Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost and other Shenanigans

Did you all WATCH Lost last night?!!! It was SOOOO good!! Sure, it raises more questions, but it had so much cool stuff too! I thought (yes wrongly I guess) that time just needed to catch up with them and then camp would be back, etc. But going back and forth, into the past, then the future, did get a little...WHAT?!, but in a good way. And I totally think as soon as Locke is back ON the island he will be alive again. And lucky Oceanic 6, they can pack a suitcase, sure only one, but put anything from their lives in it, including HELPFUL things for the island if they wanna be good boys and girls. Hurley, bring a radio that runs by cranking it, when you lost your music I was so sad for you!

And why is Sayid all anti-Ben now? That is new, but when Hurley didn't listen to him, even though he TOO wants to go back, and instead turned himself IN...aaaggghh! How are they supposed to devise a break out in 70 hours?!! And I was pissed when Kate did NOT call Jack, he KNOWS now that Claire was his sister so Aaron IS his blood!! And what happened to sweet Sun? I think Gin could be alive, you never know on this show. And won't her baby have to be with her, she DID conceive her ON the island so she was technically Oceanic 7!! I thought it was really cool to see the guy who made all the Dharma films, and I am very curious how much cute Richard will be featured over the last (sobbing) 2 seasons. I am SO curious why Dharma called them the Hostiles, and why most of the tail section is now part of them and so happy with it, yet they are horrid to the rest of the survivors. And the Desmond thing looks so cool! Does he have to return too? And does he get to bring Penny? He better, the dude deserves it, and how WAS Daniel in the past with the Dharma people? If he knows all the secrets WHY is he not sharing? And what is with his redheaded friends memory and nose bleeds? And WHO are Miles and this chick conencted to? I read they are connected to people on the island, but who? And why is Sun gunning after Ben? Sure no one likes him, heck they do hate him, but he warned them NOT to leave, so what is up with that?! Sun is seeming a little evil, I don't like that. The last thing she needs to turn into is OLD Gin! This season looks AWESOME people!!

Okay, it happened again no sleep for Wendy. I tried until 11:30 in the am, but no go. So I went over to my Mom's work and did filing and data entry. She said it helped a lot and she feels less behind so I am glad for that. Then since only Dad. Mom and I were around, we went to Outback, and they DID have creamy potato soup as their Walkabout soup of the day!! We were giddy with happiness! SOOO yummy! Mom and I always share the fill-it mig-NON, and it was good but not great, a little fatty this time and medium well means a lil pink, not mostly pink with some red liquid, but we were too famished and tired to send it back. Yummy dinner. Don't get their strawberry smoothie though, way too sweet. If they froze it, it would make a killer sorbet, but as a drink, WOW, no.

I was falling asleep in the shower, THAT was an interesting thing. I went and laid down on the couch, it was before 9, and except for getting up once to use the facilities and cracking an eye when I heard a noise, I slept for 7 hours in front of the TV. I woke up and was awake for a few hours. Got to watch Lost of course, HAD to. And watched City of Ember.It was really cute. Except for Tim Robbins and Bill Murray, most of the actors are not familiar looking, but they held their own as the main characters. It was really cool to see them discover the secrets of the City under the ground, figure out the mystery boxes secrets and find a way out. They kept being thwarted at every turn but that did not stop them, and the escape plan made by the "Builders", who are held in such high regard, they speak of them almost reverently, was COOL, like they should make that into a ride somewhere because though I might be too chicken to ride it, it looked WAY cool! These people live in a world that is falling apart all around them, and this mystery box gets lost in the shuffle as 200 years go by, and the city is falling apart and food is getting scarce. Were the builders smart enough to get their message to the people in the future? Why does no one know WHAT the outside holds? Has no one ever tried to escape Ember before? Those questions will have to be answered by you going out and renting it for yourself. I liked it, and still have Igor and Center Stage 2 to watch. Ohhhh plus I rented Repo: A Genetic Opera. Yes it is partly supposed to be scary and bloody but it is ALSO a musical! With Anthony Stewart Head as the Repo Man (hey you get an organ transplant and don't pay up in this future, someone has to take it back, LOL) from Buffy, who has a GORGEOUS singing voice. And Sarah Brightman, whose music I don't listen to, but has a magical voice! I only hope it is better than Sweeney Todd, though Johnny Depp was amazing and so was Helena Bonham Carter, I did not care for it. They had a little too much fum with the spurting, squirting bloof effects. But I am glad I saw it once. Johnny did fine with singing, and I love him, and he WAS Sweeney Todd. But I DO prefer him as Captain Jack Sparrow and am SO glad he has signed on for films just featurin HIM. Unless they fixed Will's curse miraculously, he and wifey are gone, which since they made me SO mad doing that, is FINE by me. Jack can have dozens of adventures with new people! Yay!!

And I have three days of ABC soaps to watch, I fell behind for some obvious reasons and they are GOOD right now especially so I am off to read your blog entries and watch ABC soaps!

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Kristina P. said...

It saddens me to say this, but I might be over Lost. I watched the premier last night, and I realized that I just didn't care. We'll see if that goes away.

Denise said...

Lost left my head spinning last night. I need to watch it again because I am sure I missed alot.

Anonymous said...

My soap opera got canceled :( :( (Passions)

Sorry, I don't watch lost...tried once and was totally 'lost' with what was going on! Must be one of those shows you had to start at the very beginning.

Mary said...

I have never been to into Lost...but hubby loves it. Glad you finally got some zzzzzzzzzz's

CaJoh said...

I think the first season of Lost looked interesting to me, but I never watched it. Now I'm completely lost (no pun intended) as to what the actual story line is supposed to be.

Enjoy catching up on those soaps.

Jillene said...

I have never watched Lost. Not ever--not once.

Some of the HOT Passions guys are now on Days of Our Lives--like Luis and Ethan. Check them out!!

Natalie said...

Thanks for the Lost update! I don't have ABC so I haven't seen it yet. It sounds SOOO interesting I'll have to watch it online!

in time out said...

i keep telling myself, self, watch lost...and then i forget what night it is on and i LOST the moment. thanks for the update!

Wendy said...

I have never watched Lost, I keep thinking I'll rent the dvd's to
catch up, but yet I never do!

Amander said...

Can't really relate to this post cause I don't watch Lost, but glad your show is back!

Lee said...

I gave up on Lost a while ago.
it just got too complicated, you know?
But I'm glad you're excited it's back!
You should tell me how it ends.

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