Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friday Framents

I just got to finish reading about how my friend Connie, knew she ws in love with her ow-husband, and how she, a stubborn willfull (*wink*) young lady, knew that Brad was meant to be. It was beautiful and made me want to hear more. So whoever wrote my friend, who I used to get to coach on the YW -Ball team♥, and old her she was impersonal and couldn't write, you are stupid!! Connie, you brought the story to life! I told you before, your adventures in London felt so tangible. You are an amazing writer!!


Katie has made it 3 weeks into her 16 week externships. I am proud of her. She really hates this section of OATA, so I hope the next 5 weeks whiz by, so she can at least see if she likes working at the Psych facility any better. I would REALLY

love it if the next 13 weeks went by fast so that she would graduate and we would be in Florida, finally getting some relaxation and de-stressing.


I pulled out the 3 pairs of PJ pants which are still like new, but I have been avoiding wearing because they have such a thick waistband. Of course I did not KNOW I would hate thick waistbands. Otherwise I would not have bought three freaking pairs. So I asked my Mom to see if she could at least maybe remove the elastic, and I would just use the drawstrings. She tried on one pair, but we couldn't remove the band and then I tried them on...they had at some point SHRUNK. I was wearing high water PJ pants. So I gave other 2 pairs away, one to each of my sisters. Today I went to Kohl's, my go to place for soft, thin PJ pants and bought 3 new pairs. Well, my Mom bought them since I gave mine away, the third pair she ripped up for rags for my Dad. I found 3 pairs, all by different makers, and made sure they were roomy (as I hate constricting clothing) and extra long, just in case they shrunk a little even in cold water. I LOVE them. No, it is not like I NEED more PJ pants. I just happen to be hooked on PJ pants. I have like over 20 pairs. Some I can only wear when it is warmer, they are really thin, but I love them all. I was sad when I finally came to the conclusion I couldn't stand to wear the fleece ones. They made me sweat in yucky places and were so thick. I had gotten them for various holidays so they were really cute and one pair I bought had clouds, but I gave them to my sisters and told everyone NOT to buy me PJ's that were fleece OR thick waist banded. So this winter I have given awa about 7 or 8 pairs. But, yes, I still have at least 20...I will have to count to make sure. I hope I get ones on Valentine's Day...what? I collect them basically! Plus I am Diabetic so I don't get much candy. Sad!


I really love Michael Buble' music now, and this one is currently my fave song. It is just STUCK in my brain! So I share it. "Just Haven't Met You Yet". Buble is hot too! LOL!

I finished the Professor Layton game. Well, finished it as I made it to the end, but I didn't find all the puzzles, so you get to go back and try to find the missing ones. Which is cool, I love these puzzles. I am so ready for them to have the next game out. What like 5 months isn't enough time to make a game like this?! Dang it all! I need suggestions!

All I want is someplace closer by, closer than a 30 m inute drive to Wallingford, to sell my fave cheese snacks. Land O' Lakes Mild cheese snacks, and Co-Jack cheese snacks. But today I went to Plainville's Big Y, Bristol's Walmart, Price Chopper and more. Why is it so hard to find these? Land O' Lakes is a HUGE brand. I checked multiple places in my hometown, so no go there. It is just so frustrating, I don't want to go that far again already, but I am loving the cheese so I am almost out AGAIN! Agghh!
I hate that Supernatural decided to make Anna bad!! I was like, CRAP!! It wasn't bad enough you killed Jo and Ellen, angel Anna had to go bad too?! Harsh Eric Kripke! They so have to give it more seasons, this show is so good and so FUN!
I am doing sucky. I thought things couldn't feel worse, but they do. Oh boy. I texted my friend that really gets me and likes the things I like. I have been waiting a month and a half for her to email me back. I asked her to please email me, that I really need my friend right now. But I don't know if she really will. She keeps telling me she is, and then I don't get anything. It is frustrating because talking to her really can lift my spirits.
I finally have an eye appointment. These glasses have been so scratched and are so not clear enough anymore. Yay. We haven't been able to get ahold of the endocronologist yet. Which sucks, because if everything is related, how nice would it be to know it, and be able to solve it.

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LadyStyx said...

I cant deal with the fleece pj bottoms either. You may wanna try flannel though, thinner yet almost as warm. Only time I wear pj bottoms is in the winter. The other times of year are just too warm for me to tolerate them.

Was going to suggest trying Amazon for the cheese but I've checked, you can't get it there.

I'm hoping for more Supernatural too...however, I've been hearing otherwise (sucky!) but there is hope in this article :

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