Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day Was a Success...Mostly

Let me tell you how our Father's Day went in our house. Here is my Dad, as a senior in high school. Hi Dad!

Father's Day was for the most part a complete success! Dad was very pleased with the day. I had to stop into Target to get powdered sugar as we ran out while making frosting for his cake. We also picked up candy to bring to the movies. What? We don't like to pay the prices they charge for candy at the movies, it is RIDICULOUS! Rip off! It's why I have a special movie purse. Hehe.

We went and saw The Karate Kid, which we all loved, as did my Dad, he is a Jackie Chan fan. When Jackie is fun anyway. So like the Rush Hours and Shanghai Noon, etc.

We went back to the house and Katie was finally back from Maine. She was supposed to get home in time for the movies, but was in bumper to bumper traffic in Wooster, Mass. for 2 hours. So, she was finally home to be with Dad too. We were able to do gifts after my Dad had to talk to work though. Bloody pains in the butt!
Dad got gift cards, money, tools, candy, etc from everyone else. And cards, he loved everyone's cards. Mine too. Plus I got him 2 dvd's. The dvd queen I am. I got him a Jeff Dunham special, his favorite one he watches on TV. And a triple-play of Mel Brooks' movies: Young Frankenstein, History of the Earth and Spaceballs. That should help with his boredom for a few nights, he sure does hate summertime having no shows on! He also got what I think is his favorite gift from my Mom, a new HUGE water cannon gun. We do a water fight around my birthday for my birthday and now all he wants to know is if he can fit ice cubes in the water holder. NOOOOO!!
We ordered pizza and grinders from an Italian place down the street and went and got it and watched a Chuck which my Dad had never seen before. I think it would make more sense seeing it from the beginning, but he said it wasn't bad. Then we had cake and ice cream, which made my Dad very happy.There was only one thing that my sisters and I and my Mom noticed. We had hoped my Dad hadn't noticed, that he had been too distracted. But apparently he had noticed. And it kept him awake all that night, because he knew it was deliberate. Certain MidWest relatives had not called, even though my Mom had called the day before and left a message reminding, and Katie called on Father's Day. No one answered. Because those relatives screen their calls so they don't pick up when we call. A card arrived the next day, no personalization, not even a Love so and so, just the card message and name. It proved to be a harsh reminder every time he walked by it, so we moved the cards (there was one for his birthday next week too) so he wouldn't see them anymore. Only bump in our day.

My Dad, Kenneth, is an awesome guy. He is a big kid at heart, but he also has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. He tries to stretch himself in a 100 different directions to make everyone happy, even if he isn't feeling so happy. Thus the big kid inside tries to get out and alleviate the tension build up and make people laugh which makes him relax and laugh. He loves to laugh, he loves to have fun. He loves history and memories and family. He will fight for you and keeps trying to learn. My Dad is a good man, and deserves the best.

And shhhh he is going to be 60 in 1 week, June 30th!!!

Dang which one of you opened your traps?!! LOL!

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3 meaningful meanderings:

Toriz said...

I'm glad your Dad had a great day (despite the thoughtlessness of certain relatives).

mother goose said...

ur dad looks like a fun guy! so glad you had a good day with him! what r u planning for his birfday??

LadyStyx said...

Every family seems to have those certain relatives. Not a pleasant thing at all. Glad he had a wonderful day anyhow!

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