Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Florida 2010 Almost the End

5/27 - Slept until 1 pm again. What can I say, I'm sick! We went swimming with Max again. He was SO cute today! He was using me as a floatie! He laid on top of me so he was in the water a little but, but was mostly out of it, his head snuggled into my neck, and he sat there for like 4 minutes, it was so sweet! The people made splash noises or grabbed him so he would be swimming again but he kept swimming BACK to me and going back into that same position! He stole my heart all over again!

Dad and Katie ended up going to Epcot for a second day, so it was my shopping day. Mom went with me (and drove!) and Sam decided she wanted a day at home. Mom and I stopped st Checkers and ate lunch first. Then I ran into Old Town and got 2 pounds of mint taffy, which is my favorite, at least from this place in Old Town. We went over to the further away Super Target and I found Merlin Season One, new gaucho/shorts and a fun t-shirt. We also stopped at a Gamestop so I could buy Safecracker, which took forever, because the lady in front of me decided to buy her kids TWO game systems, and all I wanted was to buy my one lil game! Oy!

Then we headed over the old reliable outlet mall. I went in to the Old Navy and it was like a jackpot, everything in the store was 40% off! I bought my Mom 2 shirts, and I bought myself a purse (crazy purse) for summer, 3 more scarves and some flip-flop keychains. If only I had known some of the scarves I bought for 10 dollars a pop at the mall would be HERE for 6 bucks, but it's okay, I got 3 more! I also stopped by Claire's and found one more headband I HAD to have, so that is like 12 headbands I ended up buying in Florida, lol. And an awesome vampire necklace!

Then we stopped by Bob Evans and bought a loaf of Blueberry bread and a loaf of Banana bread. And Target and Publix for groceries before heading home. Sam was not interested in even going out for dinner so she asked that we bring her food back, so Mom and I went out to Cracker Barrel for dinner. I got all OCD when Sandy mentioned we would be packing the car at 5pm on Saturday, so I ended up packing half my belongings, for an hour and a half. Then I finally showered and laid down to write this down. I am feeling overwhelmed with packing and stuff. And I don't feel good so I want to be home so bad, but I have been sick the whole time, so it's like I never got my vacation. I waited 14 months and I am still waiting for that carefree feeling!

5/28 - I got up with a migraine. It would stay with me all day. We go swimming but my thermostat is off gain so I sit in the hot tub again because I am shivering. It gets cloudy and by the time Katie joins us, it's sprinkling. Then thunder rolls and I think I, at least, saw a lightning bolt, so Dad made us get out. We all got ready and went to Olive Garden for lunch. They all even encouraged me to drink a 5 hour energy drink for my migraine, except Katie who made claims about bi-polar's drinking caffeine. I am NOT okay with her making comments about a condition she doesn't have, just because she worked at a facility for 8 whole weeks, does not make her any sort of expert. Caffeine constrict blood vessels which is what you want if you have a migraine. it didn't really work, this time, but for all I know it stopped it from getting worse.

We stopped at Target and I got Mom a better size Gold chain necklace which she wears about every day. We went back to the house to freshen up before leaving again. We stopped at Downtown Disney real quick. The girls wanted a dog tee for Max, and it just so happened I wanted 2 more of those Vinylmation keychains. It would be our last chance to shop here. But Dad didn't want ME to go in. He made a big deal how if I went in, we would be late and miss the movie. Even though I said I knew what I was going in for. It really hurt my feelings. REALLY. I knew what I was getting, just like the girls. But apparently I couldn't be trusted. It made me sick and furious. Mom said I could go in and went with me and I found my stuff just as fast as the girls and we all finished together. Dad wasn't even around with the car, he hadn't even expected the girls to be that fast. So we had to walk the parking lot to trek HIM down. I opened up my boxes and found a repeat and a boy one, I was pissed and blamed my father, not that I said it to him, but I was pissed the whole time I was getting them, etc. What a waste of money. The girls and Dad went into the theater while I went into the candy store with Mom. We got 3 chocolate covered strawberries, 2 for me and 1 for Sammie.

And a churro for me, and 2 more for Dad, Kate and Sam to share. I told Mom all about my anger at Dad, how he didn't trust me, but trusted the girls, but it was MY last chance to shop there too. How I wasted my money and we passed a store and they had some and I almost bought some and was like no they could be the same ones I had in the car and that would be more wasted money, so much to my saying nooooo, I would feel horrible if they were repeats and you wasted your money too, Mom bought me two more and wouldn't open them until later. We went into the theater and Mom told Dad how I was feeling and we made up.

Then Shrek began and it was so fun! My goodies were so yummy! So yummy when the lights turned on, there were chocolate stains all over my shorts and strawberry stains all over my shirt! Oh embarrassing! Then we walked around a bit as for the first time, it was GORGEOUS! 76 degrees, a lovely wind, just beautiful. We got in the car and picked up half a bushel of valencia oranges on the way home. I took a shower and we ate cheese and crackers and blueberries, and watched (us girls) bride shows on TLC. I got another music note keychain (sorry Disney lady we have the magic touch, it could prove to be an investment this one) and this cool anime fish one, my Mom obviously had the good luck touch that day. Thanks Mom!post signature

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Kristina P. said...

I love shopping at places that we don't have locally. They are sometimes the best thing about a trip.

Toriz said...

I'm sorry you never got to properly enjoy your vacation. :(

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