Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Florida 2010 Part 3

5/23 - I got a decent sleep but I felt like crap, and what was even worse was I felt so sick to my stomach. It didn't matter what I ate or didn't eat, I felt like throwing up. So that morning when I woke up feeling that way again, my Mom took a closer look at my antibiotics. She was shocked at how many mg of amoxocillin they had me on, she had never seen anyone put on 2000mg a day, when it did cause stomach issues. So she had me cut it down by half.

We went swimming with Maxie again, and he was so adorable!! When he got tired, he swam to Mom and he plopped his head on her and his rump on Dad! He could have stayed on that spot forever. We drove to Beef O' Brady's for an early dinner. It was one of the places I looked up for a new place for us to go. WHAT was I thinking?! It was like a sports bar!! There was no real choices unless you like wings! Dad loved it, but even I was stuck with fish and chips. And they took forever and it was not busy AT ALL. I should have chosen more wisely!! There were other places I had bookmarked that we never got to try that DID have cool diverse menus, and I picked Beef O' Brady's!! Bleh! We stopped at the flea market so Sam could get a watch like she always does. And then we went to Old Town to do some shopping!! Yay!

I got Mom some earrings and some good fudge. Dad had bought her some rocky road fudge from Dean's Candy Bar at the Florida Mall and it was so pricey and it sucked big time, awful! But Old Town has yummy fudge, I bought her a big brick of a piece. Only to find out later so had she, so she had it for a good long while and was quite happy too. Sandy and I were walking by the CandleStix and I never bother to go in there, I thought they just had candles but they have all sorts of figurines in there!! I bought my first two faeries!! One is the only pretty figurine by Amy Brown, and the other is one of Jessica Galbreth's figurines, and I think she will be one of my favorite artisits. I already have two more of hers on my birthday list. I also bought the one Sandy wanted for Sam's birthday which is 4 days after mine, so yay I have a gift for her! Here are pics from the web of my two faeries, as I don't have real pics yet.

I also got some jewelery from Black Market Minerals and a small surfboard statue. We went back to the house and I just wilted. My head exploded. I didn't even want to swim. They all went into the hot tub, and I sat there next to them. When my Mom heard my head hurt that bad and I started to cry from the pain, they actually dragged me in, fully dressed, to try and relieve some of the head pain, which it did. I told my Mom I wasn't taking the antibiotic anymore. That I just couldn't do it anymore. Then they had Katie escort me to my room, so I could shower and then we stayed in and ate food there and watched Broken Arrow on dvd.

5/24 - I knew I was going to get extra sleep today because everyone else was going back to Sea World today but I was staying. They were getting up at 9am, so I didn't think I would be alone, once I got up, for that many hours...for some reason. SO I slept until 1:22pm. I was kind of surprised they were gone still. Why, I don't know. Considering, if they didn't leave until 10, and then it takes like 40 minutes to get there and into the park, that would mean they were there for only like 2 and a half hours now, but in my brain it seemed to make sense. I figured they would be back soon though. SO I straightened up my room and made breakfast and Max was so happy to see someone was home, he went back in my room with me when I laid down and watched some Charmed episodes. By 3 o'clock though, I was like, WOW, this is lonely. So I texted Sam, where are you guys, and she said they were just leaving the park. They got home just before 4. We went Swimming when they got back and I got so cold, but the pool was not cold, and it was NOT cold out. It was ME! I got in the Hot Tub even though it was hot out. They told me how they had played phone tag for hours (awww) with my primary doctor and there was supposed to be a new RX at Walgreens for me. I still had goosebumps all over my body even in the heated water, it was so weird!

We went out to eat at Olive Garden. The waiter brought our drinks and proceeded to spill them all over us. He got one of my short bottoms really wet, so I rushed to the ladies room, but Samdy showed up a few minutes later and she was drenched!! I mean soaking wet pants in an air conditioned restaurant! Then we get out there and he disappeared! And I went hypoglycemic. And he never took our orders, so there was no salad or breadsticks coming, so Katie had to go and find him and tell him he needed to bring breadsticks for a diabetic ASAP. Which made him all antsy for the rest of the meal, he forgot the plates for salad and disappeared, etc. *sighs* Then everything I distinctly told him to leave OFF my dinner, arrived ON my dinner! He comped Sandy's meal, but I was still pissed. We went to Walgreens and because we didn't bring down our prescription plan card, the new RX cost us $120! We went home and tried to plan out the remaining days of our vacation. That was disastrous! I went to see Letters to Juliet with Mom and Katie. My stomach was so not okay still and was churgling when we got to the theater so I thought that meant it was hungry. So I got a pretzel. Now I think it was something else because it seems to hate me and is giving me awful pains and cramping. And I got to go back to the house and start the new med. I was so worried I started it with yogurt though. Loved the movie by the way, it was so romantic, and I recently found out, that IS Vanessa Redgrave's love of her life in real life, so that is even more romantic!! It is so good and a most own! I bought a lens scratch repair kit while we were at Walgreens today. I think I will try it out. It's drying. I am so scared for my poor glasses! Danger...danger Will Robinson!!

5/25 -'s 2:30 am! I ruined my glasses! NEVER USE THIS STUFF! They look like a rainbow nail polish threw up on them! But the directions SAID Step One would take Step Two OFF, so I tried that. NOPE!! I tried that again and again, and then soap and water. It says not to try any other chemicals to try and get it off or it will destroy the lenses!! Now after trying to USE step One like it said to get it off, they have a weird colored patch crystalline thing going on, and when I put them on, clouded everywhere, I can barely see anything! I woke up Mom. Tears were everywhere. How am I this STUPID?!! To try this NOW?! While on vacation?! When these are the only glasses I have?!! I am so stupid. Mom gets mad at me for saying it over and over, but that is all I can think. Mom makes me take my pills and says we will call the company in the morning. But there is NO phone number on the box, not even a website! I fall asleep crying.

Sam wakes me up. She woke up early and decided to try and fix them herself. She used a pre-moistened lens cloth...and it rubbed the crap off. Yes a freaking lens cloth wiped off what their own solution would NOT!! All that crying and nausea for nothing! Thank goodness for Sandy! I tried to buy her something all day but she was stubborn and wouldn't let me and said everything I showed her was ugly! Grrr! My personal thermostat is still broken because I was freezing again in the pool. We went over to Einstein bagels again and had lunch.

We drove to Downtown Disney. Mom and I found a perfume bottle, yay. I will post a pic when I take a pic of it in my room. I kept it wrapped up so it made it safely home. I tried to buy Sandy something Jack Skellington but she refused everything saying she liked none of it this year. Oy. We went into the World of Disney and I found a great tee to get Katie that she would actually wear! I was like finally!Sam wanted to buy one for me so I found one I have wanted for 2 years, it is the one that says the monorail saying in spanish. It is something I have been hearing since 1983 and they finally turned the saying into a tee so she got that for me. I can say it along with the voice, lol. My Mom found the cinnamon roasted almonds from a vendor outside, YUM!! Sandy also bought Maxie a doggie sized Mickey hat!! We finished up and drove home so we could try the hat on Max!

Isn't he adorable?!! Now some of you who have a good eye may notice my hair and go, what the...?! I agree. My mother tells me it is still red, so does Sam. And I will give them strawberry blonde but that is IT. I say the pool water and the sun TOTALLY bleached my hair of all it's red color. That is practically my *gulp* natural hair color and I don't wanna go back there. Tell me someone else can see that is SO not anywhere NEAR my normal hair color, either the bright or the dark reds!!

Anyway we sat around for awhile playing are you smarter than a 5th grader...we are not. LOL. Then we went to the Golden Corral, for Dad and Kate. It is a buffet they love. I hate buffets. There is too much of everything. Food, people, choices. Maybe if the choices were EVER food I liked...but it never has been. EVEN before I had the stomach surgery I never liked buffets. I always seen to wind up with mashed potatoes and gravy and a piece of pizza or something. Which was what I had. I couldn't even eat salad because with the heat it is too iffy. Sandy ending up taking a chicken apart for me, but even my Dad was surprised by the lack of chicken dishes. LOADS of ribs and fish and red meat but like not chicken dishes and chicken is like all I eat. Even Dad said it wasn't as good, but he ate plenty as did Kat and even Mom, it was just me and Sam who hated it, and felt guilt having Dad pay that much for us eating like nothing. I feel such pressure and panic at buffets, I am not going to one again I think. And when we left I felt so sick. These new antibiotics were not changing a thing. I took a shower as soon as we got back and then we women folk watched the last 2 episodes of the first half of Glee. Mom and Katie are in love with the show now too. LOL. Magic Kingdom is tomorrow. I said I wouldn't go back, but I have agreed to try. I am scared. I admit it. Really scared.

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Toriz said...

What's wrong with your natural hair colour?

I'm sorry you were having such a bad time while on vacation. :(

Sheri said...

I HAVE THE BLUE FAIRY YOU BOUGHT! That is really ironic huh? lol I bought it from The Pyramid Collection, it is an online/catalog shop (when it was on clearance). Check out that site, they often have fairies and other awesome stuff in their outlet portion. :)

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