Monday, April 20, 2009


Well I didn't get that many people leaving questions, but I did get some and I plan on answering them, right now! :)

If you could be born in any time in history, what time would that be?

I would have loved to have been a teenager during the 1950's. I love everything about that time period. Bobby socks, poodle skirts, juke boxes, etc. I love the movies and music from that time period almost as much as the movies and music of now. Marilyn Monroe is a personal hero of mine, having REAL curves, and being so admired for it. I love the idea of malt shoppes and saddle shoes and vinyl recordings. A time when having bonfire parties on the beach was okay and clean kids were not seen as being lame. I just think I would have fit into that time era, besides the one now.

And if you could instantly learn just one language, what language would you like to know?

As odd as it may seem it would be Gaelic. I love everything Irish, the landscapes, the jewelery, the clothing. And when I have heard Gaelic it is just so lyrical and beautiful to the ear, and it is so ancient, I would LOVE to speak it!

And what is the thing you most deeply desire?

As sad or lame as it might seem to be to most people, I would just like to be okay. Typical even. I am so tired of dealing with my disorders and feeling like I missed out on so much of my life because of all this crap. I want to feel like I fit in this world.

How has your taste of music evolved as you've gotten older?

Hmmm. I have always loved my parents music that has not changed. But as I have gotten older it is SO not if the group is hot or whatever. The beat has to capture me, or the lyrics have to speak to me. I have gotten really into lyrics, I might fall for a song that I would never listen to but then I hear what it is saying and bam, it is in myhead and heart forever.

Do you still listen to the same stuff you did in high school?

In some ways. In Jr. high it was all about NKOTB, I was a bloody nut, they covered my walls. In high school I listened to the radio and had songs I likes, even some bands. Like Ace of Base, etc. And when I feel nostalgic I listen to them. I have my faves on my IPOD, including all of my NKOTB songs, but you have to be in a throwback mood, in order for me to want to hear them.

Who was the biggest influence in your taste of music?

If we are talking about like, a friend, or relative, it would be my parents. I grew up listening to the Beach Boys, Buddy Holly, Frank Sinatra, etc, so I love these songs to this day. I have the oldies station set up on everything I have, I love it for me now. It was like what we were forced to listen to as kids but I loved it all, and it continues to be some of my favorite music. They don't sing like that anymore. If you mean a group/singer that has the most influence on me, that would be Superchick. As soon as I first heard them, their lyrics, and found out they were Christian singers too, I was hooked. This is when the lyric thing started, I really listened to what they had to say, and found I could relate the music to myself and my own life. And that is why they continue to be my favorite group.

What are your favorite books to read?

Well, not so much a reader in the last few years, but before, it was definitely romance novels. Julie Garwood, Jayne Ann Krentz, Catherine Coulter and Linda Howard were some of my faves. I also really liked Mary Higgins Clark, still read RL Stine and Chris Pike books. I have actually compiled a list of books I want to read when I start really reading again, there seems to be a lot of stuff out there now that I'd find cool, a lot of YA stuff too. And of course there will be 100's of romance books, but it would be the ones by my faves that I would buy and read first. I do miss my characters.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

I would want to be able to fly, it wars with teleportation. I guess movement is the key. To be in another place in the blink of an eye sounds so cool, but I AM a nerd there are a lot of powers I would like to have. Power over fire. I would love to be a feral, strength and relexes of animals like big cats and lions, etc. I would love to be able to be telepathic or communicate with animals. There is just so much! But definitely FLY!

What's your favorite color?

I have two actually, blue and green, and of course the combination of the two. I find myself drawn to them all the time, I have so much stuff that is blue or green, especially clothes, so my family try and steer me towards other colors too. I do have a thing for brown now, I find some shades really beautiful and elegant. But blue and green just talk to me.

Favorite food?

That is hard because what type are we talking here? My favorite meal of all time is roasted chicken, real mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole and stuffing. But my favorite 2 foods are cheese and then potatoes. Lately I am eating a lot of colby jack cheese snack bites, cheez-its and animal crackers. My recent fave food is Mrs. T's (I think) potato and cheddar pierogies, SO good! I also eat 1/3 less sugar Quaker choc chip granola bars daily. My fave thing for when I got hypoglycemic and NEED real sugars that have lasting power (sadly candy burns away real quick), is peanut butter on bread with milk or OJ. OJ is better when my numbers are really low. I am also really in love with Ore-Ida seasoned Steak Fries right now,mmmm potatoes! And Rice-A-Roni Rice Pilaf, so makes my tummy smile. LOL!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Oh boy. How about where would I LIKE to be in 10 years, because with how things are and feel right now, I see no big changes. I would like to be happy in 10 years. Have all my disorders under control. Maybe have gotten over this shyness and have a lot more friends and go out and DO things.

If you won the lottery what's the first thing you would buy?

A home for my family in Florida. That way we could have the best of both worlds. A home here, where it really is home. And a home where we love to go to relax and have fun. And then I'd buy a jet, so we could fly back and forth whenever we felt like it and Max could go too!!

Do you feel that blogging has changed your life— if so, how?

Oh yes, most definitely, it has changed me. I got brave a little I think. When I started I thought it was just another thing I'd end up bailing on, because who cares what I think or feel. And then I began to write and people answered, that rose my braveness, so I started writing honestly from my heart about anything and everything, and I continued to make friends and have support. You have no idea how much the supprt from some of my friends means to me. Knowing there are people out there that can relate, people who I know are looking out for me, it just warms my heart. On this blog, I have gotten past my wall of absolute shyness and am completely myself. Yeah it has gotten me in trouble a time or two, my sarcasm/wit don't always come across in typed words, so I have had to fix things once or twice, but I try to be honest and explain what I meant and things worl out, because the last thing I want is to hurt any of the people who have made me fell WELCOME. I have really low self-esteem, so when I lose viewers or make a post that I really worked on and have 3 comments, I feel like...bad, like I am losing friends or doing something wrong, which could just be me, hopefully people read it at least...but I know I am my own worst enemy.
I have found friends who get me. Friends, it doesn't matter their age, heck my fave 16 year old, I feel I have the most in common with and I am proud of that. She rocks, I say she is an old soul and I just don't feel my age, but we are both way too mature for our ages. I have many married with many kids friends, and I am single and no kids, but I get what they are talking about, and as a former kid or teen, and someone who grew up in a house with siblings and babysat, I have stuff to add, and it is respected and I....well my friends rock, that sums it up. They make me feel not alone and like I am a worthwhile individual. Thank you my friends, it helps so much.

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Shauna said...

I l♥ve reading more about you! Thanks for answering my question and hope you are having a beautiful sunny day! ♥ HUGS ♥

The Boob Nazi said...

oh my goshhh.... i looove christopher pike!!!!!!!!

and i completely understand the whole wanting to be typical. i completely agree.

Lee said...

I agree with you. I want to be typical. I want to be able to sleep at night without having these fears running through my mind.
It's a miserable way to live.

Wendyburd1 said...

I love you guys!!

LadyStyx said...

Great answers! My parents were a huge influence in my musical tastes... especially my mom. She taught us an appreciation (or at least a toleration) of all things music. Oh, I have my likes and dislikes but Im generally ecclectic in what I'll listen to. Just about anything from 12 Stones all the way to ZZ Top.

Sheri said...

What a great way to get to know you better, great questions you answered too! :) Hope you are having a good day!

Tori_z said...

Great answers to some great questions. :)

Btw... Hi! Just returning the bloggy visit. Gonna take a look around. :)

CaJoh said...

Even though it is the tip of the iceberg it is nice to know more about you. You have to realize that everybody struggles and not to become too frustrated. We unfortunately live in a society where instant gratification is expected, but some things take a very long time to mature and grow. Be patient— you'll do great.

Mary said...

I grew up on the Beach Boys too...I vividly remember our road trips across country when we moved, and we were always rocking out to the Beach Boys. I even got the nieces & nephews involved :o)

Kayleigh said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! Great post. I would have asked a question, but I don't think I read the post asking for questions. Sorry!

Whitney R said...

you are worthwhile! And flying would be a super (hahaha, I wrote that, then re read it. superpower... I meant something like, GREAT power) power to have.

This was a great idea!

Donna said...

I love the 1950s and Irish things too! I've got a lot of Irish blood in me. Good questions and answers--it's fun to learn more about you in that way.

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