Sunday, January 18, 2009

No Jensen!!

Got myself ALL prepared to see My Bloody Valentine in 3-D tonight. And it was hard as I really did not sleep for no reason at all, but I was determined to see my Jensen Ackles on the big screen AND in 3-D!!

We get to the theater and even on the opposite side, we find ONE space next to a giant snowdrift. As we are heading inside, a few people said Good Luck, and this made me and my Dad (the only person willing to go see it with me) very wary. We get inside and at all 4 stations of the concession stand there were at least 30 people in every line! We had to PUSH past people to make it to the ticket stands, which we were hoping were reasonable okay. I mean we are there 30 minutes early! And then I stopped, my Dad was across the entry way and had stopped too. There were at least 120 people in line, ALL over the entire ticket area. The line was so long it was going out the doors...into the 10 degree weather. And I knew, this was not going to happen. My Dad walked up to me, he had promised me we were going TODAY and were seeing this. I had been talking about this for weeks and after the fight and the week I have been having, he promised to take me Saturday no matter what. So he was really upset for me. I mean neither one of us likes crowds and this was scary crowded. Like not this bad on Christmas, scary. And it is usually crowded on Christmas. He was like "wanna go to the mall? (which he loathes) shopping? west farms(mall)? Meriden Square(mall)?" and I felt like ehhhhh, and I love shopping, it just did not feel appealing. I had been so psyched. But it was really futile. He said more ideas (shopping ones) and mentioned Target, and I was finally "okay I guess". At least Target has a bit of everything, so maybe Dad would not be bored either. As we walked out we discussed the craziness inside and saw more people walking in and I thought to myself "good luck". Even if you were seeing a movie that has been out for weeks like Yes Man or Bolt, getting though that line for tickets? You were gonna miss a lot of the movie, if not the whole dang thing!

We got there, went immediately to the guy's clothes. I LOVE the graphic tees that Target has for men. Stranded and Tell the People are thin, which are all I will buy, THIN tees, and have cool graphics which are just my thing. Dad wanted to GO shopping. He wanted to buy me some stuff, told me to leave my wallet (I ignored him), etc. And I had asked a worker, will you get more of these shirts in (I was there a few days ago and had seen 2 I was interested in but none in my size) and she was all Yeah totally, they are brand new and we get them like every other day. Were my shirts in? Nope and that saddened my Dad because he was all set to take them from me and get them. He was like shoes? Purse? And I was like No thanks. I really have enough shoes and purses for now. I haven't worn some of the shoes I have bought, ever. At least 3 or 4 pairs. So we looked at headphones, he was like you want a ipod speaker set like Sandy's, until he say it was like $75, which was fine by me, I don't listen to it THAT often. We looked at DVR's, as he returned mine from Christmas because it did NOT have a tuner, but they had none. We looked at cameras and I drooled over SLR's while he drooled over a video camera the size of a cell phone. LOL.
Then we got to the movie section and my dad was like, score! You love movies! It was not as easy as he or I thought. We ended up in the TV on DVD section and he would point to shows I watch, and I had to sadly say, "Own it". He was so "aggghhhh", this happened a lot. He would see like House, and I had to break it to him, Dad I own all 4 seasons, it's Hugh Laurie! Finally he saw the mini first season of Sarah Connor Chronicles, which I actually don't own and being so short, pretty cheap, so I said maybe. He dropped it in the cart like it was a done deal. We went through section after section, and I either own it, or find it lame, or it was awful, or so old and lame I would never watch it. I saw Pan's Labyrinth which made me look for The Orphanage, which is also by Guillermo Del Toro, AND in a foreign language but it really was good. I was very iffy though, BECAUSE it is in another language, so I do have to READ the movie at the same time. We got to the cheap section, movies that have been on sale forever, and I saw Big Fish. I own it on vhs but on DVD with a sale that was 2/$9? I thought this might be okay. I saw Rain Man which I have never seen but my Dad thought I would really like, and grabbed Short Circuit to think about. We ended up near one more display which at every Target I have been to, is no one near the other movies. alot are kids movies, but I glanced over and saw The Trouble with Angels!! I had loved this old movie when I was younger, it has Hailey Mills as a teen, and we could only get it back then from the library until they no longer had it, so it has been EONS! I knew for SURE I wanted that one ($4.50 yay!), but held Orphanage, Rain Man, Big Fish and Short Circuit in my hands as "maybe's". It wasn't my Dad's fault we didn't see the movie. And he said we would try tommorrow. Yes on Sunday, because MAYBE it will be less crowded because a work day is the next day (PLEASEEEEE!!)

I grabbed 2 lip stains (I have no idea if they will be good, but Drew Barrymore is the spokesmodel and my love of stains for lips? I couldn't pass that up. And a mascara, I am HOPING the one that commercials have been claiming makes your lashes look so long, it is like you are wearing fake lashes. I bought this stuff.

My Dad wanted to get me all the movies I had found but I fought him. He was trying to rip them from my hands and I tried to bite him (not hard people!) and he said you don't know where that's been or when I last washed them, which he KNEW would gross out my germaphobic self!! I told him it would make me feel bad and he told me to stop it, that he wanted to do this. I STILL feel guilty even though my Mom told me to knock it off too. I know the proper response, Thank You, but I also feel like I just don't deserve this much niceness. I don't know.

Anyway, we are trying for tommorrow. My Mom and I ended up watching The Day After Tommorrow, which was apopro with this weather, but I swear it made it feel even colder!! We turned up the fire, made hot cocoa and still, BRRRRRR!

Anyway, another day of this week gone by. Please Sunday bring a better week, even half better, my way!!

P.S. My 2 friends who sent me emails, I WILL get back to you. I am just so emotional right now they get me all teary, so I just need a day or two so I can respond without crying. In a good way!

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Mckay K said...

I so enjoyed your trip to the movies as well as your shopping trip. Sorry it was so crowed. But like you said, maybe today.

Because of my medication, I very seldom get to go to the movies or go shopping.

You did get to see "The Day After. I had intended to watch it and for got it was on last night. But we know I will have many opportunities to see it in the future.

I love your blog.

Stay warm and Be Well.

Kristina P. said...

Sorry about the movie. That's crazy! I like to buy our tickets online. Saves the hassel.

Mary said...

Sorry you have to wait to see Jensen...but now you can dream about him ;o)

I hate crowded theaters, which is why I try to wait to see movies after the opening week...but I totally understand why you wanted to see this one...he is a total hottie!

ramsam said...

I rarely see a movie when it opens, unless I can hit a matinee for this exact reason. And BTW- MAybelline's new mascara in the yellow tube ROCKS. I blogged about it once, if you need a review.

Lee said...

I'm really sorry that your movie didn't work out. That's actually how it was when we went to see Twilight. Except we walked into the theatre and it was empty. Walked away for lunch, came back, BAM it was FULL.

I hope you like those lip stains. I've never had much luck with them. I need gloss or nothing at all.

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