Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Yup it is officially 2009. Yay for a year being over, ehhhh for a WHOLE new year to go. Kinda a double esged sword, good AND bad! Something is finally over, and something is just beginning, but MAN, it is really JUST beginning!

We finished the prep on our feast foods, and spread it all out. Prayed first, and then the attack on the food commenced. Here is our food before the attack though:

And Max was out like a light after begging food from absolutely everyone. Once his belly was no longer receiving food, he conked out against my Mom and was gone until we stood up to clink our glasses together. 3 of which were those tiny cups that shrimp cocktail things come in.

We watched Iron Man first, Kat and Sam had never seen it. It was as good as it was in the theaters, I SO have renewed my crush on Robert Downey, Jr.!! Then my Dad claimed he was just SO exhausted, he needed, NEEDED, to go up to his room and lay down and watch 24 episodes. yeah so there went watching Eagle Eye!! Grrrr!

So all us women folk, we watched Mamma Mia, no not the sing-a-long version, but I imagine I will at some point soon, I love it so! Honey Honey is STUCK in my head AHHHHH!!

We finished the movie just 20 minutes before midnight and Dad showed up soon after and rang in the New Year with Sparkling Apple Grape Cider. Since Sandy is a Sarge and doesn't want me having carbonated anything, mine was watered down with grape juice, which I am not a big fab of anymore. So right now, when they all finally left me alone to go on my computer, I have a shotglass of the cider, HEY one shotglass ONCE a year will do nothing. I HATE my grape juice mixture, it is still sitting there, I am looking at it all lonely. LOL.

Mom went off for a bath, Dad to bed, like withing 5 minutes of 2009. Us girls saw a guy do this scary motorcycle trick. And they talked about his overcoming if fear, and he had this occasional tick thing, so I fear he was afraid because he is lucky not to be dead. His poor fiance this was a jump over 100 feet to the roof of a building...and then back down and the first half? FREEFALL!! Aggghhhh! No flippin' way!!! Then sadly half a Hannah Montana (hey THEY wanted to watch animals attacking people!), but finally I am here alone, half an episode of Lost Season 2 before I start Season 3. I am SO ready to go. And it is SO cold people! It is 8 degrees!! Brrrrrrrr! I am so bloody cold!! Happy brrrrr New brrrrrrrr Year!!

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Marie said...


Miss Tiff said...

Happy New Year! 2009 the end/the beginning. Well if it makes you feel any better I didn't drink any sparkling cider either. My stomach hurt from all the junk food.

Oh and your crush on Robert Downey? I have to say, kinda creeps me out.

Anonymous said...

Happy New year!

Mary said...

Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

Wow, that's a lot of food. It looks good!

Whitney R said...

Those mini taco things look yummy.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! What a yummy feast! I am back. I will try to catch up!

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