Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday Fragments

*I can't get enough watermelon and strawberries lately. Though I never seem to get very much watermelon and I keep picking up more, and even cut up half a watermelon on my own, but it is like other people think they have more of a right to eat it than I do! And as for the strawberries, Katie thinks she has a bigger right to them than everyone else. She says better she eats them than they go bad. But they don't, even my Mom says that concept doesn't go into effect until later in the summer when people are tiring of the summer fruit. We all eat the strawberries, but Sam and I are the ones who buy them and cut them up. So when we go to eat them and the container has only like 6 strawberries left, when 24 hours earlier, it had like 60, yeah we are pissed. We have a right to have strawberries in the house, if she wants MORE, go pick them up and cut them up!

*I am on Nebulizer treatments for my cough now, I start 2 tomorrow as they seem to be helping with the cough and my breathing.

*I found a new favorite place to get graphic t-shirts. Kohl's Apt. 9 t-shirts seem to get new shirts quite often and are more often thin and comfy, which is a must for me! I bought 5 new shirts on Tuesday. Target used to be my GO TO place for tee's but they seem to rarely change what tees they are selling and now they often have thick tees too. Yuck. I have an addiction though, because I haven't even worn these 5 new tees yet and I already want MORE! All my other tees feel too thick now compared to the ones I bought for Florida and in Florida.

* Did you hear one of the rides in Harry Potter World in Universal Studios is apparently discriminatory regarding weight, and it seems breadth of person? You apparently need to be able to buckle up THREE different things so MANY people are being turned away. And there are only 3 HP themed rides in this new area attraction of Universal Studios. I think that sucks BIG time. If my weight didn't get me turned away, I am wondering if my boobs would?!! They are quite large, I have had trouble getting life vests big enough to click shut over them!! Stupid Harry Potter rides!

*And what is this? Kevin Costner is like a genius or something? This is mind boggling. And it was so news worthy when Robert Redford said these are some bad times going on...yeah thanks for the update Robert, we are shocked by your huge insight (I prefer to hear from people like Ian Somerhalder who are FROM places like Louisiana and are there currently trying to help out, even sleeping in their cars, etc...sorry Robert, I can't find your amazing *gagging* insight helpful from your palace in Utah).

*What? Has anyone ever told me I am a sarcastic person?! Nahh! I am a sweet, dainty, delicate flower who *burp* never gets grass stains on her delicate dresses.

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Toriz said...

I love strawberriees and always go nuts over them in the Summer. Luckily for me it's mostly just me in this house who eats them, since hubby only has the odd one, and then only if I offer them to him. I don't do melon though... I'm allergic to it in its pure form. If it's in a juice or something... No problem. But pure melon is a no-no for me.

That's very wrong about the HP ride.

Izzy said...

okay i lied I never got around to tweeting it T_T I just wanted to let you know I never di the tweet part of the agreement gor the Foodies T_T

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