Friday, January 16, 2009

PS on Last Post

I can hardly believe this but Sam read my ENTIRE blog. She said she may not be able to finish it for days, but she came downstairs like 20 minutes ago and said it was a really easy read so she got through it quicker than she thought. I was like how much of it did you read? And when she said ALL OF IT, my jaw dropped! She was like I DO read fast which is why I have such a book problem. She does, she will buy 4 and be done the next day, poor kid. So she runs out constantly.

She couldn't believe the secrets I revealed about MYSELF, like how I make sure I do NOT get any white underwear because of the system, so I do some switcheroo-ing. She said I was quite chatty on here, that I went from one subject to another like WHOOSH (I did tell you all I am a segue Queen), and that she was glad I was able to talk so much and be so open on here. Yeah I got teary.

She said to ignore the people who made me feel bad, actually she said to delete them, but I told her you can't delete people. She got kinda ticked on my behalf, said I don't need people in my life that will make me feel bad and doubt myself. She said "you even explained when you said bimbo and Katie in the same sentence that bimbo is a nickname (endearment) in our family".

I laid my head on her shoulder and she hugged me. She said again there was nothing on my blog I had to feel bad about, that she read it ALL, and she should know. My sister is amazing. She did this for me in a matter of hours and has given me the comfort of knowing I have never written anything hurtful about her, Katie or my parents. And to be given permission to vent about her when we do have a big fight is just a bonus. Knowing it is fine with her, this was all her, I did not ask the question, is just even sweeter. I love my Sammie.

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Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have an AMAZING sister!!!!!

Sorry about these rude comments ppl have left...I don't get it!? WTF!!!!???? Didn't ppl ever learn that if you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all?

I was having a problem w/ snarky readers when I first started blogging (mostly just my mother in law complaining to everyone and their brother about my blog) and so I wrote this post:

Believe it or mother in law stopped reading my blog after that!

Denise said...

I am so glad that your sister backed you up. That had to give you piece of mind to continue and not feel bad about any of it.

Michelle said...

People left rude comments?? Man I'm so behind on my blog stocking. I'm getting way out of the loop! :)

Kristina P. said...

Wendy, I think that the relationship you have with your sisters is great and of course we don't know your relationship with them. I haven't seen anything written about them that has been negative. You are lucky to have them.

I don't think that the comments left in the last posts were mean or rude by any means. I'm sorry you felt that way.

I hope you can repair the relationship with your brother. I think that people are just trying to say that even though it's OK to have your feelings and they aren't right or wrong, it's OK for him to be upset by the things you said. That's not wrong either. And honestly, I can see his point of view. I think that's what people were trying to say.

I do enjoy your blog and getting to know more about you.

Lee said...

Your sister sounds great.
See? Say whatever you want! It's your blog!
Blogs are a great way to vent.
I'm close to starting a secret blog just for the heck of it.

Hillbilly Duhn said...

New to your blog.

Who cares what someone else says or thinks about YOUR blog. It's yours, if they don't like it or feel offended they can leave. Simple as that.

Though, in reading your blog, if someone were to read more then one post, you get the feel of it right away, and can see the relationships that you do have for what they are....

Perhaps the person who left the cranky comment was just jealous that your blog was better then theirs...yeah, think of it that way... Jealous terds anyway.. :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Boob Nazi said...

I think you just have to read the comment, post about it, and then forget about it. I had a girl post a not-anonymous comment on my blog that I overreacted to, and now we read each other's blogs. The hardest thing is forgetting about it! I believe in you!

Mary said...

I think I missed the comments...but it is your blog, and no one can stop you from writing what you want to...but they can choose not to read it. I have had hurtful things said about me on myspace, and just stopping going there. I'm not saying you were writing hurtful things...but everyone has a choice to read it or not.
Hope this week is a much better one ;o)

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