Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Adventures with Brendan

I managed to get out of the house for a few hours. My sisters and I went to the 10pm showing of Inkheart. It was a very sudden thing, at 9:47 Katie knowcks on my door and goes, "Wanna go see a movie at 10?", and I was in my pj's, hair unbrushed, no bra, and was like "uhh no way possible." But my mom thought it was a good idea, she knows I want to see the movie, but she was like, you are scared that the pain will be back. You are scared you will spend the night crying. You are scared you won't be able to sleep, so go get your mind off your worries, so I went.

We made it just as the last preview ended, and found ourselves in a big theater all by ourselves, which was cool. Katie was being loud just to show she could be if she wanted to. She is the person who laughs so hard and loud at something, that some people turn around to look at her in surprise. I am used to it, so only when we get starers do I feel like "Oy I don't know her"(J/K Kat). The movie began, and I went into my purse for my wallet and couldn't find it and starting having a panic attack. My wallet has my life in it. License, all credit cards, my surgery card, my diabetic alert card, MONEY,etc. Katie even held her phone for light but no wallet. And it is not much bigger THAN the credit cards so I was VERY scared. Katie went to check the car as I continued freaking out and began to search my purse again. I went back through the pockets. Got to the zipper pocket I had already felt through 5 times, feeling my way through the silky lined interior, when all of a sudden my fingers slipped between one silky thing and another. MY WALLET! It is silky too and had managed to wiggle itself to the back of the pocket and feel exactly like the wall of the pocket, and was the same size of the pocket so it fit LIKE the lining. I jumped up, leaving Sam who was shoeless, watching the movie and sprinted out of the theater, down the hallway, through the lobby and out into the cold, yelling her name. It was pretty empty the lot so I didn't care. I finally saw her head poke up from somewhere and waved my wallet and she hurried over and we ran back into our theater, me freezing, as I didn't bother with my coat, too relieved and anxious for Kat not to miss the movie. Kat had used a $25 gif card to pay for the three of us, but it is 10 each so she used her 5 bucks. What I originally was doing with my wallet was I had wanted to pay her the 5 bucks, so I finally did, apologizing like 30 times for the wallet incident even though they were both like "chill".

Anyway, on to the movie. I LOVED it! First, I already love Brendan Frasier. I have been a fan since Encino Man. I love the Mummy movies, Blast from the Past, Journey to the Center of the Earth, etc. So that he was starring was already a plus.
The acting was stellar, and the cast was a fine mix of new actors and veterans. Paul Bettany as Dustfinger was magic, he was an excellent scoundrel. Helen Mirren was a complete hoot, as great-aunt Elinor. And Eliza Bennett did wonderful as Frasier's daughter Meggie, who becomes VERY involved in the adventure. In the book, she is the protagonist. And Andy Serkis as evil Capricorn (he played Gollum in the L.O.T.R. movies) was deliciously good.

This movie is a magical adventure. What would YOU do if anything you read aloud came to life before your eyes? There are special people in the world, Silvertongues, who can bring books to life, and some do not even know that they are special, like Mo (Frasier). What if everything you read out loud was NOT a good thing? What if there were consequences? Mo has spent the last 9 years never reading a thing out loud. His daughter Meggie who is 12 has no idea WHY. All she knows is that her Dad has been on a mission ever since she was little, to find A book. She has no idea WHAT book, but is smart enough, after years of old bookstores that he is searching for ONE in particular. But her father says she is ridiculous, he just likes to look and he IS, after all, a restorer of books. And Meggie has never pushed too hard, because her Dad is all she has, her mother Resa left them long ago.
Mo finds his book, Inkheart. As he emerges from the bookstore Meggie witnesses an encounter between him and an odd man, this would be Dustfinger. After Mo brushes him off, this is when the adventure begins. Because Dustfinger is desperate and will do whatever he has achieve his goal. Mo, Meggie and Eleanor are captured by evil men who work for Capricorn, who want Mo to use his talents for nefarious purposes. What is Mo to do? And when Mo reveals a huge secret, how will Meggie react to this news, and to her father's gift/curse? Can Mo do what he has spent 9 years searching for a copy of Inkheart, to do? Will Capricorn achieve his sinister plans? Will Dustfinger get his heart's desire? And will "charcters" along the way be a help, or make their plight even more difficult?

For all these answers, you will have to go watch the "pages unfold"in this fun movie filled with adventure, mystery, and humor!! Dang the critics!! I thought this was FABULOUS!! And quite a good way to get my mind engaged in something NOT depressing or melancholy. Sure, my brain can and will go back to not so light places, but hopefully, such a fantastic adventure will keep it at bay for awhile. The fear that this stomach thing will return in full force can't leave me. It was so scary, I have not been this scared of a sickness returning, maybe ever. My mother agreed, she can tell, it seems, that I am treading very lightly about, afraid any stomach pang, growl, etc is a pre-cursor to the return of stomach hell. I have prayed, yes real prayers, that it will not return. I could not deal with a repeat performance. With the extent of my feelings, being as they are, it is just a little too much to deal with right now. So I PRAY this is going to be gone totally and forever, never to return, and I can get rid of this fear of it returning. So I can get back to focusing on my lack of sleep and depression. Hey, one thing at a time.

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CaJoh said...

I remember going to a movie with my dad one afternoon when there was a really bad storm outside. We were the only ones in the theater. Felt like a private showing.

This is one I want to see. Just hope that it is still around— my next couple of weekends are booked solid.

Thanks for the review,

Marie said...

I LOVE your movie reviews!
You have found your calling!

So said...

I'm just finishing up the second book in this series and want to see the movie!!

Kristina P. said...

I can't stand Brendan Fraser. My friend was so in love with him, and I just don't get it.

Amander said...

Thinking you have lost your wallet is a horrible feeling! Glad it really wasn't lost :)

Natalie said...

Wow! This was an eventful post! I have no idea which part to comment on first!

That's awesome that you guys were in a "private showing". Sounds fun.

Thanks for the movie review. I've been wondering. I can always count on you for a good movie review!

I'm glad you're starting to feel a little better and I hope it stays away for good!

Donna said...

That movie looks great! I'm glad you gave it a good review. I think my hubby would like it a lot too since he's into fantasy books and movies.

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