Friday, January 9, 2009

Poetry and Rants

Ehhh I am awake for over 30 hours again. It is partly my own fault this time. I got OCD about something and it really upset me, so tears were pouring, chest was all tight, and until I fixed it I could not rest or be okay. Anyway I have usually fallen asleep for a few hours from like 8 to midnight on these horrid days, but it did not happen this time...HOW RUDE!! See this is me...still awake!! Yes I am petulant. :)

I did go out to El Sombrero's with the fam, tried Quatro, which gives you mexican rice, beans, a chicken taco, a chicken chimichanga and a cheese enchilada. It was my first real chimichanga and mmmm it was good! Of course half my meal is in the fridge for my Dad to pick at. I HATE most left overs that need to be heated up. Casserole and our crockpot chicken are basically it, oh and pizza and rice pilaf. Mmmmmm!And my mom had the mariachi band play Feliz Navidad, she was like Christmas WAS just 2 weeks ago!LOL!It was very fun, I hated food AFTER because I ate too much, or too quick, but when my stomach stops being full, I will love it again! I need a Shia fix, so after I read all your new posts I am off to watch Transformers!!LOVE IT!!!

And here is a poem I wrote, let me know what you think!

I Thought

I thought you had my hand and back

That we would find the way together.

But I’m standing at the edge alone

With the wind pushing at me to fall.

I thought we gained strength from the other

But suddenly I find I am weak.

I thought I found a sister soul

A shelter for my heart.

But you tore through that so quickly

Like a twister in the night.

I trusted you with my secrets

And you used them to unleash my tears.

I thought we were helping the other make it up the ladder

Pulling on each other when we grew tired and scared.

But you released my hand and sent me tumbling

Back to the start, alone.

13 meaningful meanderings:

Stesha said...

Sorry you can't sleep, but I like the poem.

~*Michelle*~ said...

Woah.....that is an awesome poem. Super deep. I am sorry you've been betrayed.

And I have to tell ya... you are a girl after my own stomach....LOVE Mexican food. If you ever get up towards the super hilly-billy-out-in-the-sticks NorthEast corner of CT, check out Casa Mariachi in Putnam. Good stuff!

OK, well thanks for popping on over to my blog...and I look forward to sharing LOST fanatical times with you.


Mina said...

The poem is sad and full of pain, but beautifully written.

I'm sorry you can't sleep again. But I'm glad you had a chimichanga. Not exactly authentic mexican, but they are tasty, aren't they!

I hope you get rest!

So said...

No sleep is no good.

Very sad but beautiful poem. You have a wonderful talent.

And I would take some of your OCD if I could.

Kristina P. said...

That Mexican food place sounds awesome!

Hope you get some sleep soon!

Whitney R said...

Jaren also doesn't do leftovers. Very few things does he think tastes good heated up. I just think you can't heat up Mac and Cheese - everything else is fair game.

CaJoh said...

Hey, we both posted a poem today. Are you supposed to start over again with the line &Back to the start again"— if so, cool (gives the reader that sense that it never ends).

Lee said...

That's a beautiful poem.
I used to write poetry, but I gave it up because I didn't have anyone to share it with.
And I hope you get some sleep soon.

Mary said...

I live off of left overs...but restaurant left overs aren't always good!

Anonymous said...

nice poem. very deep like they said.

you are talented. sorr you aren't sleeping again :(

Annette said...

Okay, we have an angry Alanis Moresset on our hands! That was awesome...can you put it to music and rock out to an angry beat? It so reminded me of one of her 'rip on someone' angry songs. You are very talented. Of course, I am sorry someone did that to you.

AJ said...

Great poem...sorry for the pain that caused it though.

ktmay said...

that's a good poem, wendy.
it's sad.
poetry is such a good way to express your feelings.
it takes guts to share something like that, so my hat is off.
i have been dumped by friends too. it hurts bad!

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