Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Colors and a Movie

Man, and I KNOW colors, I have taken a Color Class, seriously! It was called the Study of Color! And the bloody test wouldn't take viridian!! That is one of my favorite shades of green to use/add to other colors! I couldn't believe I forgot colors like azure and amethyst!! It wouldn't take jade but would have taken emerald!!Grrrr!

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I think it has GOT to be the pressure of the 5 minute time limit. Because if you were given, say, an hour, I bet you could get at least a 100 out of the 200+. I am SURE some of you could. I think I could, I got 37 in 5 minutes. So....blahhhh!

I decided to do a review of a movie that is NOT new by any means, but if you haven't seen it, then here ya go! The movie I watched tonight was "Disturbia". Yeah these guys SO had the name BEFORE Rihanna stole it, okay!!

Anyway, this flick, starring Shia Labeouf, Carrie-Ann Moss and David Morse is a phenomenal film! It has comedy, action, suspense, romance, you have it! It is very cool, in it's Alfred Hitchcock-ian ways. It is reminicent of Rear Window but with a totally 21st Century spin, and the actual Hitchcock film had nothing on this, in my opinion. And I am a fan. Love Psycho and The Birds, etc.

The story is centered on Kale (Shia) who after a tragedy, gets in trouble one too many times and ends up house-bound by the courts. If he goes past a certain point in his yard, his leg bracelet monitor goes off, and cops show up, so he can't leave. And his mom (Moss) decides to cut off his x-box, itunes, etc. because this 3 MONTHS is not a time for him to be on vacation. So Kale must find a new way to entertain himself. Thus, he starts spying on his neighbors, and finds amusement in what he sees. He even gets a new neighbour, who makes his heart go pitter-pat. But what is with his weird neighbour Mr. Turner (Morse)? What is he up to? Why does he mow his grass twice a day? What secrets could HE be hiding? So he enlists the help of his best friend Ronnie and his new crush Ashley, to help him spy, and do the "leg work". What will they find? And can Kale last the 3 months of being stuck in one place, and overcome the tragedy that lead him down this path? THAT you will have to rent the movie to find out! It is really good, even my sister Kat who LOATHES horror movies, can watch this suspense film and likes it!

This film showcases the talent that LaBeouf started really displaying in "The Greatest Game Ever Played", and has gone on to show in "Transformers"♥ and "Eagle Eye"♥, etc. He had to carry this movie as the main person you "spend" your time with, and he succeeds wonderfully. This was the movie where I decided I ♥ Shia. He is just funny, fearless but filled with an inner sadness too. And he portrays it greatly. Moss is more of a secondary character, and Morse has his best stuff in the second half of the film. It is really an enjoyable experience and I bet you would all love it, so GO, rent it right now!

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Jillene said...

I took the color test and got a
31. I haven't seen Disturbia yet but we did watch Eagle Eye this weekend.

CaJoh said...

My wife is very good at colors as well. I may have her take the quiz. I may know colors, but never the names (because I'm bad at names).

Mary said...

I am not good at colors, so congrats on your admirable score!!

I liked Disturbia...and you did an excellent review/recap!!

Kristina P. said...

When I took the color test, I think I got in the 20s. I suck.

Mina said...

I am assuming that you need to name the actually crayola crayon name? If so, that would be VERY difficult. Unless you color a lot, which I don't any more.

I'm not so much of a suspense movie girl beyond the Hitchcock films, which I love! (But I did see Eagle Eye, I think. The one with the computer taking over the government?) Now I've heard of this Rear WIndow redo, so maybe I ought to check it out.

So said...

I loved Disturbia! Intense shows like this are my kind of thing.

Natalie said...

Disturbia is actually one of my faves. Great review!

Natalie said...

My favorite Shia movie is Holes.

Amander said...

I got a 35 - which sort of surprised me. Some of those colors I had never heard of before!

And I didn't really like Disturbia - sorry!

Lee said...

Disturbia was kind of boring to me.

That color test is too hard.
I bet I'll get like... 3.
Primary colors! Woo!

ramsam said...

I loved HOLES, too. Disturbia was okay, but somehow in the midst of all the horror and ladies bodies in the cellar next door,all I remember is a large tower of Twinkies.

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