Friday, April 17, 2009

Online Therapy

Last night I did some online retail therapy. I need to save some money...well plenty, for when all my shows come out on dvd, but I have like all summer in most of the cases, so I fell mostly not guilty. I bought 2 Nintendo DS games from Ebay, Unsolved Crimes and CSI: Dark Motives. They look like my kind of game. I am not into racing games or shooter games. I like games that make you think (Professor Layton and The Curious Village), use dexterity (Super Mario), use your eyes (Mystery Case Files,etc are hidden object games), etc. So after going over like 250 games, I have a list of about 10 I want, and these two, were two of them...obviously.LOL. SO they seem really intriguing and fun, and I got them at good prices, inclusing S+H they were like $20 each.

I am expecting something I preordered while in Florida, any day now. I saw the movie "Ten Inch Hero" when I rented it from Blockbuster but no one sold it yet. SO I preordered it and it's tee that the cast wore too. My Jensen Ackles was in it, sporting colored mohawks and nose rings, etc. It was so hilarious! Sure, there was one or two scenes unneccesary, but I loved it overall. It reminded me of Empire Records which is another favorite movie of mine, so FUNNY (watch it if you have never seen it: Renee Zelwegger, Anthony Lapaglia, Liv Tyler, etc)! Happy Rex Manning Day!! No one ever knows what I am talking about when I say that. Boo! Anyway, I am SO ready for it to be here and it's not...great I am sounding whiny in words, I will stop now.

I also ordered 2 online albums. Like I care if I get the actual cd, I just load it onto itunes and ditch it somewhere. I had hoped to find these two cd's at the Virgin Megastore in Florida, this store is SO huge and I was pretty pissed when they had neither, so last night I bought their mp3 counterparts and am so glad I did. I haven't really gotten to listen to much of the album by Kumi yet, Kumi was originally two sisters who toured and recorded as, Talitha and Acacia. They have cool unique voices though so I have very high hopes from the snippets I have heard.

I am loving the album by Rosi Golan. Her voice is so pretty and her music so lovely, I actually fell asleep to her while I was waiting for my Mom, her voice was like a lullaby.

I went back to the chiro today, it was the same as Tuesday, though he was really stressing NO sitting, I can use a recliner but only if it is reclined. He was stressing how he wanted me to put as little strain on my head and neck as possible. Saturday night that will be hard. I am going with Kat to 2 gigs she has, very far apart, but I figure I will bring my IPOD and DS and a bunch of pillows and recline in the seat. I haven't seen her pro dance in a while so it should be fun, maybe I will get some good stories too! LOL! Oh and guess what? What Not To Wear got back to Gina about Katie (she doesn't read this, no worries, especially in the last month of classes for the semester, she is NOT gallivanting all over the internet for fun), they sent Gina a questionairre like show size, etc. Holy Crap, that would be so weird, but seriously, Katie is gorgeous, you guys have seen the pics I have posted, yet when she is not dresses for a pro gig, she dresses like a bag lady. She wears clothes that were mine pre surgery!! So Katie who can wear clothess from juniors, is wearing a sweatshirt that is a 3x, and pants that are falling down and showing her underwear, they were mine like 8 years ago and they have lost the drawstring and I was like a size 28 but yeah it just rocks on a size 10!! NOT! I swear though, she has SOME pretty stuff, I am gonna take it and hide it now so they don't toss them, 5k is not that much when they MAKE you shop at stores where jeans are 200 bucks! And WE bought these things or made her buy them, they are not being tossed I say!

Oooh and my other online retail therapy item got in the other day. I found a scent I LOVED at Bath and Body Works in Florida, but they had none of the perfumes left. It is something like Il De Tahiti, I like the Tiare Flower one, it smells like the beach but with more, it is so pretty, I am in love!

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Kristina P. said...

That would be SOOOOOO awesome if she were picked for WNTW. I am obsessed with that show. I wish Clinton were my gay best friend.

LadyStyx said...

Clinton just friggin MAKES that show!

Youngblood4ever said...

Umm, never heard that song before, but I think I love! Thanks for sharing! Retail therapy is fabo- especially when you can be naked and no one will know. Don't you love the internet!?

CaJoh said...

I think my wife wants to be on What Not To Wear. She's at that point where she has to make a wardrobe change in order to look more age appropriate and never can find anything to wear. Who wouldn't want 5K to spend money on clothes.

Kayleigh said...

I love What Not To Wear. I never quite know how I feel about Stacy...but for the most part, I basically love her.

Thanks for commenting on my blog!!!

Lee said...

I'm glad that you got some more DS games. I know you love playing your DS.
I know how you feel with the chiro. Mine says now I have to wear a mouth guard at night because some of my headaches are coming from grinding my teeth while I sleep. Fun, right?

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