Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Heat is On

It is a busy next 2 weeks in my household. Seriously, my Mom does not love this time of year for some reason, she feels it is somewhat close to being like Christmastime. I have no idea why she would say such a thing.

Just because June 30 is my Dad's birthday, July 3 is their wedding Anniversary, July 4th is my birthday and July 8th is Sandy's birthday...what is the big deal? LOL, no I get it. But hey, apparently Sandy and I did not want to be born in June, we were both over a month over due. But really she needs to get over this fact, since she has had to deal with this since Sandy was born, almost 27 years ago.

And we have to deal with the fact that there is Christmas and almost exactly 2 months later she has her birthday and then like 2 months later is Mother's day. See, also unfair. At least we put 6 months between Christmas and our birthdays, I find that VERY thoughtful!!

It is a very busy time in the house though, always something to be doing, making, buying, etc. So if you haven't started shopping for people yet, YEAH, the heat IS on! I am thinking Katie right now. She never thinks ahead. I have no idea what I want to do on my birthday or even what kind of cake I want. The downside of having your birthday on a national holiday? Nothing is open. So while the rest of the world can go to theme parks or mini golf or whatever, I have very limited options on my birthday. Poo!

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Kristina P. said...

Sounds like a busy, but fun time!

Toriz said...

May is like that for us. At least one birthday or anniversary every few days. I think the longest gap is from May 2nd (hubby's birthday) to May 9th (sister's birthday).

Toriz said...

Oh, and I hope you decide on something fun you can do for your birthday.

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