Saturday, June 5, 2010

Florida Beginnings

May 15th - There was no sleeping the night before. I did, I tried. But knowing I had to be up by 5 am, my body just would not settle down. I actually did fall asleep around 12, but I stupidly signed up to be alerted if our flight changed and it decided to text me even though it did NOT change, so when it woke me that was it. I was laying there, resigned, but very upset. I knew this was going to mean a very long day for me.

The flight was surprisingly fast. We caught a tail wind, so when we landed and called Dad and Kate to tell then we were there, they were like, Grrrr, because they were still not going to arrive until around 6-7pm, and here it was just after 10:20 am and we were in Florida. We were so grateful that Dad was able to upgrade to a bigger car and take the luggage because we were able to go straight to the rental car area and get our car. We made our way to Kissimmee and had lunch/breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It was good to have some real food in our stomachs. We got to Walmart to start on our major grocery shopping. As we walked into the store, first, it was freaking HOT, second, the sun was so hot on our skin, we could feel ourselves burning, just that short walk into the store! We got the majority of the groceries at Walmart, but we get cold-cuts and freezer items at Publix. So we headed over there. We headed over to the house and started unpacking the groceries and the house was 80 degrees!! And we couldn't change the thermostat!! Harbinger of doom! Then we found ants, another harbinger!
Dad, Kate and Max finally arrive and we are so relieved to see them! Dad jerry-rigs the air conditioner and it takes about 8 hours to get down to 72 but it eventually is bearable. We all unpack the car and like do a rush basic unpack and get in our suits, as we are all tired, sweaty and ready for the pool, which needs no heat, as it is bloody 95 degrees out. Katie is taking her time, but the other 4 of us get in, and we are thinking, as it took us a few days to get Max in last year, it will take at least a day or so, so we are shocked when he jumps towards me right away into the pool, so Kate missed his first jump but he kept jumping in over and over! It was like, hey man, I am freaking hot too!! I have a FUR COAT ON!
Katie and I picked up Pizza Hut after we took showers. We leave and these guys in a huge white SUV had parked so close to us, there was no way Katie could get back in the driver seat. I am talking not just on the white line, they were over the line by like 6 inches. They were also drunk! And two of them are walking towards us and see we are heading towards that car and tell the driver walking away from the car, whoa dude how many drinks have you had, and he books it back in the car and moves it. They go in but Katie thinks he scratched the handle of our rental. They return asap and Katie goes behind them to get their license plate number before they take off and he comes out to scream at her, I was so worried! She got it though just in case it was them. Harbinger. Something felt iffy. I actually took my pills at 11:30 pm!! I know! I only slept maybe 8, I needed so much more, but it was better than none!
5/16 - We had Checkers for breakfast, LOL. My Dad was that ready for their burgers, he went all the way down 192 to get them. They were good though, mmmm. We went swimming. The water was absolutely glorious! They were all freaking out about people gettng burned so they forced me into a shirt and yes I mean forced! I got kneed in the back! We went to see Iron Man 2 and I LOVED it! And I love being right. I said we should stay until all the credits were over, that there would be something at the very end, they were all no, no. But I was like I am staying, and I was RIGHT! Victory is mine, mwahaha! We walked around , shared some churros, and a thunderstorm started. We stopped for gas and some Coke Icees, mmm. We went back to soothe Maxie, who is terrified of thunder. I then helped Sandy finish the squirrel jigsaw puzzle and we played Scrabble Slam. We went for dinner at Olive Garden. It was an hour wait, so while we waited we went to the Target in the square. We then ate a delicious meal and talked and then stopped by Walmart for cheap PJ shorts, as we usually set the thermostat to 70 which makes it chilly at night, but this one won't go down that low, so it is warm, so I needed some shorts to sleep in instead of the pj pants I brought down, and then we went back to relax and go to sleep.
5/17 - Slept like a baby finally!!! It felt so good! We went swimming. It was a little overcast so we decided it would be a perfect park day, since the weather was so bloody hot down there. We went to Cracker Barrel to eat lunch and while we were there we decided since Epcot is so much in the sun, an overcast day would make it perfect for Epcot.
Katie ran over to Soarin to get Fast Passes for Soarin'. Good thing too since they weren't until 7:30! WHich means if we had waited much longer they would have been sold out for the day! We love Soarin'! I brought my Nikon that day because the Flower & Garden Festival had just finished up like a day or so before, so I knew they would still be all over the place and they were! So pretty!

We walked the countries. Had chips in England. Soft Serve in Paris. Egg Rolls in China ( Well I had one chip, I didn't eat that other stuff). I shopped in China, Japan and Mexico. Something is wrong though with my feet, they are really hurting, like really, really hurting bad. Is it the diabetes? The one shorter leg? The misaligned hips? My feet are in agony! AGONY! Crying Pain! And my throat is so soar! I am a harbinger! Ate at the Land. All I had eaten since lunch was a fry, maybe 2, and lots of water. I am a diabetic people! So I had a fruit and cheese plate and a croissant. It was so good and filling. We went on Soarin', I could have stayed on that ride forever. We headed home after, but stopped for cough drops for me, because hy throat was getting worse and worse. My Dad went to watch 24 and Sam, Mom and I went into the Hot Tub, it felt so nice of my feet! I took a shower and then us girls watched an episode of Glee on dvd. Then I went to my room and fell asleep watching Charmed.

*Okay the cough drops are like a foreshadowing, because I need you to know I am NOT well, and STILL. Do not want to go into full details because it is all part of the story, but I decided I HAD to start writing about my trip as it would explain to you why I am having migraines and am having trouble writing, etc. And why, I hope you will PLEASE understand, why I can't comment right now. I am not emailing, I am really not blogging, except for today so far, the screen bothers me, and I just do not feel good. I am not on my computer like at all. I can tell you this much, I am having BAD headaches, coughing my brains out and the antibiotics have screwed up my stomach so everything makes me sick and want to throw up. Please, I WILL be back and will try and type up my trip over the next few days so you see why I am having trouble, but please understand why I am not commenting right now. I swear to you, I have never felt this sick in years.

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Toriz said...

I'm glad you mostly enjoyed the start of your trip (despite the lack of sleep, the broken thermostat the ants, then the starting to feel ill).

I hope you're feeling better soon. And, don't worry about our blogs. Just concentrate on getting better, then you can catch us up on the rest of your trip. *Hugs*

Sheri said...

I miss FL! I love Epcot too. I used to date this guy that worked at Disney (really funny story there) and our first date was at Epcot. We ate in Japan. lol

Sorry the trip didn't go so well though, but sounds like Epcot was fun besides the feet thing.

Hope you feel better soon! ::hugs::

Kristina P. said...

Oh, man, rest up! It looks like things were off to a great start!

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