Thursday, January 29, 2009

Achmed...I Kill You!!

I found my sisters and mother watching this show on Comedy Central last week, a comedian with puppets. At first I looked at them like, hello, ventriloquism?! You are watching THAT? But I sat and watched, and dang if I didn't start laughing my butt off! He and his gang of characters were friggin' hysterical. So I am now a fan of Jeff Dunham, and his "band of merry men". So if you are seriously EASILY offended, don't watch, but you will be missing a funny time!

*trying to concentrate on something funny, and forget my anxiety and fears, including the stomach thing returning.

4 meaningful meanderings:

So said...

Je fa fa DunHAM! Is a huge favorite here at our house. And Achmed is blast (HA!!!) We say "I Kill you!" All the time around here.

Michelle said...

"SILENCE!! I kill you!" This is also one of our favorite phrases around here. lol. Such a funny clip.

Lee said...

Come on, you didn't know Je fa fa DunHAM!?!

How could you not?!

Mary said...

I loved it!! So many people have quoted him, and I never got it til now. Hilarious!!

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