Saturday, June 12, 2010

Magic Kingdom Day....that Shaking is Not a RIDE!!

Okay first off, there is NOTHING wrong with natural hair color! That was not what I was saying, I thought I was pretty clear. There is only something wrong with MY natural hair color, as in, it doesn't FEEL right on me. I am not saying it looks bad per se, it just doesn't feel like me. I have been doing reds for about 12 years now, so even the meanest lady at church, who has given me grief for years, finally told me last summer, that red suits me more than my original color! Do you KNOW how good that felt to finally hear and how much grief I have gotten over 12 years?!! So my natural hair color is just not something I like to see on me, it is like blech, bring on the red.

May 26th...Magic Kingdom Day...yes I am making it seem ominous I know, can you blame me, if you have been reading my blog?!!

Okay so I slept until 1pm. I still felt tired though. We were going to M.K. around 3. Dad made eggs and pre-cooked bacon. We swam, and my off-kilter thermostat was boiling today so the cool water felt magnificent! Sweet relief! We stayed in for quite awhile!

Then people showered and got ready. It was really hot out again, but a little better, and the park wasn't open as late so we were hopeful that it wouldn't be as packed. We all brought hats, put on sunscreen, etc. As we began to get ready to leave, I began to cry. Oy vey. I felt intense panic, not to screw anything up, not to ruin anything. And I was already hot, sick, emotional, tired, etc. My parents assured me I could leave whenever I needed to, but I knew I really couldn't, not for hours at least, and then we left. We parked at Ticket and Transportation and made our way to the monorails. The sun was hot and the promised over cast clouds were no where in sight! Boo! We got inside and all of us but Katie made our way to Cosmic Rays. Dad was hungry. Katie had gone and gotten me a DOLE WHIP!! When she showed up it was dripping everywhere, I mean it when I say it was bloody HOT, but it was SO GOOD!

I was like forget food for me! I just wanted my pineapple soft serve! Sure, I was hacking every other second, as it was ice cream, but who cares!?! I had waited 14 months for this! Okay here is a pic after I had started eating it for like 5 minutes...sorry! I didn't think of it until I was sitting there in ecstasy, holding a table by myself, and thought, I should take a pic of my yummy Dole Whip. It was like cold liquid pineapple, so pure and fresh. It made the sweat that had already started dripping down my back, so worth it!

It was much prettier before I ate from every angle, but as I said it was melting all over so I HAD to make it unpretty...mmmmm. My Katie rocks! Sandy got all freaked when I reached the cup part...and they lured me into trashing it by saying I could get another on the way out. That worked dang them. (I have to say though I should have eaten the rest! I was too tired when we were leaving, and stuffed from dinner to eat another...*sob*)

We finished up and for the first time in a million years, the cars was a short line. Mom and I got stuck behind slowpokes, which made Mom happy, lol!

Luckily we had the spray fan and Mom was spraying us with water the whole time. When we got off, I went to a drinking fountain and soaked my hair completely before putting my hat back on, it felt so good. My family convinced me to wait in a 20 minute line for Buzz Lightyear. I was not to keen on the idea but I decided to try for them. I was right to be leary. The people, so many of them, so close together, started getting to me. Seeing the tight, closer line ahead of me made me panic, so Kate and my Mom made me face them, and Kate asked me questions that were on her OTA exams. It didn't help, I as feeling boxed in, like people were stealing my air. I couldn't breathe. I then started to feel more nauseous than normal and dizzy. Then my Mom had me put my hands over my mouth and nose and breathe into them, which helped a little and we were finally at the place you get on the ride! I wouldn't have made it if it had been any longer, so thank goodness. My Mom won out of all 5 of us. I have no idea how but she got over 144,000 points! I got only 25,000 and I hit the button over and over at anything.

Then we all went on Tomorrowland Transit Authority, which just takes you around Tomorrowland basically, but we have always loved it. Here is Dad and Katie!

Then while Dad and Kate did Stitch, Mom, Sam and I shopped. At the first store they were selling these things which have become HUGE in Disney World: Vinylmations. You have 10" ones which are like 50 bucks for the plain ones you can buy things to decorate, there are 3" ones for like 15-20 the plain ones. The ones that are strange with designs and such can be 25 - 100, etc. And to decorate or buy pieces to switch, you can spend hundreds or more if you get hooked on these collectibles. Well Sandy decided she wanted to try out the $10 keychain ones. These are ones that you do not know what you will get until you buy it. There are 18 designs. And mean Disney (I say mean because with their pins, you can go up and swap with employees, etc.) has a no exchange, return,refund policy too. So you can spend like $100 on 10 and get the same one 10 times and you are stuck with all 10 of the same one! Anyway Sandy bought one and she got this one:

She thought it was princessy, and I was like Sam that is not pink! And it has hearts. That is like the King/Queen of Hearts, which made her happier!

Then we went into the next store and she bought another boxed keychain and a black 3" one and a thing of stickers so she could decorate it. I found a pair of mickey ears that were decorated like Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas! Sandy tried them on but said they were too pricey to buy. I asked my Mom if she thought I should buy them. She took them from me and SHE bought them for Sandy! And she bought me and Katie light up necklaces. Here is Sam in her hat and the next Vinylmation keychain she ended up with.

We met up with Dad and Kat and Sandy gave me her Hearts keychain, and Katie her rain one. She said she wanted too and was stubborn, and I mean stubborn so I thanked her. I found it charming and a little (uh oh) addictive. I began to feel a little shaky so we got me a water and some cinnamon almonds. I bought more to bring home (and they stayed good, I was eating some last night!) and re-soaked my head totally again. Sam and Kate did the teacups while I sat with my parents. You could hear Sammie's laughter over everything, which was magical. It was such a blessing to hear. She almost hadn't gone this year, so to hear her laughter, so free and innocent, it made all three of us smile. It was so lighthearted, she was having such a good time, proudly wearing her Jack ears. We did the Phil-harmagic, which is my most favorite thing in Magic Kingdom. I know I am weird. It isn't a ride, it doesn't even move. But I get to hold Tinkerbell in the palm of my hand!

Then I waited while they all went on It's A Small World...I can't stand that ride anymore, probably was on it too many times when I was younger, it irks me now. We walked down to Haunted Mansion, which I do love, but my heart dropped when I saw it said 20 minutes. Not just that it said 20 minutes, but that the line was all the way out to an area it is never out to. I didn't have another line in me. The sight of the people had my heart pounding in my throat, I felt sick. Sam wasn't feeling good so I went with her and we waited in a restaurant while the 'rents and Katie did the ride. Sam bought herself a piece of chocolate cake, and it was disgusting, I tried ti help her scrape the frosting off but it was hard too. Disney is supposed to have good cooks but this thing looked and according to Sam tasted like it had been made in an easy bake oven. When they finally joined us, like 40 minutes later, we had dinner. I had chicken nuggets and fries, some grapes too.

We went to Adventureland, and I was nervous. The other day Pirates had been a 30 minute wait and I knew I wouldn't even be able to do a 15 minute one...maybe not even a 10. We get there and they say it is temporarily closed, but to come back soon...okayyyyy. We went into the shop and when we got out it was open and we were able to walk right onto the ride. Thank goodness. It was after 8 by this point, which meant the fireworks were at 9, and Mom and I wanted to be long gone before the fireworks started. I can't handle the people trying to get OUT after the fireworks. We shopped as we left. I bought 3 of those Vinylmation keychain things. I liked them and with 3, I hoped I'd find ONE she'd like. I got in line and this worker was like "those tings are so addictive, be careful!I have 10 already and I just started! And it is all because I want the one! If I could just get that one!" Finally after she kept talking and I paid the cashier (no she wasn't our cashier, she was a random worker talking to us), I had to ask, WHAT is the one you want? She looked at me like I was an alien and said "the music note one". "The one everyone tries to get". I was like "Oh." and we left, LOL!

So Mom and I made our way to the car and sat in the A.C. and saw some of the fireworks from there. I then took out the boxes and opened the first one. I laughed as it is kinda freaky and I decided I was giving it to my friend Hannah, as it was something she could love. I then opened up the second box and my Mom and I both burst into laughter. Here is why:

Ooohhh. Look at this, I have THE coveted MUSIC NOTE Mickey Series 1 Vinylmation!! Heehee! We were laughing over this for quite a few minutes. My second box and I had THE one to own apparently. And then I prepared to open the last box. I really liked the music note one, but knew I would give it to Sandy if it was the only Sandy-ish one. She loves music and loves black and white stuff. So I opened the last box and shook out the keychain...and could not believe my eyes. I liked it...however... It was so cool. It was so perfect. It was so Sandy. I held it between my thumb and pointer finger and held it up to the light so my Mom could see it and she gasped! Yes I am not being melodramatic, she really gasped! "That's the one Sandy wanted!" And I freaked, excited, I was like "Are you serious? This is THE one she wanted?!!"? We were giddy! We planned on how to make it fun. I would be all nonchalant as I showed her the 3, that being the last, and I would be deadpan as I showed that one off, and only when she was apoplectic would I be like, oh and by the way, it's for you! Heehee! And so they finally arrived and they laughed at my first one, and liked the second and found it ironic too that I have the one people are after, and when I held out my skull one Sandy like squeal/gasp/choke noised. She was like "How did you, what, no, that's so, man, !!!!!", and that was when I said "and it is yours" and she was like like thanks you!! She loves it! She wanted the box it came in and it's sticker. I had no idea it came with a sticker so good thing I still had the trash with me! So yay! Sandy has a Vinylmation too and it suits her! :D

We got lost driving back, we listened to Katie, lol. I have to tell you before I forget my feet felt fine all day, these Dr. Scholl things are pricey but they WORK! We all went in the hot tub and then I took a shower. I was proud of myself. I wanted to make Dad happy and I think I did that. And I had some really difficult times, but I had some really great moments too. It just required multiple head soaks to get through the day. And I only needed to drink a total of one bottle of 5 hour energy drink to get through the day, so I am proud of myself.

But now it has all worn off. And I am very tired. And the gung ho feeling I used to psyche myself up is long gone. I am sludge that someone needs to scrape up and deposit in my temporary room. Oh wait I have to eat some yogurt and take another antibiotic, which is making me sick still. I am so sick. Shoot me now.

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2 meaningful meanderings:

Toriz said...

I did think it was your own natural hair colour you meant, I just wondered why you didn't like your natural colour.

Anyway, I'm glad you at least seemed to have a reasonably good day... Despite feeling so ill.

Sheri said...

I like the red color! If I were brave enough to dye mine I'd do it lol I just continually dye it blonde because well... it has (mostly) always been blonde lol

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