Saturday, January 31, 2009

Matz + Babu...RIP Meat

Okay I really have done NOTHING worth noting. Listened through fave songs for pieces/phrases/etc of songs I might quote sometimes on the bottom of my posts. I picked bits and pieces that spoke to me of how I feel and WANT to feel. The purpose of the song may have NOTHING to do with how I interpret the "quote", but it is MY brain so whatever. I got all OCD about it but again, not worthy of writing about.

Instead I stumbled onto the clip of Adam Sandler interviewing his dog Matzoball when Adam filled in for Letterman. I, for no reason at all, LOVE Adam Sandler's pets, they are SO cute. Alas poor Meatball has left Adam, but he has Matzoball, and if my eyes do not decieve me, a new doggie called Babu...whether it stands for Babuball, I know not. Matzy is Matzoball, so Babu could be Babuball...but what the rap is THAT?! The other 2 names make sense at least. Anyway they have a bunch of videos of ALL three dogs at Adam Sandlers site, click here to go to his Dog's section. Yes they have their OWN section!!

Here is the part of the show I found, Don Cheadle gets in on the action. LOL!

And also, cuz it is so cute and loud, a pool of baby bulldogs!!

5 meaningful meanderings:

Anonymous said...

Aww! My brother just got a bulldog!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Adam Sandler! I even sent him an invitation to my graduation party and our wedding....he didn't come, obviously, but yes, that's how much I love Adam Sandler.

Kristina P. said...

I am going to show this to Adam immediately. He wants a bulldog sooooooo bad. But they are expensive and we don't have a yard, so he will have to wait.

Amander said...

You know the way to my heart, Wendy. Posting videos of cute animals! Makes me giddy every time.

Mary said...

I heart Adam!!! I love his dog too...and the puppies were adorable!!

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