Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Bloody Valentine Review

Yes, I DID see my Jensen today. No it was NO with my Dad. It figures, with his bad knee (so bad there was that ER trip), that he would go out and snowblow instead of asking for help this morning, and re-pulled something in his leg and could not move. So my Mom said she would go if we went to a earlier showing. So we went, and I had a pit in my stomach that the theater would be like last night, but we were there 45 minutes early. So we were able to get tickets (they charged 12 bucks!!!), get pretzel bites with cheese (mmmm), pee, and get inside the theater as number 3 and 4 in line. So we grabbed seats high up enough and right in the center for good viewing, especially in 3-D. We ended up waiting quite awhile, the only drawback of getting there so early. My Mom left as soon as we sat down to use the facilities herself, and told me when she got back, we got our tickets just in time, the lobby was now getting very packed. So we waited and waited, more and more people entered, until the big theater was 3/4 full. I hated that there was someone directly in front of me (she kept opening her cell during the movie!! That is SO annoying) and in back of me (kept kicking my seat darn it!), but luckily no one was next to me, besides Mom of course. Needed to be able to grab onto her if needed.

And so the previews wound down and the sign, put on your glasses now flashed. Yay! But it showed a preview for Coraline in 3-D and a lot of it was really fuzzy and it turned out not to be just me and my glasses, so basically the whole movie, the 3-D made it kind of blurry. I now wish I had just gone to Southington and watched it normal! Grrrr, making Jensen blurry sometimes! I definitely did NOT need the (as Jamie Kennedy's Randy says in Scream) gratuitous naked/sex scene, where the chic was completely naked for like 5 minutes straight, even while being chased and killed!! I was like, GRAB a bloody blanket, when I was not looking away, whenever privates flashed I glanced away, it is SO unneccesary!!

The movie was alright. I liked that they ended it in the more traditional scary movie way. Everyone is happy, they think all their troubles are over, the bad person is dead...or is he/she? Mwahaha! I will not spoil it by saying who the killer is definitely, but I would have preferred a different outcome. That is probably why I am not raving about it, and it WAS really bloody as the title said, and the 3-D was making a lot of it hard to see. But noo doubt, I will rent it on dvd, and make sure I don't NEED to own it as my Jensen is in SO much of it! He is soooo HOT! Kerr Smith and Jaime King did fine work also, as did whoever actually WORE that freaky costume and looked so big and scary! When we walked out we saw a little girl had been taken in to see this movie, she looked maybe 4 or 5, and we were like, That is SO wrong! I am glad to say I will never likely need to go INSIDE a mine because I will never DO SO now! They are so dark, you really would never know who was behind the next corner! It definitely had the suspense aspect as I was sure at one point who the killer was, thn changed my mind, then changed it back, then hoped not, then was sure it was more than one guy, etc, etc. So that was quite nicely done. And I kind of feel sympathy FOR the killer now, as I really thought about it on the walk out and the drive home. The killer had some good reasons to turn into a pick axe-wielding psychopath!

It was funny because one of the previews was for the remake of Friday the 13th, which stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen's costar and BFF from Supernatural. My Mom was like when did they take the time off to do these. Ehhh I told her probably during the writer's strike (or summer but I bet the strike).

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LaurieJ said...

So I must be out of it because who is that? he is ummm...lovely?
Ok- my daughter stopped reading over my shoulder. That man is hot.

Lee said...

I'm glad you got to see it!
I will never see it. In a million years.
Cannot do scary movies. I have nightmares very easily.
But I'm glad you liked it!
And that you got to pee before the movie.
I hate when I get there too late and the previews have started and I'm like... should I pee or not?

Jillene said...

I won't ever see this movie. It's just not my kind of thing!! Glad that you liked it though.

So said...

Sorry it was fuzzy for you. I saw the original MBV and the body in the dryer scene was enough to put me off of horror movies like this. But I'm glad it had your Jensen in it.

Annette said...

I can not do scary movies...but the burly man loves them, every time the trailer for this movie comes on he asks me if I will go see it with him, knowing fully that I wont.

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