Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Games Galore and The Beginning Sucks

Well I watched "Vacancy 2: The First Cut" and not only did it suck, was too scream-filled, etc., but it made NO sense. I mean, this was supposed to be a prequel to Vacancy, which was a Make You Jump Out of Your Seat Thriller/Horror starring Owen Wilson and Kate Beckinsdale. So, it should have explained how these sickos came to be spying on couples, transitioning into scaring and killing couples, then into them building this elaborate maze of ways INTO Room 6, the only actual real hotel (well disgusting hotel room) room now on the premises, because they rest are either unusable, or being used as ways for these 3 psychos to spy or get into the room. And there wasn't even a mention of building underground tunnels or connecting to the garage down the road where the owner "directs" couples to the hotel, because he is one of the psychos. This made NO sense, it was SOOOOO bad and sucked BIG time.

Then I found out Sandy had bought an array of "cheaper" games for the DS. She had me try out the Garfield game, and if it was as difficult for me, as it was for her, she is returning it. Now I got to Odie in Level 1 like 6 times, but get Odie AND Garfield UP to where the keys were? Impossible (and I say this with a big fat thick fake French accent)! And just when I finally DID it, Garfield dies (he loses energy SO fast, it is sick) and it just pisses me off! If you can't even get past the first level, after an hour, Ughhh!! Forget it! She is returning it.

I played an array of word puzzles on one game. It will be good for trips. Crossword, Word Find, Sudoku, etc. I played Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. Am I? Most certainly NOT. I tried out Left Brain, Right Brain 2, assuming it was going to be about using your brain. Ummm, it really isn't really. It is about getting more ambidextrous, which is interesting, but not the brain excercises I was looking forward too. I mean, it should NOT be called the title it is, because it is very misleading. Fun, but misleading. And you always start a new challenge first with your good hand, so by the time you GET to your bad hand, NOW you know what you are doing, so I think NATURALLY you will do just as good, if not better, with your bad hand. You finally GET it! I also tried the UNO, SKIP-BO,etc game. I played like 8 hands of UNO, an all time fave game, and first, they SO play by other rules I wasn't taught, and second, I NEVER won...that's when it died, the DS, I mean, it was in need of charging. Agghhh!! I wanted to win just once tonight! I didn't get to attempt the pure crossword puzzle one, but that's okay, I have never done well at them. I can start them, but usually never finish them.

Now I am about to watch Saw V. I know, the last 2 did not even make SENSE. The first two had a flow (bloody for sure, I had to fast forward SO much...why do you think I wait for them on dvd?!! Too much even for ME!), the next two just got...huh?...but it is like a compulsion, I HAVE to know how it either ends, or how they make it even MORE confusing. And how can Tobin Bell even be in this? His dead body was real at the beginning of the last so I dunno...maybe it is a Tobin face (and I mean FACE) mask. You know how sick HE was, and his first protege? Ugghh so gross and even crueler. Jigsaw actually DID give you an escape, how gross and painful or evil it might be. Amanda just wanted you to THINK there was a way out and then BAM, you die painfully anyway. *shivers* I will be holding the remote now to fast forward the bloodiness. I hope it finally comes to an end. This is too much even for me!

P.S. Part of the reason I need to see it also? Scott Patterson!! Luke from Gilmore Girls! I am a fan, so complusion and fandom = Wendy being scared witless. And me a fan of horror am scared. You guys who are scared of even thrillers? STAY AWAY!!!! I gotta get Max to lie near me....scarrrrrreeeeedddddd.

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Anonymous said...

'too scream filled'...that's funny!

I DO NOT do scary movies. On the rare occassion I do I end up having nightmares for weeks. The last scary movie I watched was I Am Legend w/ Will Smith (I know, most ppl wouldn't consider that a scary movie) and I seriously had consuming dreams about it for weeks and weeks.

Mary said...

I'll leave the horror movies for you, and get my Scott fix by watching reruns of Gilmore Girls ;o)

ramsam said...

Man- how do you sleep at night watching all those scary films? I would be jumping out of my skin!

If you want a good DS game go for Nintendogs. The puppies are adorab;e, you train them, talk to them, [et and wash them, and dress them in cute accesories to win money at dogshows. Doesn't that sound fun????

Jillene said...

I can't do those movies. It's not that I am scared--let's just say that they are not for me!!

Kristina P. said...

I'm with Jillene. I can't do any of those torture porn type movies, like Hostel, or Saw. They make me sick.

More power to you for being able to watch those.

The Boob Nazi said...

Am I hallucinating, or was it Luke Wilson?

Wendyburd1 said...

oh yeak luke...whoops. brother had to both be actors man!!

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