Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Florida 2010 The End

5/29 - Got up at 11 am, so we could go over and see a movie. Dad and Kate were supposed to see Robin Hood, and Mom and I were going to see Prince of Persia. Sam stayed home but she had looked up the movie times. She said Robin was at 1:05 and Persia was at 1pm. Well we get there and Robin wasn't until 2:05, and Persia was only at 1 if we were willing to pay an additional $3/person for the THX theater. So, $13 a person. We were so stressed out. We ended up all going to see Prince of Persia in the THX, as waiting an hour did not appeal to any of us, at ALL! WE LOVED THE MOVIE!! Adored it! Dad was getting really depressed though. And him and Katie constantly talking packing and travel made me anxious and depressed. So much for a half a day of nice vacation. I'm still so sick, so was it too much to ask? We stopped at BArgain World on the way back to the house for a few last minute gifts and got home just as the worst storm of the vacation hit. Torrential downpour. We packed up basically everything else. Left out pajamas and outfits for travel the next day, and what we would need for showers, etc. The vacum at this place did NOT suck air so my spacesavers were not working well, so I had to basically sit on one of my bags to zip it closed. Sandy packed our faeries, and breakables in a crate that she would place on top so it would make it safely home. Sam packs the car, she can get stuff to fit like a jigsaw puzzle. Anyway we packed for hours and then packed up the car in the rain. Packed food items we wanted to make it home too. Thank you for a big car! My Mom wanted me to have as little to carry on the plane as possible, because while I was having less sinus trouble, I now had a cough and bad headaches and had a lot of stomach issues still. So I made my backpack as light as possible and then just had my dvd player.

We had dinner at Bob Evans...I lost, I really didn't want to eat there. I didn't like my meal and didn't eat much, but still felt sick after. We went back to the house and were finally able to swim. I got so cold though so I went swimming in the hot tub.We all ended up in there for about 20 minutes, before we began to feel like boiled lobsters. Dad went inside, but us females went back in the pool and it felt so good. But sad as our last swim. I took a shower and ate crackers with cheese.

I am so stressed and scared about having to get to the airport, get through security and fly home. I feel sick and my stomach is making bad noises. What if I get sick on the plane? What if I throw up? What if I get a migraine? What if my ears hurt on the flight?! What if??!!!!

5/30 - Got up at 8am to get ready and leave for the airport. Drank Instant Breakfast, loaded the car and left with Mom and Sam. Kate, Dad and Max had been gone since 5am. We drove up and dropped the car off. We found it really ironic that it was a gorgeous day in Florida, now that we were leaving. None of us ever wanted to go in May again. And yes, we know it could be worse, we have been there for July before, but we do not like May either!! We got to security and the lines were gigantic. But this one security guy waved us to his line and we were through in 20 minutes. He was an ANGEL. I don't think we would have made our flight without his help. We got magazines and drinks and some snacks to eat on board all before our zone was called.

We all agreed to go grocery shopping together after we dropped off our backpacks at home and turned the water and plugged everything back in. Dad had said it should be gorgeous like in the 65's when we got home, so when we landed and it was 85-90 we were NOT happy. The humidity was nothing like Florida's but it was still bloody, flippin' hot! We went and got out car from long term parking and Sandy drove us home where our house felt so big!! We had to air stuff out, plug everything in, etc.

Then we went shopping and bought the food for the week and went home and put it all away. Then put away what we had in our backpacks. Before I showered I decided to check Dad's dvr to see if I could figure out how to finalize it so we could have all 4 tape/dvd's to choose shows from. Except that was when I learned Dad's stupid dvr did NOT tape ANYTHING. No Fringe finale, Bones finale, etc, etc!! I was so upset! All 3 others did their job and taped. Aghhhhh!!!!

So I took a shower, and we made sandwiches and we watched the Medium finale and then the 2 Glee episodes we had missed. Then we all kind of floated to where we wanted to be for the night. Mom went to bed and I thought Sam had too. I was watching shows only I watched. I was also waiting for Dad, Kate and Max to show up. They got home around 2:30am and Max was so excited to be home, and Sam showed up, he peed he was so happy to be home!

Me? I can't get rid of whatever it is I have. My coughing has gotten so bad my right ribs hurt so bad, it is like a knife stab even when I move. I have had more migraines in a month, than I normally have in a year. I feel like vomiting and other things 24/7 and have an overall feeling of wrongness and yuckiness. I have to go back and see my doctor on Thursday but I now have a, what I think is a rational fear, of antibiotics.

I need a vacation. But only when I feel better.

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Salt said...

Yes. No more vacations for you until you can fully enjoy the heck out of them!! Welcome home and I'm glad you had at least a bit of fun while you were away. (So lame coming back to all that heat!)

Oh and to answer your question to me: M is at every chicken night and so are her boys, so nothing will change there!

Toriz said...

I hope you can get a vacation where you don't feel so bad soon. *Hugs*

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