Sunday, June 6, 2010

Florida 2010 Part 2

Ugh sorry I had to remove the lung I hacked up onto the keyboard and just spray with disinfectant. I would lol here, but it is basically the truth, but I have decided I want to get at least three more days down, so I can feel like I accomplished SOMETHING today. Here was my day today. I woke up, got dressed, walked downstairs, laid on the couch...hours later...took a shower, laid on the couch, finally saw the end of Lost which confused me, it doesn't help that I feel incredibly stupid while I am sick, and that is my day. I will post this, send a quick email to Hannah saying I am so sorry I am not emailing her because I am sick and that will make me feel like I used too much energy today. I am wiped just thinking about it, so I will start. I should go put on my "I'm one freaking ray of sunshine, aren't I?" shirt.

5/18 - I had a bad sleep. My throat was so sore and it didn't matter how many cough drops I sucked on, it wasn't enough to let me fall asleep and stay asleep, it was too painful to sleep through. Mom made me eggs. I know you all want to know that I hawked up a bunch of red junk, but my throat did feel better after that. We went swimming and so did Max and he was doing great! He was even remembering to keep his mouth CLOSED as he swam! He was so excited, but he did scratch me up pretty bad today. Not on purpose of course I know, but he drew blood. We so should have cut and filed his nails before we left, too late now. We went to Checkers for lunch and ate in the car. I had a vanilla shake, it was so good. Not too much, but no one would share with me, in case I was getting sick and it was not just allergies from all the plant life at Epcot. We went over to Walmart to get me on one of those Dr. Scholl's machines, and my parents bought me those holy freaking cow expensive inserts. I put them in and they felt fine but I had no idea if they would make any difference. I do know that according to the machine I have basically no arches and put a lot of weight on my feet when I walk, which I so agree with so that was cool to see.

Then Mom decided we were going to go to The Florida Mall!! I was so excited! I wouldn't have to go ALONE! 2 years ago I went by myself and it was really lonely. Last year the girls promised to go with me and they weren't there more than 30 minutes when they left to go somewhere with my Dad and those relatives. My Mom stayed but sat in chairs outside the stores, so not so fun. So I was so excited. What happens almost immediately after we get there? They all go off and I am alone. I didn't mind at first there were so many stores, but it got so lonely and that was the whole point in everyone being there. I bought a bunch of cute headbands, scarves and some new Sanuks at Rip Curl. Here is my Mom modeling one of my MANY headbands, isn't she adorable in it?

When we finally all met up in the food court I admit I had a small cry, I was lonely and emotional. I had a headache and was really hot too. We went back to the house and made a feast and watched part 1 of the NCIS finale while it was on and then we girls went in the hot tub. I took a shower then as I was feeling tired and my throat was starting to bother me a bit again. I am gonna try to watch OLTL online as the music episodes are on currently, oh yeah did I forget to mention the guy did NOT mention that this house of his had NO vcr, so this year I could NOT tape my soaps like I do every year we go?!! Grrrr!!

5/19 - We went to Einstein Bagels for breakfast. Their blueberry bagels have fresh blueberries in them, can you believe that?! I love this place and miss it! I wish we had some in CT, there is ONE, far away on some rich town. I would eat here every day, just a blueberry bagel toasted with a shmear of cream cheese and I would be happy. Then we went to Sea World!

They changed the rules at Dolphin Cove and I do NOT like them at all, they are very unfair in fact. It used to be that feeding times were at specific times and they sold a specific number of trays of fish. They were like $7 for a tray of like 5 dead fish, yeah it was never fair prices, but anyway( I have bought like 7 trays at a time before!). There is a long wall, and you find an area. So people who can't afford to buy fish sometimes were lucky to be by someone who had trays and could get to pet a dolphin that way. That is how I could spend a few hours at Dolphin Cove. I couldn't afford to spend 100's of dollars, so I would find a good spot that people with trays liked to go and would get to pet dolphins that way. Heck I showed people that you do NOT touch a dolphin on the nose, that hurts them, you pet them under their jaw. So that was a fair way at least. What they are doing now SUCKS. People who won't pay are pointed to this area way at the end of the wall, where guess what? No dolphin goes, because no food, means why should I go there?! You pay $7 per person, they make you wait until it is your groups' turn. Then you walk along in a line. When they say it is okay you go to the wall where they give you your tray and you have maybe 10 minutes to interact with the dolphins before you are escorted away for the next groups turn!! AGGHHHHHHH!! They ruined it! Luckily Katie found a way and bought 7 people's fish for the 5 of us and so I got to feed many dolphins the next 10 minute go around and got 2 really grat pics taken of me by Sea World, which when I scan I will post. But I took some and my Dad took some of me so I am posting them here. DOLPHINS!!

Dolphins are not like touching a wet rubber boot. I don't care what my Mom and sisters say. It is nothing like that. It is indescribable actually. Because they are so firm, yet there is a softness too. Like our flesh, but firmer.

We saw some shows including the Sea Lion and Otter show and the Dolphin and Bird (and people) show.

It was so bloody hot. We bought one of those fan/spray bottles at Walmart and were using it so much, especially in the outside theaters, it was so humid in them. One lady saw us using ours and asked to be sprayed so my Dad sprayed her, lol!! Kate and Sam did Manta the new coaster twice and did Kraken too. While they did Kraken we saw the penguins. Yawn, but at least it was air conditioned.

After that we went home and SWAM. I swear even on cool days, all you want to do at Sea World is jump in the water with the animals and swim! It felt so good! We went to Ihop for dinner and during dinner I started to feel sick. SICK. Snorfling, coughing, sneezing, hot, cold. We went home and watched 2 Glees and then went in hot tub. Then I showered and went to bed. I slept really bad, coughing and snorfling all night.

5/20 - I AM SICK. I ask ALL winter for a break, to BE sick, just so I can take a break and nope. So I get sick when I absolutely do NOT want to. I feel crappy but I am determined to vacation! Since yesterday was a park day, that means today is a slow day, thank goodness. We went swimming, Maxie too. Dad read his book and Mom napped. So the girls and I did grocery shopping, and just shopping. Like books for the girls, and I looked at movies and make-up and stuff. Then we went back and woke up Mom. We went to see The Wright Stuff and it was cute. Man did my Dad complain about having to have seen it. You would have thought he would have been more okay with it. It dealt a lot, I thought, with the guys knee injury and recovery, and the basketball stuff, so I think he was just being a baby. Mom was the only one who would sit near me. Dad and Katie were too afraid to get sick since they had to drive home, even though my parents had not yet decided if it was allergies or sick. She wouldn't share a drink with me, but she at least sat next to me. We went back and ordered Outback for pickup. While Dad and Kate left I went hypoglycemic. I tried liquid glucose for the first time. Oh my grossness, it was disgusting!! NEVER again! YUCK! We ate dinner and my family got to see Legion for the first time. They were not very impressed which I took personally for some reason, I really liked it and thought it was cool! I ended up getting tingles in my face AND head. Feel so sick and tired. I think I am going to take NyQuil.

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Toriz said...

Personally, I'd be happy with just the ten minutes with the dolphins. OK, so more would be better, but I've never had a chance to pet a dolphin. I was meant to see the ones that were in Canada, but we never got there (and I think they aren't there now) and I've never been anywhere else where I can pet a dolphin.

At least when my chance finally comes to do so, I know how to pet one properly, thanks to you. :)

Sorry to hear you got sick so early in the vacation. :(

Sheri said...

I love petting the dolphins and stingrays there! Once in 4th grade, as part of some super smart kid thing I was in... lol... ok I was a geek.... anyways lol we got to go behind the scenese at Sea World and see all the rescued animals and even feed some. It was really cool.

I LOVE The Florida Mall. The Mall of Millenia is awesome too, even though I can't afford most of the stores lol. Ahhh how I miss it. Did you go do any shopping at the outlet malls? Those are great too in Orlando!

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