Monday, April 20, 2009

Miley, Gigs and Kumo

Hey everyone! This is a pic I finally got off of my Dad's laptop from Florida, he bought me that hat, they all said it was so me, LOL! Anyway, It is almost 1:30 am and I just got home from seeing Hannah Montana the movie, I missed the first 20 minutes (very sad I am), because I had to meet Kate there when she asked as the trailers started then no one was selling tickets!! Sure okay, I shouldn't have even been able to get IN, they had locked the doors but there were teen girls waiting for rides and they let me in. Then the guy behind the refreshment stand (closed by the way, and there were patrons for another hour and a half!!) was like I dunno. Then I went to guest services and that guy was like maybe go to the computer kiosks and buy it that way! I go, and they won't sell me a ticket for tonight's showing, so I go back, they call the manager, who finally sells me a ticket THERE, full price too, no being nice as I's missed 25-30 minutes by then. Katie was right, I should have just walked into the theater, no one was even around and she had the theater to herself!! Aggghh!!

Anyway, I L♥VED it!! The songs really were amazing! Sure there are a few roll your eyes part, as I am not a teeny bopper anymore, but I love me some teeny bopper movies anyway! I love my guilty pleasure!! And the ending, sure it would never happen in real life, things never work out that way, but I LOVED it so much, I was like YAY!!! It was such a nice movie, I'd totally see it again, and I WILL own it, LOL!

Anyway, on to Kate's bellydance gigs last night. The first one went so awesome! It was only like a 20 minute drive to get there and though they weren't of a nationality that knows what's what with bellydancing (Arabicd, Egyptians, etc know to tip and how, that dancers CAN love to have people get up there and shimmy with them, etc), they were so happy and having fun which made it more fun for Katie, and anyone she went up to got up with her and danced. She was worried about this crowd so we had a "kill the music" signal planned out, but they were all having such a ball she danced for the full 30 minutes and was happy...and sweaty, man you have no idea how much she is doing because it looks not difficult but she is very experienced and sweat buckets, so it must be really a hard workout! We got out of there at the perfect time, because we had to drive an hour now to get to her second gig.

Now let me tell you a little back story about this second gig. Olga who hired Katie acted all "what?! $200 for a a half hour, that it too too much for me" so Katie foolishly lowered it to $175, after she was beating herself up because she really shouldn't do that and it will take like 25 bucks of gas just to get there, so she was mad at herself. And when we arrived there last night, she was PISSED. They lived in a mansion. Ginormous home people. She brings us in and we think she is leading us to a room where Kate can get ready, but she brings us into one of the rooms with guests and was like expecting Katie to take off her clothes and start right then...uhmmm NO. She needs to take off her cover up, get her zills out, fix make-up, etc. SO we were like NO, we need a bathroom at least, as we walked by samurai swords in display cases and Faberge eggs displayed in glass. The bloody bathroom didn't just have marble floors, the marble was the walls and ceiling too, ohhh Kate was mad. The lady conned her. The performance started and the Olga had barely put it on, you could hardly hear it, and as she danced, theres was this one guy making comments that were making me feel very violent. "Ohhhh did you father her illegitimate kid Mannerd (b-day boy)?!! haha", "take your top off honey!". I was so full of rage. Then Katie was doing the part where she gets people up to dance with her and then they get to pick the next person she goes up to. She goes up to this man, not far from me, and he is like No, really mean like and says it twice more, then he goes "Don't you understand no?!! I said NOOO!!", and she stopped dancing and said so people could hear (because that is so rude to a performer to embarass her like that) "didn't you hear ME? I said fine, is there anyone you'd like to see dance?" and he was all "ahhhh ummm no" and his wife and daughter looked so embarassed by him. Then they actually had the gall to start he cd up AGAIN, and she was like uh NO. And excused herself, curtsied and fluttered off. That guy ruined the whole night for her, she was so furious, and so was I. He didn't even LISTEN. She never makes anyone who is uncomfortable go up against their will, so she switched to who would you like to see and he never even listened, he just talked down to her. The woman refused to give me the money, which was weird as I was obviouslu there WITH her and everyone else always gives me her money. And she gave the exact money, she had no intention of tipping her. Which really makes me mad, because do you know how many pictures they took of Kate, and they don't ask, don't give her money in order to post pictures, etc. They just do it and she gets nothing and usually no recognition, like this was Katie of so and so website, hire her, she is great. Rrrrrrrrr. LOL.

Anyway we decided we wanted to go out to eat, it was about 10pm and we wound up going to a Japanese restaurant Kate had been to. When we pulled up she asked if I would try the Hibachi, as she knows I oly like chicken tempura, but I decided I'd be brave. I LOVED this place, and want to go back already! It is called Kumo:It was so pretty inside and the staff was so nice. We both ordered the chicken and filet mignon hibachi, Katie got the salad with Ginger dressing, but I ordered the clear soup. I thought maybe, just maybe it would be MY clear soup which they no longer even had in Disney World, and guess what?!! IT WAS!!! It was SO good! Katie was going to get me 2 orders to go at the end but they closed the kitchen 5 minutes before closing and said NO...*sob*!!
We both said we wanted the noodles, Katie told me I had to try them (I think I'd have preferred the rice as I can't really eat pasta stuff and it was spicy!) and I had no idea if I liked sesame seeds but Kat does so she was like YES LOTS.
Our hibachi chef came out and threw all the food on the grill, first making a big fire. He was so adorable, a lil old Japanese man whose accent was SO thick! He did this trick where he built a tower with onions and filled it with sake and lit it on fire and said it was a birthday candle! So cute! Look at my plate, I SO brought home plenty of extra!

I know now, I do not like the noodles that much, but I was happy I tried them, and I LOATHE sesame seeds, I just had no idea I would find them hot and annoying to crunch down on. I really wanted to have a dessert but like I mentioned the kitchen was CLOSED. I can't wait to go back, I am going to get 2 bowls of Clear soup to eat ASAP and try the chicken tempura from them, I have a feeling it is going to be SO excellent!!

We picked up hot fudge sundaes on the way home from McD's and called it a night!

I will be getting the questions together and answering them either for tommorrow or Tuesday, so please feel free to add your questions still!! Have a great night, I am going to dowload me some Hannah Montana songs!!

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LadyStyx said...

My hubby's friend's wife belly dances too. Yeah, it's a workout and a half for sure. I dont know how she manages to keep meat on her bones because she eats like a bird even with all those calories being burned.

That was really rude of that second customer. I wouldnt take business from them again. She doesnt need clients that lie to her. I wouldnt take any that she refers either because they'll expect to be able to get away with the same.

Whitney R said...

Oh, that food looks good. I seem to only want to eat foods that are already prepared for me.

And the movie. I wanted to see it. I'm not the biggest fan of Miley, but she is pretty funny. I'm sorry you had such a rough time getting into it. I get annoyed easily so I would have been mad and probably letting everyone know it.

Jillene said...

My kids REALLY want to see that movie. Maybe once I can sit for that long I will take them.

And the food....looks YUMMY!! I am not a fan of Sesame Seeds either.

Fiauna said...

I've heard a lot of good things about the movie. Can't wait to get a chance to see it.

And that food looks so good. My mouth is watering.

Martha said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog to enter the giveaway.
What a story about your bellydancing friend.
Those folks are Losers!!

Kristina P. said...

Miley makes me angry.

But that food looks delicious!

SO said...

My daughter wants to see the Hannah movie. I told her when it comes to the dollar theater.

Very rude about the whole belly dancing trip!! I'm sorry you sister had to deal with people like that. Crazy.

And yum on the restaurant!

Kayleigh said...

Haha, I love how it went from Hannah Montana to belly dancing. That was awesome.

I'm glad that movie was good! In all honesty, I'm probably going to end up seeing it....but I hate paying full price for movies, so I'm going to wait until it's in our cheap theaters.

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