Thanksgiving. You gather all this family together, you don't split them up by having them find seats all over the place. Psssshhhh. I am really sad that I did not get to meat my cousin Rebecca's new boyfriend. I haven't met anyone she has liked for ever, since I was a kid I think. And my cousin Charles brought his girlfriend, so I am bummed I missed the family stuff.

My Mom has recently decided she likes NCIS so we watched the first two episodes of Season 1. I, myself, didn't get the lure until just after season 4 finished. I had seen a few epsiodes over the last few years because my Dad was obsessed and after one particular one, I was intrigued and wanted to know what happened. So, after much pain in the backside from my library, I got my hands on the first two seasons....and fell in love! I couldn't get any copies of season 3 or 4, so I began watching really BAD copies online...just as my Dad started getting the seasons as presents. I got him Season One, and by the time I was DONE, watching crappy copies of Season 3 and half of 4 online, he had them on DVD. So I got to see the last 8 epsiodes of Season 4 on dvd, thank goodness! I was HOOKED by the end of Disc 2 of Season 1. Gibbs, Tony, Abby, Ducky, etc, they were all friends I looked forward to seeing. And as Ziva and McGee, etc came along, I loved them too. So when Season 5 premiered I was watching it regularly just like my Dad. Sandy got hooked AFTER Dad started receiving the series on DVD, so I saw them first though (so there Sandy!) and was so dedicated I waited for episodes to slowly upload online and watch crappy copies just to know what happened next. I wasn't about to wait a month for my Dad's birthday to arrive to see the next epsiode, I was raring to go!

So I have been a VERY loyal viewer since, and never miss an epsiode. If that ever happens where my vcr or dvr doesn't tape, I am online looking for a site ASAP. My most favorite episode is "SWAK", the epsiode right before Kate is killed. It really displays Tony (Michael Wetherly) and is SO good, I love the interaction between the characters. When they are all in the contamination showers and Gibbs knows what honey dust is...well it is just priceless, the looks on the others faces! LOL! SO this is why I am always making references, like I slapped my Dad upside the head a la Gibbs. It is an NCIS thing.

So my Mom wanting to start seeing them from the beginning? I am SO there! I can watch these over and over! Seeing Abby as she first appeared, learning the Gibbs' "rules" all over, hearing Tony talk movies, it is all just priceless and amuses me time after time! So it ended up being a very good Easter, though it felt more like a regular lazy Sunday evening than an Easter evening.

We helped Katie with part of her projects for OTA school, that are due in a few weeks. Wow, that is a LOT of material! And I am hoping to find some good images to bring some life to these "notebooks" of information. It is all just so dry, this information, it needs some creativity! So after I scan my google reader I am off (very funny!) to look for images. I hope you all had a great day. My tummy is quite happy with potato and cheese perogies and cucumbers in it. Mmmm.

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Youngblood4ever said...

MY FAVORITEST SHOW EVER! I think we are kindred spirits! My parents have all of the seasons on DVD and they send them to me when they are done. I really need to get my own copies because I can watch them over and over and over and over... okay, I'll stop.

PS- Who is hotter? Gibbs or Dinozo?

Wendyburd1 said...

To me Tony, I have loved Michael Wetherly since he was on Loving, but for an older man, Gibbs is hot!!

LadyStyx said...

I catch it now and again on USA (channel 35 here). I dont usually catch it at it's usual time because something else is always on opposite it. Definitely time to start getting the seasons on dvd (that and Bones and a few other shows...). For me, the hotter one is Gibbs. However, I have nearly a decade on ya and I've generally liked my guys a bit older (you wouldnt know it if ya saw my hubby though...LOL).

Kristina P. said...

Never really watched the show, until recently. Adam has become obsessed with it lately! I do enjoy it.

Lee said...

I've never been a big NCIS fan.
The only law show I watch is Law and Order since it's straight and to the point.

Weren't you the one that liked Dead Like Me?
I feel stupid asking.
But if not, then... I'm still stupid!

kel said...

I have never seen that show! I am very queasy though... is it gory with the crime scenes and stuff?

Wendyburd1 said...

Lee I am the Dead Like Me freak, and Kel, I don't think it is that gory. CSI and Bones shows more, since it is all about the evidence whereas NCIS, it is more about the crime and team interaction...and Abby's farting hippo doll, LOL!

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