Monday, June 7, 2010

2 Tough Florida Days

5/21 -So I woke up early feeling even even worse if that was even possible. I had tossed and turned all night and was coughing up nasty green stuff. I sounded like a frog. My Mom heard me and decided I was going to the clinic at Walgreens. So no swim for me. I got dressed. I figured we'd leave for the Magic Kingdom after so I got all ready, camera, hat and sun lotion, etc, and we left, my parents and I. We were second on the waiting list, but we waited for quite a long time. Finally it was my turn and my Mom went in with me. I had a severe sinus infection, and I had fluid in my ears, etc. They prescribed me Amoxicillin, which they said I MUST eat with food, but after one dose it is already making me very nauseous. We went and got the girls to go eat lunch, it was that late and we get back and they hadn't even showered yet! In all that time!

We went to Red Lobster. Dad said he would make it up to me. You see I HATE it with a passion. I used to not mind it, even not liking seafood, but there is no longer anything I like to eat there. It makes me gag now. I like the biscuits but that can't sustain me. I thought I could be safe, I ordered plain grilled chicken from the kids menu, it had a glaze that made me feel more nauseous and it was really fatty. I need protein in a meal to feel right, so I left Red Lobster again feeling a lack of protein which always makes me feel ill.

We got back to the house and went in and hit a wall of HOT AIR. It was disgusting in the house, like it was that first day! The air conditioner is broken! The people who take care of the house for the owner show up, freaking Maxie out, saying they will send a repairman but they don't know what time the guy will show up. Dad says he isn't going anywhere until the guy shows up. Oy. Dad says go to the movies, but as sick as I feel, I am in "park" mode. So I need to DO something not sit in a theater for 2 hours. I mean, I know this is my OCD, I should relax, I feel like shittake mushrooms, but my mind thought I was going to do something more involved so I had to. So Mom and Sam stay home, and Kate goes with me to find these outlets I had looked up. We went to the Hunters Creek Kohl's Outlet, called The Loop. I know Kohl's has thin, cool, graphic guy's shirts I will love and they did. I also stopped in their Claire's and got some more headbands. You know we should have stayed at The Loop, but I had thought this other outlet called The Prime Outlets would be so much more fun as it was a real outdoor mall, while the Loop was a lot of stores, but not an outdoor mall, you had to walk a lot between stores. It took forever to get there, Gabby took us a LONG way to get there. The Prime is SO huge I found it really scary, and except for the Jeff Dunham shirt I bought for my Dad, I didn't find it worth it. We got lost at one point!! We kept turning a corner, hoping we would find an end, only to find another long corridor and it was like it was never going to end and I was starting to panic! And that was like one 1/3 of the outlet on THAT side of the road! I was so stressed!

We got in the car to drive back and I was so exhausted. We called home to say we were on our way and Dad said the guy had come and it was down to 79 degrees in the house (oh boy!) and that when we got back we were going to the movies at 8pm. I am exhausted, but I want to be with my family on this vacation, so I use the next 40 minutes to try and psyche myself up to do this. We got home and I showed them what I bought, and stuff. And while we sat there deciding what we were going to see, my Mom said I wasn't going anywhere which was a shock to me. I actually was like fighting a little and finally just gave up, so my Dad and Katie went to see a movie and I stayed home with Mom and Sam. Since I never got to swim, they let me swim for 20 minutes and then told me to go take my shower. Then we ate mac-n-cheese and watched a Medium I had recorded and brought down on dvd. Now I am sitting here writing this all down before I take my pills and fall asleep. I am SO glad Mom made me stay home. I got weepy, I am so tired and feel so sick. I am trying my best to not hole up like I know my body wants to. But this is our family vacation so I am going to try be with my family, even as they keep their distance now.

5/22 - NyQuil helped me sleep a bit better. Well one and a half doses did anyway. Woke up and we swam. It was a blistering hot day so the water felt so good. We ate lunch at Bob Evans. We stopped at the Big Orange for Sam's annual Big Orange t-shirt.

Then we made our way to the Ticket and Transportation Center. As we walked to the Monorails and I began to truly feel the heat beat down on me and the humidity seep in on me, and the sweat begin to roll down my back, I thought, this is going to be a very LONG day. And it was a scary thought. It was super crowded and hot as blazes. The sweat was dripping everywhere off of me. As soon as we got into the Magic Kingdom, I had to pee. And needed a drink. As we walked towards Adventureland, I grabbed ice from a drink stand and dropped it into my bra, but it was melted and gone in seconds! We made our way to Pirates and it was a 30 minute wait. I said they could go and I would wait for them. There was just no way. I'm sweating, sick and yuck. 30 minutes? No way. So they all decided no, they'd try later. We forged ahead. Mom and I stopped to look at the crystal cart, as I get a new perfume bottle every year. We saw nothing good so we went to catch up. They were in a line for ice cream and popsicles. Dad asked is we wanted to leave. We were shocked. He looked incredibly unhappy until one of the girls said, let's ask if we can get the day refunded, then he brightened up. We'd been there less than an hour. I was dripping wet. I felt so sick. I didn't think I was going to go back here, so I just wanted the one thing I had been looking forward to for 14 months, my Dole Whip. Pineapple soft serve. The lines weren't moving though so everyone said it was too hot to wait. So there went that dream I had waited 14 months for. Gone. Then I got to the shops on Main Street and Kate and Mom said NO. We had to get to Dad and Sam, we would shop after. It didn't make sense to me, but I listened. We get there and they did refund the day and then they escorted us, YES ESCORTED US, to the turnstiles. I felt like a criminal. I KNEW I was right to think we couldn't stay and shop after we got a day refunded, why would they give us the day back and then let us stay and shop?!! I was SO upset. I could feel myself losing it for the first time in this trip. I couldn't talk or stand next to anybody.I could feel myself losing it. And except for Mom trying to talk to me ONCE, no one tried to talk to me, which made me even more upset and made me want to cry even more. So I didn't speak all the way home. I went to my room and my parents followed. I cried and explained. They understood. I said I wasn't sure I would even go back there if someone paid me, it had been that bad an experience. I cried more. Dad explained he didn't like it either, too hot, too many people. We all went into the pool and watched a sky writer. I cried a bit in the pool too. I just am not feeling good, and it was not a good day. We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, where I got down to ONE peg in that bloody game, and then went mini golfing. I did not do as well as normal, I believe it would be the fact that I felt like I wanted to Projectile Vomit the entire time. But I played through it. The antibiotics were really messing with my stomach. I stayed up too late that night and then slept until 12:44 pm!! NICE!post signature

4 meaningful meanderings:

Toriz said...

Sounds like a really bad couple of days! :(

Salt said...

Nothing beats being violently ill while you are on a fun vacation! I'm sorry you got so sick, but at least you were able to golf without throwing up.

I bet you would still be able to beat me.

Izzy said...

well it looks like you have been a busy little bee ^_^
sorry you got sick I'm sick too and we havnt had AC in the last week we just got it fixed today and the house is still hot D:
Hope you start feeling better you got a bunch of awesome pics I love the lion king one ^_^

Sheri said...

Sounds like a crappy day for sure! No AC in FL is the WORST. The summers there is a large reason I won't go back to live there or visit in the summer. Maybe you could suggest going there in Dec or Jan or even Feb? It is much nicer there and not very humid that time of the year. Plus, you could still use the pool. :) Theme parks aren't as crowded either b/c kids are in school muahahhaa.

Did you golf at Congo River? That is one of my fav. ones in Orlando.

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