Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So last night was a bad night for me, had a nuclear meltdown, before, during and after, foolishly trying to color my hair on my own. The only thing I will say about the meltdown is, it was ugly, it hurt me, I lashed out, and it took a lot out of me and anyone else involved. It was not a good night, and I could not make myself get online to even check my email.

So, I got it into my OCD mind that my hair HAD to be dyed LAST night. Before I went grocery shopping I asked Sam, if she would color it for me if Mom was too busy. And she agreed , like I could have shopped quicker or eaten faster than I did! Oy! But I needed my hair re-dyed at the beginning of the month, and it was now the middle, so I was not about to wait any longer!

So I gathered my hair dye, crappy clothes and towels and went into the main bathroom. I figured I would need a big mirror to see what I am doing. But once my glasses come off, I cannot really see a thing! And I know how the dye usually feels in my hair, how saturated it feels and this was NOT happening. And as my Mom pointed out when I saw her later, my hair is so thick, when she dyes it for me she really works it in, and that my hair could probably use at least 1 1/2 boxes each time I dye it. So I waited the 25 minutes, feeling like I was going to throw some cookies and then crawled in the shower. I am trying the RED-red again, even though I don't feel it on the inside, I think the time of year is calling for some fierce color. Doing this bright shade, not only do I have to rinse until clear, I have to use their rinsing shampoo twice and then the conditioner, so it was like 45 minutes, and tiring. Wet it seemes okay. But I knew even then, I was never going to do my hair alone again, it was way too stressful! And then as it began to dry, it seemed pretty good, until I looked close in the mirror. It was all even for the most part, but that lil bit of hair around your ears, that isn't really even hair, it is like patch hair, was still light, light blondishy, from being bleached in the Florida sun, and as a professional hair tucker....okay I just always tuck my hair behind my ears, it's what I DO.

So I freaked, and dried my hair fully and broke out the spare box I am lucky enough to have, ans started the process all over. This time I used the kitchen sink and got soaked as the water went everywhere. I was so upset, I was just hoping, pleaseeeeee let it all be done and RED!! I decided as upset and tired as I was I was going to blow dry my hair to see if I got it all this time and hallelujah it was all fiery red! Even redder than the first time, so it is like my hair said, I am going to try and HELP you get happier, so here, BE red! I was worried later that it was too red, yet I really like it!!

So after all that trauma and drama, my hair is back to it's favorite color, flaming red!

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Lee said...

I like your hair!
I had my hair dyed that color once. But it didn't work for me, but it works for you!
I've had similar problems lately, with anxiety and panic attacks. I had one tonight that was pretty bad.

Kristina P. said...

I don't dye my hair myself anymore, ever. The last time I did, after we were really poor, and newly married. I looked like a graying Garfield. My husband was a sweetie and tried to console me and tell me it didn't, but of course, now, he laughs at me and tells me it did look really bad. Awesome.

Your hair looks great!

LadyStyx said...

I wish I could get away with that shade *sigh*. Used to dye my own locks and would always start with those patches first because the dye wouldnt like to take in those spots (Im naturally a dark brunette...shh!). I never could get a shade I was truly happy with though, so I dont self-dye anymore. I spend the extra and have it done professionally.

LaurieJ said...

You are brave to do it yourself but it looks great! I am a big chicken so I pay lots of $ to have someone do it for me :-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! You're so beautiful!!!!

CaJoh said...

I'm always helping my wife color her hair. She typically needs help getting those bits at the back. But mostly I let her do all the washing and applying.

So long as you're happy with the results, you should just forget about how you got there.

Sheri said...

That is a pretty shade of red! My Mom dyes my hair, and I've tried to do it myself a few times and always had to re-do it too. It is much harder than it seems!

Fiauna said...

I like the red. Few are brave enough to wear it. I'm glad it all worked out in the end.

Not The Rockefellers said...

I think you look adorable.

Peace - Rene

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